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  • Okay, I thought I would try this again. I was posting this morning and doing fine until I tried to submit a post here and couldn't. Everytime I hit submit reply it went to a page that said We can't find that page, UGH! I tried 4 times, couldn't even log out.

    Anyway, Hi Kristi & Noelle and all you lovely babes MIA

    Just wanted to check in and say Hi ladies. Today is Richard Simmons and bike ride day, if I ever get off this thing. I may get in a walk this evening. DS wants to go fishing this evening so me, dh and ds will be going. I thought while he was fishing dh and I would maybe walk around the lake (oversized pond). I took him (ds) Monday morning, just him and I and had planned on walking around then but forgot my walking shoes. Wasn't going to walk the 3.8 miles around in thongs. I will post that later if indeed we do walk around it.

    Noelle, good for you for getting that walk in, WTG. How is your son doing with school? Has he started the new one yet? I can't remember when he was supposed to start. Must be old age.

    Kristi, I too have the disco video not sure where it is but I have it somewhere. My dd was using them both for a while in her bedroom and the disco one has vanished. I use to receive his newsletter in the mail and enjoyed that. It was inspiring to read abut and see all the people he has helped. Sounds like you and your dd had a great time. I think that is sweet she wants to spend time with her mommy alone. I think kids always need alone time with mommy. I did that when the kids were small, I still do it. My kids have such different interests that it's hard to spend time with all three together but once in a while it does happen. I know your dd and you will be friends when she is older, how could she not be. You sound like a very special mom and you spend so much quality time with your children. That is truyl something they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

    Okay, ladies I really need to get off this thing. I am running out of time. I hope EVERYONE is having a wonderful day today. Take care ALL.
  • Hi girls!
    Just back in gear after my weekend in Vegas. It has taken me this long to get it together. I walked and drank way too much while there. It was about 110 degrees every day! Needless to say, I swelled like a balloon when I got back and had TOM but now I am back to my old self again. Woo Hoo! I haven't really been on plan since my return but I finally went and played a little tennis last night with DH. It hurt, it really did.
    Hope you ladies are fabulous!

    Biking Goal: 100 miles
    Miles to go: 88 miles

    Walking Goal: 30
    Walked while in Vegas: 18
    Miles walked: 33
  • Welcome back Sandi. So, silly question, did ya win? I don't think I could ever go to Vegas in the summer, I'd melt! I'm used to temps of high 80's but anything more than that and I am miserable. Sounds like you had fun though. When I was in Vegas over the New Year I gained 7 lbs! It came right off after a week of clean eating though, so take heart! Good job on the walking.

    Cristi, to answer your question DS' school closes it's doors tomorrow . They've invited parents over for a picnic style lunch at 11 tomorrow, it's BYOBB (bring your own brown bag) so at least I know I can eat something legal, maybe a sub sandwich or maybe some nigiri sushi . I've been busy putting together goodie bags for his classmates as well as little token gifts for the teacher and aids. I bought the aides some "Kauai Cookies" in yummy flavors like strawberry-guava, or chocolate macadamia nut shortbread. There are so many different varieties that I'm sure there'll be something for everone's palate. It'll be an emotional day tomorrow I'm sure.

    On a more positive note I did bring DS to the new school for about an hour yesterday to meet the teacher and see the other kids in their normal classroom setting. He went right in with no problem. Hopefully he'll transition just fine. He starts there on 8/4.

    Oh believe me, I've walked a lot more than 3.8 miles in thongs (or slippers as we call it here) . It's a killer on your soles!

    Kristi your loving care and upbringing have made your DD what she is today, pat yourself on the back! Spending quality time w/your kids, priceless .

    Well it looks like I'll have 2 weekend jaunts to Maui in August. Wish me luck on staying OP during those weekends . My DH is a plumbing contractor and he has a friend who needs some work done at his home. The friend will buy the materials and DH will provide the labor--no charge except for the airfare for the 3 of us~ a mini vacation for me and the boy again.

    Hope all you other MIA babes are doing well and enjoying what's left of the summer.
  • Hi gals! Wow you are all doing so great! I sure miss you all and I want to start posting more and playing catch up with all my buddies here!
    I am officially back on track when it comes to weight watchers. I hadn't weighed in since June 28th and I went to weigh in tonight b/c Saturday I am doing a yard sale with a friend...........gained ONLY .4! Not even a 1/2 pound! I was thrilled! Also b/c normanally I weigh in at the AM class and this was at 6:15 at night. Maybe I actually lost! I'll be weighing in on Saturdays starting next weekend. I am at 201.4 so I hope to be in OnDeRLaNd next week. I also did my elliptical for 20 Minutes last night and I am going for a walk tonight.
    Talk to you all later! (Hugs)
    P.S. the Pup is doing great I'm having her outside during the day and then she sleeps in a kennel next to the bed at night.
  • WooHoo Jenifer!! Awesome job on keeping that weight down. Sending good vibes : for your entry into onederland!!!

