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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default What's the best thing to happen to you since regularly exercising?

I was curious to hear what others thought was the best thing to come out of all the regular exercise they were engaging in.

For me, it's knowing that I'm doing everything in my power to prevent an untimely death (which happened to my mom) and avoid cardiac disease (my dad has it). Plus, setting a good example for my two sons as well.

On the vanity end of things (lol), I love feeling comfortable in whatever I'm wearing - from swimsuits to jeans. BTW, I even went and bought some lingerie the other day and surprised my hubby. *giggles* I haven't worn stuff like that since my honeymoon back in '97.

What's your nicest exercise side effect?
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Feeling strong and fit.

I may not actually technically be strong and fit, yet, but when I'm on my treadmill or climbing some stairs I can really feel it. It's like I can accomplish anything!
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Just being able to do everyday activities for 16 hours a day without burning out by hour 8... Oh and being able to sleep throughout the night.

And, being able to throw on a pair of shorts without the fear that everyone is looking at my thighs... Even if they are... it's a self-esteem thing.
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I think my shoulders look hot and make my pudgy lower stomach and thick thighs look smaller.

I also love what I'm able to do physically. Carrying groceries home is such a breeze and even carrying my 2.5 year old doesn't feel like a struggle anymore!

I also find that exercise helps to regulate my moods so I'm a happier person in general.
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Ummm....Probably fitting into a size lower in jeans!
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I will always love the endorphin rush, actually the last minute or so of exercise is always my favorite because I am so happy and proud and feel super strong. While at the moment my physical changes from exercise are limited (thanks 20 pound gain in the past year), there is nothing better than the post-exercise happy feeling.

I don't think I could diet without exercising, because I need the endorphins if I'm going to have to turn down cookies!
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Feeling pretty good in shorts especially at the gym!!
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I love feeling strong and healthy.

And I really love my arms in a tank top. And my legs, particularly the calves, when I wear good shoes.
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I have way more energy! I also can kick my SIL and sisters butt at the gym and they are skinny minnies! I would not have been able to do that just a bit ago.

going to the vanity side of things I love the way my muscles are starting to emerge!
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