Starting up personal training again...

  •'s been a while since I worked with a personal trainer, over 6 months. I worked with a guy since last January and quit on my birthday due to not working and just starting my masters program. I still don't have a job to afford a personal trainer, but I do have 16 sessions saved up from when I stopped seeing the personal trainer. I am crossing my fingers from a job interview I had last week, hopefully I get hired and feed my gym money pit.

    So, I said to myself that I would go back to the gym and use up my remaining sessions when I feel like I can withstand the physical exertion of it. And today, I signed up for two sessions this week, with the same guy I worked with last year. I am excited and terrified at the same time. Excited because I got results from the 6 months I did work with him, and terrified due to possible disappointment on his part of me not being able to stick with him the last 6 months of me hardly going to the gym. So we'll see what happens.

    My first session this year will be this Tuesday. Hope all goes well...
  • All the very best, both for the interview as well as for the gym can do it!!
  • What kind of "results" did you get?

    Calories dictate fat loss or gain - not killing yourself at the gym.