    It was my DS last day of school today and there were a few tears (mostly from the adults). The parents were invited to have lunch with the kids and staff so that was a nice send-off. I brought my subway sandwich so I was in good shape and even said no-no to the giant sheet cake someone brought, yay me! I just finished my walk this evening and my sis and I will be hitting the movie theatre to see "Whale Rider". I'll let you gals know how it was. DS and DH went camping on the North Shore so I'm free this weekend !!!

    Well, gotta run, movie starts in 15 min. Have a great evening all!!!
    JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
    Miles walked 7/24: 3.5
    Miles walked today 7/25: 3.5
    Miles Walked to date: 47.2
    Miles to Go: 32.8
  • Jackie, Glad you had a great vacation....Noelle, It sounds like your ds will do just fine at his new school. With mine I've found the hardest step is getting them through the door. Have a great weekend without ds and dh. Please do tell how the movie is....Jenifer, It's so great to hear from you. Congrats on your WI as always you're doing awesome......Cristi, I couldn't even get logged onto 3FC when I tried Thurs. and yesterday I just plain ran out of time. It sounds like you're having fun mixing up your exercise and involving dh and ds to boot. How old again are your children? Me and dh have a date once again this eve. I'm afraid it will be less than romantic since it's going to be at a county fair in the sale barn. At our store my dh mixes custom blended feeds for farm animals. Today a few customers children are showing animals at the fair through the 4H program. It's very good PR and advertising for us to go and at least bid on if not buy one of the children's animals. At least it will be a night out!!! Tomorrow around 9am we're leaving for Gurnee, IL and 6 Flags Great America. We'll do the park all day, stay over night, and then do the park again on Mon. We're deciding who gets which children on which days. Since there is such a difference in size 2 will be able to do only the kiddie park. I'm nervous about going because I have been fighting overeating for 2 days allready and the park is just full of temptations! I had a great walk on Thurs. eve. Our 14 acres conects to acres and acres of farm land and woods at the top of a dugway. The woods have great trails that have been logged allowing the farmers to go from one field to the next. I walked for over 3 miles through the fields and woods. It's my favorite place to walk and I was even given the chance myself to enjoy the juicy ones. I found a nice section of raspberries and black berries the animal's hadn't gotten to. Mmmmmm I ate everyone I could find! No exercise yesterday, but I plan a Richard tape and maybe a walk today. I probably won't be posting tomorrow, but will try on Mon. even if it's late. Take care everybody!

    MW 48.......MB 46

  • Hi Kristi. Ooooh I love Gurnee! I visited Chicago about 5 years ago and we took a 1.5 hr slow train ride to Gurnee and went to Six Flags. It was a bit of a bummer for me because I was 3 mos. pregnant and couldn't ride much of anything and it was in the middle of summer and very hot. I was a good sport about it though, especially after we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping across the way at Gurnee Mills Mall--I was in heaven. Have fun!!!! Hey, you guys have a county fair tonight? We have our annual Farm Fair going on which sounds like the same type of event where the animals get auctioned off. Ours is mixed with a carnival type surrounding and the poor aninmals have to stay at the grounds for 3 weeks--then they go to the you-know-where, then off to the grocery store. eek! It's the circle of life, eh?

    I woke up around 3:30 am this morning due to thunder and lightning...then I remembered DH and DS were out camping . I live on dry, west side of the island and they went up north. I can only imagine what the weather's like up there. Well, if they get too waterlogged they can always pack up and come home.

    Well, I need to get some breakfast. Everyone have a great day.
  • Hi ladies and Happy Saturday!

    Jackie, glad to see ya back and that you had a great time in Vegas. How can you not though, it's Vegas! I have been wanting to go back and I told hubby for our anniversary next year we ARE going.

    Noelle, I know how hard it is to see your son have to go to a new school and bascially start over. It's always so hard to say good-bye. I hope your DH & DS have a wonderful time camping and you and your sis enjoy the show. Yes, please let us know how it is.

