• Join me in logging YOUR TOTAL CALORIES BURNT for the month of August.
  • My goal for AUGUST is to burn a 1000 calories a day.

    ★Goal is to burn 31,000 CALORIES during AUGUST 2011★
  • Holy moly! That's a lot in a day, haha. I'm guessing this is in measurable exercises/cardio...? But perhaps I'll join you, I'm hoping to lose about 5 pounds in August... so I think that 500 calories a day is a good goal for me based on calorie intake.
  • EricAnn

    Welcome aboard ツ
    I need to see some results, it may sound like a lot but I think its doable. Just 1000 calz a day for the month will get me there.

    ★Good luck with ur weight goal for the month of AUGUST★
  • It's virtually impossible to figure out how many calories you burn exercising or doing normal activities. Almost everyone overestimates how many calories they burn exercising. See sticky thread:

    That's why most people use exercise for fitness, not for weight loss. It's also why people count exercise by measurable goals- minutes exercised, pounds of weight lifted, speed on a 5K, etc.
  • indiblue

    Thanks for your post.
    I've read this Sticky: Are The Calorie Counters On Cardio Machines Accurate? By Meg.
    However when I track my cardio I include all factors
    Distance-Minutes- & Calories burned.

    ★ Even if the counter is NOT accurate, if setting a calories burned goal gives me motivation to challenge myself & workout daily in order to achieve this goal Im all 4 it.
  • I use my Polar Heart Rate Monitor where it calculates calories burned by using my fitness level (it does a fit test based on your sedentary heart rate), height, weight, and age. So, my goal is 500 calories a day. It stores all of my workouts and calories burned for the entire week. I love it!!
  • Loli
    Is Ur monitor a watch style or the one tht goes around ur uppee body?
  • 8-1 calz burned 1056 minz 129 dis 6.58
    8-2 calz burned 1279 minz 184 dis 8.81
    8-3 calz burned 991 minz 158 dis 11.34
    8-4 calz burned 544 minz 65 minz 3.18
    8-8 calz burned 920 minz 90 dis 4.00
    8-9 calz burned 920 minz 82 dis 4.00
    8-22 calz burned 950 minz 95 dis 4.0
  • 8-1: 505 calories burned
    8-2: 217 calories burned... my thighs were so sore today