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Default At home exercise with no equipment or videos + toddler

Ok, I need some help here! I know this sounds crazy but this weather (or actually the side walks covered in ice) put a real wrench in my running plans.

We're in Germany for 2 weeks and I need to do some exercise pronto! Last time I was here I'd just drop DD off at daycare, run, shower, and go to work. Now it doesn't look that simple since the side walks here are HORRIBLE and it's even colder than I expected I know I should've checked the weather first but we've just had so much going on that I didn't have a chance to think about it. Otherwise I would've just brought along my 30 Day Shred DVD.

So I'm not sure what to do! I'd prefer to exercise when DD's with me so I can spend the time when she's at daycare working but then I have to do it when she's awake because we staying in a guest house where we need to share the bathroom/livingroom/kitchen with other people (and I'm NOT going to exercise in front of them!!). I have a laptop so if there are any free videos that I can access in Germany I could do them but otherwise I'm at a loss... I don't even have weights! Please suggest something quick!!!
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This is a great site with daily exercise videos. http://www.bodyrock.tv/ There is also a huge archive with different videos to pick and choose from. She uses pretty much only her body weight for the routines.
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That looks like a great site! I must check it out when I'm at home...

runningfromfat -- Google home workouts and you will get umpteen hits, from Utube and other sites...
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just make up a HiiT workout. put on some fast music and alternate between doing different types of exercises each min or so. or use a timer, if you have it. some people have one on their watch or phone. or go to cathe.com look over the clips of her hiit workouts for exercise ideas. the wave pyramid doesn't use equipment at all. you can do lots of imaginary jump rope, jacks, squats, wall sits, push ups, side lunges...about.com has lots of ideas and workout routines too. with pictures. you could do those for just a few min at a time throughout the day, or even do them with her. or dance to fast music. see how many times you can both jump around the room. stand on 1 foot. 1 leg bridges are GREAT for hamstrings, even if you can only do it for a few sec. at a time.
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thanks everyone for all the wonderful ideas! I'm definitely going to have to try some of them!

It turns out that I did magically bring my 30 day shred DVD, I guess I'm smarter than I give myself credit for! But it's always good to have variety so I like the idea of timing myself and switching exercises.
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this is my current "homework" from my trainer. you should do each of the below items without a break in between, then rest for 30s-1m and repeat the circuit 3 total times

plank walk ups (10)
up downs with a push up (10)
lunges (10)
side plank dips (10 on each side)
step ups (10)
bicycle crunches (100)


repeat 3 total times
you could maybe create your own program like this with exercises suited for toddler involvement.
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How about using your toddler AS gym equiptment. I used to do that when my sisters were toddlers (I'm 14 years older than my first sister and 16 years older than my second sister). When I would come home from college, or when they came to visit me, I'd play games with them that were a lot harder physically than my gym workouts (Illinois Wesleyan University required two semesters of P.E. I chose self-paced swimming, weight lifting, and bicycling).

Playing "airplane" I'd pick up one of them up and carry them with both arms, horizontally and "fly" them around the room. Or I'd do push ups with them on my back, or I'd be the "horsey," either on my hands and knees, or with them clinging around my neck with their legs wrapped around my waist. Or I'd lie on my back with my knees curled up and they'd sit on my forelegs as I bounced them around. Or I'd play "head and shoulders, knees and toes" with them, or simon says, or hide and seek.

Toddlers make amazing free weights. My brother would even curl them (our little sisters, not random toddlers) and would even bench-press the girls on his weight bench, when he was home from the navy. They always begged me to do that too when he wasn't home, but I didn't have the upper body strength and didn't want to hurt them/

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