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hhm6 03-23-2012 08:55 PM

My exercise routine
Hi everyone,

So for about a week and a half now I've been doing the elliptical for 60 min and some weights afterwards. I'm usually pretty beat at the end of the work out which lasts abt 1.5 hours. If I do this everyday I'm assuming I will start losing less calories because I will get used to the elliptical.

Does anyone have any recommendation on exercises I can do to switch it up? I live upstairs in an apt building so I feel like I can't do those Insanity workout tapes when i get home (which is always at night) and I have incredibly weak knees so running always leaves me feeling dead tired and in pain after 3 minutes.

Any suggestions? I'm pretty bad at this workout thing. Also, this is probably a stupid question, but I know you can't spot reduce, but if I did the bike only instead of the elliptical would my arms be flabby in comparison to my legs? This is why I usually stick to the elliptical because I'm using both my arms and legs and feel like I'm getting a full body workout. But should I try different machines? I can't afford a gym at the moment so I'm using what my apartment complex offers which is a treadmill, bike, elliptical, and weight machines.

Thank you!

WinterRunner 03-24-2012 12:02 AM

Try doing different workouts on the elliptical to switch it up. Usually machines have programs that change the resistance and height throughout the workout. This will help keep the workouts fresh. Also, you can alternate during the workout whether you are moving your legs forwards or backwards. Again, this helps keep your body from being accustomed to the workout. Different speeds also help. Make altercations for each workout and that will help keep things fresh and allow you to continue to burn.

In terms of the bike, don't worry about your arms. You say you lift weights and that will be doing a good portion of toning for you! The cardio machines are going to help you burn overall fat while the weights help you burn efficiently and continue to burn after your workout as well as toning your body. Both are essential. Like I said before with the elliptical, to keep a bike routine fresh, continuously change up resistance and speed during your workout to maximize the burn.

Good luck!!!! You can do it!!! :)

hhm6 03-24-2012 01:31 AM

Thank you winter runner for your reply!!

I forgot about the elliptical programs!!! I will def do that to switch it up!

I also have another question, so since I usually work out at night, couple hours after eating dinner, I work out but OMG once I'm back from the gym, I'm insanely hungry. It quite scary because I feel like I could destroy my entire weeks effort in a matter of minutes. It's really weird because I always crave cereal after workouts and I usually eat in and keep it within my 1200-1400 calorie limit, but I feel like I'm losing a good portion of my workout.

Any suggestions for that??

philana 03-24-2012 10:40 AM

Eat something high in protein but low in calories. Something bulky that makes you feel like you ate a ton. I enjoy cottage cheese with red grapes.

I think you will get fed up with the elliptical if you do it so many times, so you should look for something else to incorporate. You can do core excersises (look up routines online) and you could try to run. You say you can't but that's what I thought a year ago too, untill I did the c25k program. You could maybe go for a swim 2 days a week, that really uses your arms and burns calories well enough too.

As for still burning calories on the same machine, you can play with the intensity and do interval training on it. So it won't happen. If you change it up some.

WinterRunner 03-25-2012 03:05 PM

Philana, what kind of exercises do you do in the pool? I am thinking about swimming today but I often only do laps of the breaststroke. Do you just change up the strokes you do or do you also do exercises with equipment ? If you do different strokes, how many do you think I should use to try and get a good workout? Thanks!

mrslosingit 03-26-2012 07:49 PM

wow 1hr on the elliptical.That's great.I'm lucky if I can do the gazella 20 mins.i can do my stat bike 1 hr.I'll do it tonight while I'm watching DANCING WITH THE STARS.

hhm6 03-27-2012 02:41 AM

Lol! It took me awhile to be able to do 1hr on the elliptical!!

It's really weird because despite all of my calorie counting and exercise I checked my weight at 192 today!!! UGHHHH! Feel like throwing my scale out the window when that happens! I know I didn't eat an extra 3500 calories so I'm just going to assume its water weight and move on.

Just wondering, for those of you that calorie count do you also monitor how much fat/cholesterol/sugars you eat as well??

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