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  • Dear Jenifer, How sad for your family to lose someone at such a young age. You don't mention a husband - I hope there is a father in the picture to support those two young girls. I will keep all of you in my prayers......As for your good news - puppies are the greatest, what did you name her, what type is she, what does she look like, etc....? Congrats on your cyst removal. I'm so glad the surgery went well for you. Did your insurance come through? It's great to have you back, I hope we can be inspirational enough for you to return more often. How's school?...Cristi, dh totally ate up the attention I received, which was wonderful. He's come a long way baby. My dh is 4 yrs. my junior and before him I had always dated men 8-10 years older than myself. So, when we first started dating he was only 23 y/o a full 15 yrs. younger than the man before him. Dh was so jealous over every little thing, something I was not use to. I guess he just had to get a few yrs. under his belt! Ahhh 23, nope I wouldn't go back - I was completely stupid when I was 23!......Noelle, That ____ head! Doesn't he know you're the only hot babe who'll have him and that he should bow at your feet every time you enter the room? Men! Blow off those "nutter butters" ( they are so yummy I can't bring them in my house) and take care of yourself. If you don't, who will?......As for me, no plans today. Will probably take children to the park and hopefully get a 4 mile walk in while they are playing! Have a great wekend all.

  • Thanks fot the support ladies! I plan on doing some type of activity today after I get home from taking the pup to the vet. She is a Yellow Lab and we named her Sade. She is beautiful and her feet are huge!
    Noelle just get back on track and don't think about what you did. I have been so bad b/c myself I am an emotional eater also. I just put the past couple weeks behind me and decided today I was going to start fresh and Weigh In next Saturday.
    Oh Kristi about school......it is going okay I sometimes make it harder than it is. LOL
    Well have a great weekend and stay cool. It was 106 yesterday and it looks like along with the heat today we are going to have thunderstorms later tonight.
  • I've redeemed myself!
    Happy Saturday morning all. I rolled myself self out of bed (literally) and got a 5.2 mile walk this morning. I still haven't had breakfast yet, gonna hit the shower first. But! Feeling much more on an even keel today . I'm looking forward to staying OP this weekend--the first time in a long while.

    Jenifer pet Sade for me. I love labs! They have such sweet dispositions. Our dog Alaka'i (Kai for short) is half lab, half rottweiler and with us he's very sweet. With other dogs though, he's totally naughty . Have fun with your new baby.

    Kristi, I was totally stupid at 23 too--I got married ! Yup, I've not totally forgiven the DH (and the "D" does not stand for dear today) just yet.

    have a good weekend everyone.

    JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
    Miles Walked to date: 33.2
    Miles to Go: 46.8
  • Jenifer, Labs are such terrific dogs and you know what they say about big footed pups! Nooooo that's not what they say, they turn into big dogs! I love big pooches and Sade's a great name. Noelle, You make me great job on your walk. Doesn't that added extra miles feel so good. I totally love walking longer distances now I like the burn in my butt! Well, my grill is just about ready for my pork roast I've been marinating all day. I'll probably eat so much even a 5 mile walk will do little good. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.

  • I've stayed OP great today. Plus I got loads of exercise. DH loaded my bike in the van this morning and I rode 5 miles home from church. Then late this afternoon I could tell everyone was bored so I gave the little ones money for ice cream and me and the older 2 hit the bike trail to grandmas. My mom lives 3 miles down the trail. My kids had never ridden more than a mile one way before. They did great though and we really enjoyed our time together. To top it off, I'm sending everyone to bed early! Hope you ladies all had a good Sun. too.

    GM 40 / MW 38.5 / MTG 1.5
    BGM 24 / MB 37 / MTG 0

  • Hi Ladies, HAPPY MONDAY to ALL!

    I'm back after being MIA for a few days. There were a few tough days in there I just kinda gave up, didn't help it was TOM which made it 100 times worse. I had to tell myself I have come too far to screw up now. I have been working hard for a few months and haven't lost a whole lot but the point is I have lost some and I don't want to go back, ever! Anyway, today is a new day and I am back on track.

    Jenifer, so glad to see you back but I am so sorry to hear of your Aunts passing. ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) to you and your family. Nothing like a new puppy to cheer you up some. Sade is such a cute name, and I too love the yellow labs, and the chocolate ones, they are so beautfiul! I am wanting another doggie but I have to work on hubby a little more. We have a soon to be 8 yr. old 1/2 min. schnauzer 1/2 chihuahua (sp?) I've had since he was 8 weeks old, he's so cute! I am a big dog lover.