    Jenifer, WTG girl! You have done a great job. I know you didn't have a loss but the gain is so minute it doesn't even matter. It is just as hard to maintain as it is to lose so you keep up the good work and in no time you will be in OnEdErLaNd! And yes, I beleive weighing in the evening does make a difference. When I went to the WW meetings I always weighed the morning of in the nude and at the WW weigh ins the difference was usually 2-5 pounds difference. You have to figure you have your clothes on, plus I had two meals for the day and an ungodly amount of water so it does make a difference and you could have possible lost rather than gained. Either way have done a great job.

    Kristi, you know mixing up the exercise does make it more fun and yes I am enjoying it more now that I am over that slump, ugh, that was awful. I hope I never feel that way again. We didn't end up walking around the lake after all. We got there and I was ready for it but the view is so breathtaking I just walked around a bit and enjoyed watching DS & DH fish. They didn't catch anything but it was still enjoyable. Even when they do catch something they usually throw it back. It just depends on where we go fishing and what they catch. My children are DS 23 yrs. on Monday, DS 21 yrs. & DD 19 yrs. and my baby (ds) would have been 3 yrs. crazy huh? Geez, when I say type their ages and say them it makes me feel old! Okay, just sometimes. I am 44 years young. I hope you and dh have a great time at the county fair. I think just spending time with dh can always be romantic because you two are together, I don't think it really matters where you are or what you do. Okay, so the smells from the barn could ruin it a little. Have a GREAT time at 6 Flags, that is always fun.

    Yesterday was weigh in for me and I am down 1.5 pounds. Sounds good but I had gained a pound during TOM, which actually could have been worse. I am definitely aiming for a 3 pound loss this week. I got in a 30 minute bike ride this morning and have yet to do RS, not sure about a walk but will probably do at least 2 miles. I will edit later if so.

    Hi to everyone MIA and I hope everyone has a great weekend, take care ladies!

    July Goal~80 miles
    7/24/03~zero miles but did RS & bike ride
    7/25/03~2 miles
    Total Miles 7/03~47.22
    Miles to go~32.78
  • Hi Ladies,

    Just checking in to say Hi and post my miles. Today is normally my free day from any exercise but since I will be busy tomorrow and know I won't get a walk in I thought I would do it today. I hope everyone is having a great weekend, Kristi, you and your family at 6 Flags and Noelle, your weekend w/o dh and ds. Take care ladies.

    July Goal~80 miles
    7/26/03~3 miles
    7/27/03~3 miles
    Total Miles 7/03~53.22
    Miles to go~26.78
  • Thanks for the welcome back. No, I did not win anything. I went into it knowing that i was going to throw away 20 bucks a day, so it wasn't heartbreaking when I didn't win.
    I am finally free of all of the flying/drinking/tom bloat and the damage is only a couple of pounds. I can take care of that easily enough. I just keep plugging away with the tennis thing though. I doubt I will get my biking miles in this month. I need to do an adjustment of my working out.
    I have been going to a lot of our local county fairs this summer. It's been quite fun. I work with a country band that plays at a lot of them and I go with my friend to work their merchandise booth. We have a great time and get to meet lots of people. And I actually did eat part of a funnel cake without any guilt last week. It was wonderful! My next treat will be the deep-fried snickers bar. And then I will go for a 20 mile walk to counteract the damage.
  • Sorry I have been MIA for so long. Things have been so busy around here lately. We are in the process of doing a refi on the mortgage, DH has been super busy with work lately and now he is off to Boy Scout camp with #1 son. I finally got everything caught up and FINALLY managed to get a workout in.
    I did 1.92 miles in 40 minutes and burned 246 cal along with 77 fat cal. I am almost done drinking my 3rd bottle of water today as well. Things should be fairly easy around here since is is just going to be me and DS#2 till Friday evening so I hope to get in 2 more workouts in for the week.
    Aug is going to be even crazier than July was so I really hope that after school starts back up on Sept. 3 I can get back to my routine. SEPT. already! That means I have been on this mission to a new life for a year!!!!!
  • Hey Ladies. I just got back from my walk, 3.5 miles in humidity, I'm sweating so much I don't think I want to sit in this computer chair for much longer. I did get a walk in yesterday also so I'm in pretty good shape. I know I will not be making my goal this month, in fact I fell very short of that. Laziness and mini-vacations got in the way. Oh well, I'm glad I'm at least over the 50 mile mark. Oh yes, I got to see two movies this weekend: Whale Rider (about the Maori people in New Zealand, passing on of tradition and women's roles in that society)-- I enjoyed this one and just listening to their language I can see how the Hawaiians would have come from the same general place, there were lots of words which sounded the same. And I also caught Sea Biscuit. I enjoyed this one too, but for some reason I just don't like Tobey Maguire . His acting is fine, it's just something about him that I don't like... can't put my finger on it. It was a good movie though.

