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EricAnn 07-11-2011 10:12 PM

Workout Order

I've heard from many different people (including some trainers) that say I should do any number of the following combinations of working out:
warm-up>cardio>weights (free and machine)>cool-down>stretching
warm-up>weights (free and machine)>cardio>cool-down>stretching
warm-up>cardio>weights (free and machine)>stretching>cool-down
warm-up>weights (free and machine)>cardio>stretching>cool-down
Plus some other combinations... Including 30 minutes of cardio before and after weights (free and machine).

I don't know if there is really a rule about which order you should exercise in, but what have you found works best?... I also suppose that you should always stretch last, after your cool-down and everything...?! Is that right?!


bellastarr 07-11-2011 10:18 PM

i've heard both from different trainers and read both in magazines...

the best trainer i had would make me warm up for five minutes ( like walking on treadmill) then we would do weights with cardio in between... like one machine, then bursts of cardio running, jumping jacks, walking lunges, etc and then the next machine and then cardio all the way through circuit style... we would finish with abs then stretch

after i stopped my trainer i have done both weights for 1/2 hr then cardio and sometimes i do the cardio first and then weights...

i think if you ask 10 people what order to do them in u will get ten different answers

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