    Kristi, you are doing an awesome job with your biking and walking! I am so proud of you. You need to send some of those exercise vibes my way.

    Noelle, WTG on getting back on track and WTG on your 5.2 mile walk.

    As for me I literally forced myself to get up off my big butt and walk Saturday unfortunately nothing for Sunday. I was going to walk to make up for the days I did nothing but had already had it planned that Sunday is my free day from exercise so I relaxed the whole day with dh watching movies and reading. I got caught up on some of my magazine reading, and a book I had started a while back but never finished. I read two chapters of East of Eden and it was a bit boring so I thought I would put it down and try again another time. I know I won't make my goal for this month but I think I will come pretty darn close. I don't know, we'll see.

    Hope you ladies are having a fantastic Monday, talk to ya later.

    July Goal~80 miles
    7/19/03~4.56 miles
    7/21/03~3 miles
    Total Miles 7/03~37.56
    Miles to go~42.44
  • Cristi, WTG getting your self up and at it on Sat. I totally think spending your Sun. the way you did is aok. Sun. is your planned day off. I don't think we should try to make anything up ever. It's enough that we get up and brush ourselves off and move on. That you've done. Be proud!

    GM 40 / MW 41.5 (woo hoo) / MTG 0
    BGM 24 / MB 37 /

  • Thanks Kristi for the much appreciated support! I see you have passed both your goals for the month WTG!

    I just want to add that I did another sort walk this evening and wanted to add this to my miles for the day. Have a good evening ladies. :doz: I'm off to sleepy land in a few.

    July Goal~80 miles
    7/21/03~3 miles & a 1.52 mile walk this evening
    Total Miles 7/03~39.08
    Miles to go~40.92
  • Good morn Cristi, WTG on getting your walk in. I'm glad to hear your slump is passing. We all go through them and you've beaten yours Yippee! I have to share my bike ride from last night with you. My dds went on a 3 mile ride with me. Just us girls spending time together. It was awesome. On the return trip my 6 y/o literally stopped every 5' to pick the 2 raspberries the deer had left on the bush. For 1/2 hr. work she maybe ate 25 berries. I asked her why she kept stopping for just a couple berries and she said, "because they're juicy ones." I was so glad that I resisted the desire to hurry her along. She truly was so full of happiness in her quest that even her 9 y/o sister was grinning waiting for her. So often in everything I do I blow passed the sweetest things on my way to a goal. I pray that I have learned if only for the next week to slow down and enjoy the "juicy ones". God I love kids - they're so smart if we'd just listen.

    GM 40 / MW 45
    BGM 24 / MB 40


    Update : 3.5 mile walk
  • Kids say and do the darnest things. That is so true Kristi and kids are truly smarter than people give them credit. When my dd was little she had a teacher tell her her opinion did not matter that she was too little and too young. I did get onto her because I have always told my kids their opinion does matter no matter what age. I think that is the cutest thing, your dd sounds so cute, truly a kodak moment. I think more people need to stop and smell the roses as they say. We all get caught up in the moment with work and other things and don't take the time to enjoy the moment. It's little things, special moments like yours that make us realize this. Of course I learned a few years ago to not take things for granted and enjoy the now. It doesn't always work because sometimes I do get caught up in things and I have to remind myself again to slow down and enjoy the little things in life, or as you said the "juicy ones" and usually reading something inspirational does that for me. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your day!

    I may or may not get in a walk today. I had to mix up my routine a bit so will be doing my Richard Simmons later, and a 20 mn. bike ride. I don't want to get bored with the walking and figure if I do it every other day that will work. But if I feel like it I may do a mile walk. I feel a little guilty for not walking because my goal but at the same time it is becoming monotonous for me. I need to do different things in order to stick with this. I will be sooooo happy when it cools off so I can actually go walking outdoors.

    Just wanted to ask if anyone has tried the Yoplait Whips yogurt? I bought some yesterday and just had one for lunch, the key lime pie and I must say it is DELICIOUS!! I am really impressed. I eat yogurt from time to time but have never really found one that I could stick with, that I could eat maybe daily. I have to say I have found that one, mmmmmm.

    I hope EVERYONE is having a great day! See ya later ladies.

    P.S. Just wanted to add that I did add a short walk to my workout today. I did a 2.14 mile walk. Later ladies...

