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Default tabata workout - i think this is a good routine...? can somebody review, pls?

i thought i had a good routine set up but turned out not so much so i had to tweak it some more.

due to osteo in my knees and right hip and a sacroiliac still in rehab, i can't do a lot of exercises such as squats, lunges, and whatnot.

but i think this would be a good workout:

plank with alternating leg raises (assume plank position, then left each leg up in turn)

reverse lunge knee drives - left leg (begin in lunge position, arms overhead; bring back knee up to chest while bringing arms down)

reverse lunge knee drive - right leg (i start with my off-dominant leg or arm all the time)

plank rows (assume plank position while holding dumbbells in hands kind of like those handles used for pushups; while holding plank position, do alternating dumbbell rows)

i think this hits pretty much every major group in the body, yeah?

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