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  • Hey guys!
    I am hoping this thread isn't too redundant with the others going on. With me being here a gazillion hours a day just would love a spot to log my miles and haven't seen the perfect spot to do that yet.

    I love inline skating (rollerblading). It's a passion I rediscovered and am currently training for my first inline skating marathon in July. I am also a walker when I can. Running and I have a hate/hate relationship.

    Would love to see some others logging their miles too, whether you walk, run, jog, crawl, skate, cycle, ride in a wagon, stair climbing, etc. LOL Just exercise measured in distance.
    No challenge or anything, just a way to be accountable and keep reaching those miles!

    Would love to see others join in.
  • So far this week,
    I skated 8 miles Monday and close to 7 this morning.
    I should get a 3.5 mile walk in tonight as I have been pretty consistently on Thursdays lately.
  • Yay this will make me feel more obligated to use the treadmill! Thanks for making the thread!

    I sped walked 2 miles on the treadmill today. Like you, I also have a hate/hate relationship with running, LOL. Maybe even jogging as well. I'm hoping to build up my endurance to jog and run though
  • YEY! So glad you'll be joining in too!!
    Got a short 4.2 mile skate in today.. going for a long one tomorrow so saving the legs!!

    Awesome job on the speed walking!! It's funny I enjoy walking at a good pace, but the minute it becomes a jog I shut down.
  • 504.2 miles of power walking through fields, woods and hills. My goal is to walk 1000 miles this year.
  • 12.5 miles on the skates today, tried out a new trail. YEY!!! I am gettin' there!! Feeling pretty confident I could go 16 right now if I had to. I have 8 more weeks to build up the endurance for 26 miles.
  • Little more than a 10K skate today!
    Plan to skate about 10 more miles this week over a couple of days ... and a long skate on Monday.
  • 2.15 miles on my lunch break.

    The university I work for/study at has a neat little walking route map website for people to use.

    I did the "Soul Train" track today (under outside routes)

  • I love how they names the trails... what a riot!!

    I am back for more logging... 3 miles walking tonight for my regular Thursday night walk.
  • Walking/hiking ~ 728 miles
    Biking ~ 28.2 miles
    Elliptical ~ 554 minutes
  • Walking/hiking ~ 733 miles/1000
    Biking ~ 34.2 miles
    Elliptical ~ 554 minutes
  • Walking/hiking ~ 737.4 miles/1000
    Biking ~ 34.2 miles
    Elliptical ~ 554 minutes
  • I guess I am all alone

    Walking/hiking ~ 742.4 miles/1000
    Biking ~ 40.2 miles
    Elliptical ~ 554 minutes
  • I'm here Sum38. Walking has really helped me increase my endurance and is helping me lose inches.

    I will check in later after I get my walk in.
  • Yay, I am not alone

    Walking/hiking ~ 742.4 miles/1000
    Biking ~ 52.2 miles
    Elliptical ~ 574 minutes