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Default Any advice? Mini-triathalon training!

SO I got this fool plan in my silly head to do a mini triathlon on July 10. It looks like this:

300 meter (328 yard) swim
10 kilometer (6.2 mile) bike
3 kilometer (1.9 mile) run

I just started short interval running yesterday, and am wondering, should I be running every day? Or should I do it alternating days? I was a runner and a cyclist when I was much younger, and much thinner, and I suppose I want to do this mini-tri to prove to myself that I can, and that I can enjoy the feeling of satisfaction when I finish it.

I am not by any means expecting to do very well, I just want make it to the end. I hold my husband "if this run kills me, you make SURE they bring my body out through the finish line, so I still finished it"

I'd love any and all advice or experience that you may be able to offer. I have never done anything like this at all.
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I ran my first tri last Sept. It was a bit longer than yours. I had fun, and finished middle of the pack, pretty much what I expected. I didn't train too hard, I'm trying it again this year and I want to improve. I tried to train in each sport 3 times a week, with one day a week of rest. Here are 2 things I was surprised about: 1)The swim was really tough, I was used to a pool and it was in a lake. Try to swim a few times where the event will take place. I think there is an official expression for it, but I can only think of PANIC. I couldn't breathe and could do only breast stroke the whole distance. So I don't know if there really is something to do to prevent this, except experience. You can't really replicate the anxiety of race time in practice.
2) Bricking. It is generally advised to practice bike/run transition, but I don't really think it made a difference. Maybe try it a few times, but don't worry about it. It shouldn't make a big difference in your time.
Being that this IS a weight loss forum, I thought I might add that I didn't lose ANY weight while training. I think it's because I get really hungry and end up eating too much. I'm hoping to lose 20 pounds by this years race, mainly because I think my running will improve if I am lighter. And I won't look as horrible in the photos. When ever I need inspiration to lose weight, I go back and look at those. Bleh.
Good luck!
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Not a fool plan. It's a great plan. It's a fun plan. I find these events so motivating. You will have a blast!!!!!

Don't run every day though, it's to hard on your body. I would find a beginning sprint tri plan and do that or modify it to your distance needs. Beginner triathlete has one I used for my first sprint and it was great. Your goal is to finish and a balanced plan will help you do that.
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I am just worried, I am still so heavy, and I have arthritis in 1 knee, so I have to be super easy in my training for now. Because I am still so heavy, I suspect I will continue to lose some weight, but I am certain I will lose inches, which I am more concerned with right now.

The idea of training for something really distracts me from worrying about what the scale says, which is a nice bonus.

I really struggled trying to decide between the Sprint Triathlon and the Try-A-Tri....in the end I opted for the Try-A-Tri because I am still quite overweight, and don't think I could train hard enough in the 3 months I have to actually complete the Sprint...it may be different if I lived in the city, and knew I could get to the pool or gym every day, but I live rural, and only get into the city maybe 3 times a week. So for now I do my short interval running on the dirt roads around me, when I get a bike (yes, you heard me, I don't even own a bike yet! LOL), I will do my riding there too. The bonus for me is that I have 8:30am-3:30pm free Monday-Fri as a stay at home mom who's kids are both in school full time.

I don't expect finish in the middle, heck I expect to be dead last, but I figure, every triathlon needs a token fat girl! LOL
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I've been running for 2 and a half months now and I know this is no where near the same as doing a triathalon and just so you know I'm in awe of your bravery and motivation and wish you the best of luck.

A couple of things that have helped me learn to enjoy running:

I started off really small- doing about 5 minutes running a time maybe three days a week accompanied by a walk (this has increased to 40 minutes 6 days a week.)

When I started I was really soft on myself, the last thing you want is an injury or to be running and think 'I hate this!' because you won't want to run again.

When you get that burning feeling in your throat, stop and wait for your breathing to return to normal

I find I run further when I concentrate on something other than what I'm doing, so I think about some trashy tv programme or I think about my boyfriend or friends. Just anything to stop me concentrating on wanting to stop and take a break.

Get a good soundtrack, I use a lot of upbeat or even angry songs when I run and I made a list on my ipod which I have on shuffle because I get bored really easily.

Run without water, I've actually found that if I go running without a drink of water then I feel less tired than when I stopped to have a drink.

If it's bright enough outside then I always wear tight fitting inexpensive sunglasses for two reasons. Firstly, it helps me see. Secondly, I feel less recognisable and less embarrassed and my glasses are big so it hides a lot of my face when it goes bright red.

I know these are probably obviously, but it's what helps me. I hope it helps you too, and best of luck with everything.
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