Question about New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women

  • Strength training is something that I really want to incorporate in my weight loss because I know how important it is to weight train now for my health. I have heard about the New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women and wasn't sure if I should buy the book or if I am able to get all the information I need at my fingertips when it comes to starting a good lifting program. For anyone who has read the book, or hasn't, what do you suggest?

    I cannot go and buy the book right now, as money will not allow it until after the new year, which is why I am looking for an alternative option in the meantime. I do not think the strength training in 30 Day Shred is adequate enough either.
  • Do you have a library card? I got my book from the public library.....If you are going to follow that program specifically I think you need to have the book. There are free alternatives available online though.
  • Another new edition is coming out on 27Dec that is supposed to have new exercises, videos (online version), etc.
    I'm waiting for that one!
  • I didn't even think about the library! I am able to use the library on post so I will definitely have to go up there tomorrow if they are open and see if they have it! Also, I will be keeping my eyes open for the new edition. I have heard a lot of good about the program.
  • I never did NROL, but I did find a lot of free resources on the web. I always recommend this site for exercises:

    There are videos, different routines, etc. I found out the proper way to do deadlifts and squats from this site
  • Check the book out at the library to see if you like the New Rules program. Also, I'm a big fan of this series. I did the women's program and made great progress. Now, I'm doing the abs program and loving it! Hope this helps.
  • Thank you for all of the advice ladies! If the library is open today I am going to definitely check out the book. If not (not sure what their holiday hours are) then I will give it a go as soon as they are back up and running!

    Thank you for the link Sonta to check out the other resources too!