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  • The way I look at it, you have to have these goodies now and then. You have to treat yourself but still watch protions. Last Sunday we went to a friends for a birthday/Super Bowl party. They had pizza, chicken wings, all kinds of munchies, cake and ice cream. There was literally nothing low fat there!!!!!!!! I have not had pizza in MONTHS and wings for close to a year!!!!!!!!! I had 2 small pieces of pizza, 4 wings, cake and ice cream. I figured I could do without the munchies.
    I did walk an extra day last week cuz I knew what was gonna be served at the party. I would have liked to also get an extra day in this week but things have not worked out as planned but I am not fretting over it. I still might be able to get my extra day in on Sat. but that will go on February's log. No big deal.
    I am not gonna make my goal. I would have to loose 4 lbs a week for the next 2 weeks. Again I am not gonna fret over it. I did so well over the holidays. I need to start thinking about my next goal. Maybe make St. Pat's day my target date or go for March 31. Will have to sit down with the calander and decide then write my goal down.
    BTW...I am very pleased with that program I found to download and control my treadmill. Since I have been using it I have been doing a 40 minute workout and burning off 200 cal.
  • It kind of sounds like none of us are seeing the results as quick as we'd like. My friend whom I'm also doing this with, was trying to back out of our monthly outing..Our deal was every month as long as we progressed in some healthy area we were to celebrate by going shopping at the Good Will and take in a dollar movie. But because she hasn't lost like she wanted to she didn't want to go.. I don't think so. I haven't lost either like I'd like to have but it is slowly coming off..but more importantly I am getting healthy, healthier then I've been in years , I'm sure. I was bummin..too, but time to pull up the boot straps..Remember what Dr. Phil said " only set goals for things you can control, such as eatting right and exercise because we can not control what our body does" We bought a recumbant bike, so yesterday I walked 1.5 and rode 8 miles. Today I reckon I'll walk and ride as well..Speaking for my friend and I I think we came out Jan 1 all ready to go..but now it's the end of Jan..and getting a little discouraged..Well it's almost Feb..time to get pumped up again..So here's my goal for Feb. I plan to walk 6 days a week minimum of 1.5 miles and ride at least 3 as far I don't know..
    163/157.5/130 ish
  • Happy Birthday, DawnStorm! It's hard to turn down *anything* much less birthday cake when it's offered with love, isn't it? Excellent philosophy to just put it behind you and move's not the end of the world, or the "new you!"

    Smiley--good to see you! Glad you are checking in. It really helps to stay accountable to yourself if you have someone to report to at the end of the day! Are you counting calories or anything? I know that really helps me decide whether or not I can splurge on something...I know what my calorie "budget" is for the day...and if something would put me waaaaay overbudget I have to decide if I REALLY want it, or if I'd rather not "waste" my calorie$$ on it! is a great tool for that. And good for you for walking every day! Some people recommend only exercising every other day, but I find for myself if I make myself do *something* every day, then I'm more apt NOT to make excuses and skip the exercise altogether. As for getting your husband to walk with you--I sure don't know the trick. My husband's doctor even recommended he walk with me and that didn't even do it. ::sigh::

    Ashley--welcome! I've heard shinsplints are related to the shoes you use, and the stretching too. So do stretch before and after, and invest in that new pair of shoes too. They're supposed to last about 500 miles before all the good padding and support are gone. I can't remember which website it was, but there was one of them that actually helped you track how much mileage you put on your shoes! Sounds like your'e getting married--when's the wedding? And where are you in LA?

    Svelte, did you stick to your guns? I've got to pack to go out of town for a few days, so I'm not sure I'm going to get my walk in. Bad part is, while I'm at this conference, I know I will not only NOT exercise, I will eat and drink much more than I usually do! Ah well, it's only 4 days...maybe it won't be too much of a setback.

    WNYMom, if you could go to a party and only eat that much--MORE POWER TO YOU! parties are especially hard. Are you walking outside up there in the frozen north?

    Tricia...I think you and your friend have a great system! And I agree with you...if she's made ANY effort she needs to indulge and reward herself (low cost, low cal!! )--that incentive is what keeps us going! It's nice to see the scales change...lord knows I've been complaining about that lately...but I know I'm doing my body a favor by treating it better!

