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lbkali2710 05-17-2012 06:13 PM

Is my gym coach being fair?
Hello, I have lost about 11 kilos on a low carbohydrate diet with a little moderate exercise (walking every other day, sometimes doing 20-30 mins on the elliptical).
Lately my weight loss has slowed down, I have been loosing about 1 kilo a week, and now I am either staying the same or loosing about half a kilo a week.
So I decided to join a gym, and from the first day my coach assigned me a 50 minute interval treadmill routine, with walking briskly most of the time then doing sprints.
Needless to say after 30 mins I felt like giving up, I stepped off of the treadmill and he started shouting I was being lazy!
Am I really supposed to jump into that kind of cardio after doing such easy exercising for so long?
AND this is the more important question, if I start at 50 mins of running/walking wont I have to increase it let us say a month from now? And keep increasing it? And after I lose weight and going at this rate of running wont I have to run 90 mins to maintain it?!
I'm a college student I neither have time nor energy to exercise that long!, I really don't know at how many cardio minutes should I start and how much should I increase each week, and last but not least should I increase cardio after I lost weight to maintain my new weight?.

ps: English is not my mother language so I probably have some grammatical mistakes

Cemommster 05-18-2012 09:46 PM

Talk to him about it. Ask him what he has in mind, and what he is thinking he training you for.
If your doing more fast walking, he may increase the intervals, and not the time. I do that a lot with clients. Just tell him the truth. If he cannot listen to you, and give you a valid reason for your concerns or even pays attention to you, then it's time for a new trainer.

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