At home ideas?

  • Do any of you have any ideas of exercises I can do at home to work on abs and thighs in particular? My school gym is just a "meat market" and my VCR is broken so I can't do my videos. I can't avois to join another gym. THANKS!
  • Thighs: Add hand weights to all exercises as you get stronger. You can check out a basic weightlifting book from your local library for tips on technique and form.

    Traditional Squats (feet about shoulder width apart)
    Ski Squats (feet close together)
    Sumo Squats (feet wide & turned out)
    One-leg squat
    Dead lifts

    Abs: I'd recommend checking out a Pilates book from your local library or purchasing one. Also, there are several crunch variations that you can do to tone your abs. They are difficult to describe in an email, so I'd recommend getting a book or even picking up a fitness magazine that features a good ab routine.
  • Hi there. I am not sure if I will help or not, but here are some things I do when I can't make it to the gym:

    -power walk in place while watching TV, holding a can of vegetables in each hand
    -sit on the edge of a chair and do leg lifts.
    -then I would do basic things - sit ups, push ups, etc