Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default When you don't want to work out

What do you do on the days when you find every excuse in the book (and some new ones!) to NOT work out? I find it so hard to motivate myself sometimes and yes, I love my husband, but sometimes I can't even accept his motivation.

Any ideas?
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I just do it. I remind myself that I will be happy I did it when it's over and it will be so much more satisfying to sit down on the couch at the end of the night knowing I did it.

Bit mostly I just do it even if I don't want to. I don't allow myself to make any excuses.
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I struggle a lot with this, too. My exercise is walking, and I have several favorite walks around my neighborhood. I always tell myself I'll compromise and go on my shortest route. Once I get going, though, I feel better and usually go for one of the longer routes anyway.
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I just don't make it optional. I have to do it whether I feel like it or not. I have a very good reason to skip it: chronic daily migraines (of varying degree) and lots of difficulty sleeping enough, or the fact that I've already worked out yesterday, and a million and one other excuses. But, I know it's all about consistency so I do it because it helps me with a bunch of worse things like depression, anxiety and disappointment...it also helps me control binge eating.
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In the beginning, I forced the issue. Now, if I don't go out, I feel gross. I not only enjoy exercising, I am addicted to it. Ask me if I would have thought this a year ago, I would have glared at you in anger while shoving another chip in my mouth as I sat on my couch watching TV.

Remember...it takes an average of 6 weeks of DAILY activity of a sort (in this case exercise) to form a habit, but only 48-72 hours to break a habit.
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the longest I've gone without a workout in the last nearly-two years is 4 days in a row and that was when I was extremely ill with a sinus infection that infected a tooth root (omggg pain!)

anyhow I work out first thing in the morning during the summer so I just get up and do it....I compromise if I don't want to run or don't feel like it or am sore etc....I walk...I tell myself I can walk the whole route outside or walk at the gym (my workout varies depending on weather) and sometimes I do indeed walk the whole time....but most of the time I will get some running in there anyhow

I also bribe myself with a deal - if I can work out 5 days (workdays) then I can get a protein shake at the gym on the weekend

and I find that on intentional rest days, my body WANTS to run and do something active anyhow
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I put these unreal expectations on myself that I have to work out everyday. I am slowly learning that I can take off a day or two a week, but I have to stick to my diet. Some days are just a blah day for me. Nothing gets me motivated. These tend to fall around my period though.

If you really feel guilty about it. You can do some quick aerobics or arms/legs exercises. I do find once I start out small, I want to finish big & strong. The battle lies in getting started.
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Some of the things I do

1. Tell myself I only have to workout for 10 minutes. 99% of the time once I get going I'll finish the workout.
2. Reward myself. I tell myself when you're done with this workout you can relax with that cup of coffee you've been wanting
3. If all else fails, I think about the positives of working out versus the negatives of not working out.

And depending on the day, sometimes I have to do ALL 3 things to get myself moving.

It's definitely a mind game and sometimes you just have to force yourself to make the right decision.
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Originally Posted by 2fat2jump View Post

1. Tell myself I only have to workout for 10 minutes. 99% of the time once I get going I'll finish the workout.
THIS is genius and I'm stealing it! thanks!
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I love the ideas! Yesterday I found a photo on Facebook that put working out into a whole new perspective. I attached it
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I text a friend of mine to tell her I'm about to do my workout and will tell her when I'm done. The accountability and not wanting to disappoint her (and likewise myself) helps a lot. I'm really hoping this will become a habit eventually, I'm so lazy about working out!
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I have to get up and do at least 10 minutes of my workout. If I decide after ten minutes that I don't want to finish, then I stop. But 9 times out of 10, I get through it without a problem.
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I too have the lack of motivation issue for exercise...take today for example... I didn't want to go on my bike ride, even told myself..you don't have to...however...I thought better and told myself again...just do the short version...however once I got out there...I did my typical route...much happier that I did...and that makes out of 10 days...7 days of bike riding...a huge accomplishment in my book...since I have not been exercising at all! And I should mention that out of the other 3 days...I did some walking...except for one day...which I did nothing! I am very proud of myself for keeping the bike riding a habit...I am trying to continue it. I know that I have to tell my self it will be worth in the end! Good Luck to you!!
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That's awesome KYgirlinSC!! I'm so glad you're getting out there and sticking to it. I'm training myself to run a 5k...working on a beginner program through an app on my phone. It has me running every other day, and today's actually my one non-workout day for the week. The other off days I do weight training. My running is actually what keeps me working through the week. By the end of my 6 days my legs are killing me and I can barely make it through, but I know that if I just get out there, I'll be so much better off than I was before. My attitude has really changed this week and I'm starting to see more results! Today my weight is down 3 lbs from when I last weighed myself a few days ago. Woohoo!
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I plan my workout for the week every Sunday night. If it is already all officially put on paper/my powerpoint spreadsheet, I feel it's like already all written, I'm more likely to get the things done.

I'm the type of person of really like lists (and checking the things when they're done!) so it works really well for me.
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