ZUMBA - Anyone???

  • Was wondering, has anyone been doing the ZUMBA tapes. Havent seen it on T.V. for a while and was wondering just how complicated the steps were. I have two left feet but need something that is fun

  • hi vic--
    i do have the zumba tapes(actually in dvd form), and it has a coupon to mail in for the intro tape, which i found strange. i have watched the beginers tape to see if i could do it, and i think the intro tape teaches the steps. anyhow, i tried it anyway, and although clumsy, i had fun. i was makin up stuff if i wasnt able to keep up, and it was really fun. i think its all about just moving, staying active. i definitely broke a sweat. we can have fun joking about both our 2 left feet!
    what ever it is that you choose for an activity, make it something you enjoy. you wont stay consistent, if you dont enjoy it.
    let me know..........................................