    July Goal~80 miles
    7/22/03~2.14 miles
    Total Miles 7/03~41.22
    Miles to go~38.78
  • Hey ladies. Sorry I've been slacking here on the posting...I did get my walk in today, 3.5 miles. i've been having trouble eating healthy foods and have been reaching for the bad-for-you-stuff. That's not too good especially since I've not been pushing myself to walk. I forced myself to go out today, skipped Sun/Mon...don't know what's wrong w/me. Stress! I don't want to whine about it, I'll get over it soon enough.

    Cristi and Kristi you ladies are doing awesome. Keep up the good work.

    What happened to all the other gals? Kristen/Jen/Jenifer/Janine...I'm sure there are more. Hope everyone is doing well. Have a great day tomorrow.

    JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
    Miles Walked to date: 36.7
    Miles to Go: 43.3
  • Cristi, I know exactly what you mean by having to mix up the exercise to stay on top of it. I plan to do Richard Simmons today too, but I haven't decided which one yet. Don't feel guilty about slacking on your walk goal, especially if you're doing something else in it's place. The only reason I meet my goals is because I set them sooooo much lower than the rest of you girls. I know it sounds stupid, but I'm actually proud of setting my goal low, because in the past such high goals were my down fall. I would get so obsessed with reaching my goal that exercise became a torture instead of a joy. I won't do anything "for life" that's a torture! I've been thinking a lot about my Aug. goals the past few days andI believe I'm going to leave them the same. I want the freedom to dance with Richard if I want to. I'm rambling, I know. Sorry! I myself have never tried the "whips", but dd always get a couple when we shop. She loves them. I don't buy them for myself, because they're a little pricey compared to no name brands. Isn't that just like a mom. They're ok for the kids, but too costly for myself. Oh well, they'll all be gone in like 15 yrs. Then it'll be my turn. lol. Have a great day Cristi......Noelle, I'm sending some "get with it" (((((((((vibes))))))))) your way! Habg in there, you'll make it!

  • Hi Kristi and Noelle and all you babes MIA

    Kristi, you are so right about the goals. I think that is one of my problems, I set my goal too high and instead of liking it I am dreading it. It feels like I am trying to kill myself to make that goal, one reason I decided to slow down and mix it up a bit. I definitely will be setting a lower goal for August. It is something that I need to do for life and I want to enjoy doing it not dread it. Setting you goal low does NOT sound stupid at all. Don't ever think that. You are doing an awesome job and you have already passed your goal so how can that be stupid? You made your goal and that is GREAT, you should be very proud of yourself.

    Of course yesterday I did do Richard Simmons and the bike ride and for some reason it did not seem like it was enough, talk about being obsessed. So I ended up walking a little over 2 miles. The whole idea with the Richard Simmons was to take a break from walking, duh! I did 4 miles today and that is all I am doing today for sure. I have been OP with the eating so I am doing good so far.

    Noelle, I am sorry you have had a rough time trying to stay OP. The good thing is you are walking so that is a plus, it may not be every day but even a few days a week is good. I went through that last week and surprisingly enough I only gained a pound, of course it was TOM so that is always hard. I give into those darn cravings. We are here for you just remember that. I am sending you some good vibes and luck to hopefully help you out. : :

    I too was wondering where everyone is, Kristen, Janine, Jenifer (I know is busy with work & school) Jen & Lynne. We are missing you ladies.

    Hope everyone is having a good day. Talk with ya later.

    July Goal~80 miles
    7/23/03~4 miles
    Total Miles 7/03~45.22
    Miles to go~34.78
  • Cristi, Great job on the exercise. I too did a Richard tape today for a change. I did the old disco one. I think doing his tapes from time to time are just what I need to get me going. He makes me feel so good. I confess i'm a big Richard fan, but I'll tell you he was there for me when I had nowhere else to turn. Nuf said. DD has caught the biking bug. She asked me to go after dinner again this eve so away we went. We went to my sister's and visited and had a pop. Sis was looking good and it was a great night all around. We traveled more than 6 miles total and had lots of mother daughter fun. I think for dd that is the big draw for riding with me. Being the oldest she gets less and less of mommy every year. Geez Cristi, she'll be 10 in Sept. and sometimes she's so mature. She has all the confidence I never dreamed of having until I was 30 y/o. I hope I can do things right so we are friends yet when she's grown. Have a great night sweet lady.

    MW 45--------MB 46
  • I came, I walked, I posted ...
    JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
    Miles Walked to date: 40.2
    Miles to Go: 39.8