    Hi Janine. Congratulations on sticking to your "mission". A year is an admirable amount of time. You're doing wonderfully too, I might add. Hope things calm down for you a little. Have fun one-on-one time with your #2 boy.

    Sandi, those county fairs sound fun, especially following a band around. Mmmm, deep fried snickers--what do they coat it with? We don't have anything like that around here.

    Cristi, good job on the 1.5 lbs down! Any amount downwards is great!

    Kristi, hope you're enjoying your time in Gurnee!

    Jenifer, Kristen, Jen and all you other babes, hope you're having a great evening. I'll check back with you ladies tomorrow.

    JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
    Miles walked 7/27: 3.5
    Miles walked today 7/28: 3.5
    Miles Walked to date: 54.2
    Miles to Go: 25.8
  • Whale Rider sounds like a really interesting movie. I love anthropology. I studied it for a while in school before I realized that I would never have a use for it so then I went on to psychology and found out that there are far more weird people out there than I ever realized which led me to the law. And in a sense, I use a little of what I learned in those earlier classes. I will look for that movie. Do you have netflix? I think it is the best thing ever created.
    As for the deep fried snickers....I think they freeze them first and then dip them in funnel cake batter and then deep fry them and cover them with powdered suger. I've not actually tasted one, just seen them~ my oldest daughter is really good about making sure I stick to what I say. She did inform me, however, that they were quite tasty.

    Janine: I say that I can't wait for school to get back, we start August 20, but I have way more responsibility when school starts. I am already going to service unit meetings for girl scouts to get ready for the new year. I run a troop and I help organize all of the first grade brownie troops. THen comes all of the volunteer stuff they need you for at school and I alreay work full-time outside of the house and do pro-bono work for a local group. Plus somewhere in there, fit in mommy, wife and me. Women are spectacular when you really think about it! They can juggle so much and will still take on more. Or.....I am one of the aforementioned crazy people which I referred.

    Biking Goal: 100 miles
    Miles to go: 88 miles

    Walking Goal: 30
    Miles walked: 34

    Doubt I'll make the biking goal, but I exceeded the walking and have added tennis. So I think I am OK with it all.

    Have a great day!
  • Cristi, Yippee a 1.5# loss - WTG !!!!My dd goes fishing with my FIL and they too throw back nearly evrything they catch. DD sometimes is so discussted that gramps didn't let her keep her catch that she swears she'll never go again, but ever time the boat pulls out she's on it. They haven't been able to fish this year yet though. On April 13th while fixing a tire at the station it blew up and my fil arm was almost taken off. After 2 surgeries lasting over 20 hrs. and loads of physical therapy he's coming along, but not near the strength or coordination needed to manuever the boat in and out of the water. We still feel very blessed. He's a big man at 6'7" and the blow probably would've killed a smaller man and my 3 y/o there when it happened, but for some reason was not grandpa's shadow at the time and never really knew what happened even! Nuff of that! Jackie, Enjoy the deep fried Snicker's and then good luck on that 20 mile walk lol!!!!!.....Janine, For just one yr. and you're down 60#!! WTG !! You're like a losing hero in my eyes. I never stick to it for a whole yr., but I'm determined to this time around. YGG!!.....Noelle, Great job on your exercise - moving yourself for more than 50 miles / month without the aid of gasoline or electricity is definitely something to be proud of! Thanks for the reviews.....As for 6 Flags, we had a total blast. DH took the big kids on all the wet stuff Sun. while I hung out in the kiddie parks with the 2 little guys and then yesterday we switched children. Dh taking the little ones on wet rides (I don't like spending my day wet) and me taking the 2 older ones on fast rides. 8 y/o managed 4 coasters and a bunch of fast rides and then me and dd ditched him with dad too so we could do more coasters. We managed to do 2 more coasters and the sonic drop before having to meet up with the rest of our family. Once we were at the top of "Iron Wolf" (a coaster you stand and ride) she wanted to chicken out, but did I let her? Not a chance! She stood, she screamed, she loved it!! Eating was good for the most part, but I did devour cheetos for the first 20 min. of our ride home!!! Naughty naughty, but I have 4 days left to maintain my 4# loss for July. I can handle it. I think! Have a great day all. We're off to piano lesson.

  • OK, just finished another workout for the week. That makes 2 in for the week.
    Today I did:
    225 calories burned
    79.9 fat calories burned
    1.95 miles in 41.18 minutes
    I also drank about 1 3/4 bottles of water during that time.