    I'll probably be MIA til Tues or Wed. Y'all keep walkin'!
  • Quote:
    WNYMom, if you could go to a party and only eat that much--MORE POWER TO YOU! parties are especially hard. Are you walking outside up there in the frozen north?
    Even though I was drinking I managed to stay away from the munchies. I wasn't hungry when they were brought out at half time so it wasn't to hard. Just stayed out of the diningroom!!!!
    As far as walking goes, I have a treadmill right in my livingroom!!!!! It is compatable and I also found a web site where you can download a program so you can create your own workouts to work with a compatable piece of equipment. With iFIT their Level 1 workouts only go up to 35 minutes and I wanted to go longer. Level 2 is getting into jogging and running and I don't want that. I just want a nice fast walk. With this program I can pick and choose how long my workout is, when I peak both for speed and incline, adjust my warm up and cool down. It is pretty good.
    I create my workout, grab my water, remote for the TV and start walking!!!!!!! I usually watch soaps. I have the remote so I can turn the sound up so I can hear the TV. I watch TV and forget about what I am doing. I started out only doing 15 minutes 3 days a week and now I am up to 40 minutes 3 or 4 days a week.
  • Evening. Had a good day, got my exercise in, and ate well. Today ended on a stressful note, when I mentioned I'd like to go out on the town with his cousin sometime. He got very upset, and here we are, fighting. Hopefully tomorrow we'll settle this, and move on. Sometimes, being so different than your spouse really turns up the tension.
  • Hey everyone it's been a few days. Thought I'd resurrect this thread. Well despite having a difficult time last week with life in general I kept up my walking daily and can report a 2 lb loss this week. I have now lost 30 lbs total. I am so happy I just want to shout it from the rooftops. I was also having problems with shin splints again but I think it's more to do with the fact that I wasn't stretching out enough before walking. I've been trying to pay more attention to the warm up part and drinking more water during the day. I also added an extra hill to towards the end of my walk to get the heart rate up again. All these things seems to have helped.

    Chris, did you ever get that girls night out you wanted? You deserve it and hubby shouldn't have a problem with it especially if it's with family.

    Hope to hear from others out there. Keep walking!
  • i got 4 days of walking in this past week. I have also been trying to pay attention to my diet. So far this week I am down about 1lb but I look at my loss from Monday to Monday.
  • No shin splints today. The sun was out and it was windy and beautiful. I am keeping that extra hill at the end of my walk to get the heart rate up a little more than usual and it adds maybe an extra 5-7 minutes in. Get this, I even jogged a little portion of the ways without feeling like I was going to die. Me, jogging! How funny is that? I loved it that it didn't feel like I had the flabby saddle bags on my hips bouncing around. Much less bulk and much more cardio healthy than I've been in a LONG time. I love it.

    Hope everyone out there's keeping active--stay safe, but keep moving.
  • Didn't do to good this past week. The last time I walked was Wed. cuz I have been so busy. Sunday we went out to eat and I think I kind of blew my diet but it is only one day but it showed up on the scale this AM. I have a 1lb gain. I have not had a gain in WEEKS but I can not let it get to me. I hope to get back on that treadmill today.
  • hey guys Never did get that girls night out. He's such a worrier. Feels like I"ll do something dumb, and come home drunk.. give me a break. I'll let that issue lie for now.

    I walked this morning, evne though the melty stuff is now slippery ice. it was nice to ge the dog out. I had to work really late last night, and I actuallymissed my walk. And dinner. That stinks. Hate that.

    I made my goal yesterday though, of 150 pounds. Did it from may 02-now. pretty happy, but to keep it off.... that's the challenge now. i feel pretty healthy. compared to back before. wheew!

    Start: 210
    Now: 150 Goal!
    Goal.... reached 2-10-02
  • Arg! I only walked once last week, but the shin problems aren't quite as bad as I get back into shape. It rained and was cold and icky all week, so I didn't venture out as much. I understand about being busy WNYmom!! and I don't even have kids yet!! JustJane - I'm in Houma. i lived here while i was in high school and my fiance (then just a bf) and I moved back here in June. We are getting married in August (the 16th). It's going to be outside and hot!

    I can't wait to reach my goal!! CONGRATULATIONS SVELTECHICKY!!!!!!!!

    still working,