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Default Need some points of view other than my own

Ok friends, need some thoughts. Yesterday I had a session with my personal trainer. Every time we work he works me hard, no doubt about it, and I am always tired afterwards. However, yesterday it went beyond tired. I felt so utterly exhausted after 45 minutes that I was so close to tears it was embarrasing. Is this normal? i've never had a work out bring me so close to crying...ever. Not from pain mind you...from pure exhaustion...

My question...is this normal?

After our workout I went to spin class for an hour and was fine afterwards and like I said before I wasn't feeling any pain what so ever...just really wanted to cry, felt like I needed to. Can this happen?

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated because frankly, I was a little embarrased. I didn't actually cry but I sure could have...


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I understand that it would be an uncomfortable feeling, but I would be really grateful if I could feel like that. I work out on my own, and I have a really hard time getting myself to that point...

I'd say just keep trying and have faith that he's not pushing you beyond what you can do. He sounds like a great trainer if he cares enough to push you that far. Again, just my opinion for what it's worth.

Good luck!
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Are you near TOM? Because honestly, some times of the month almost anything can bring me near to tears.
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Originally Posted by Vladadog View Post
Are you near TOM? Because honestly, some times of the month almost anything can bring me near to tears.
That's what I was gonna say -- HORMONES !!!

Hang in there and keep at it. Don't give up!!
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The fact that you completed a spin class afterwards & felt fine tells me it was your head not your body. I just posted about "why are some workouts so hard?" A good part of this is mental - we are gaining emotional strength as well as physical strength, and a personal trainer is going to push you to the brink.

I'd talk to him about it next time (or before your next session) to let him know where you were at. It would be good to put into place a game plan for those days so he knows if you want him to keep pushing you or to back off. You are paying for his services, afterall, so if you really feel that you do not want the hard push when you just aren't feelin' it, that is something to discuss.

Good luck to you! It sounds like you are doing great, even though that was a tough session.
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Make sure you're getting enough sleep each night. The only time I've cried from exhaustion has been when I was staying up late and working mornings in college. Lack of sleep can definitely make you a bit edgy.
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also, what did you eat before you worked out? Sometimes if I exercise before I've eaten, I don't do as hard as I want
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Sometimes working out hard just loosens something in me and I get teary. It doesn't have to be TOM either.
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All good suggestions. I would add that you should make sure you are getting enough rest. Not just sleep, but if you are working out hard, make sure you get a rest day or something. Talk to your trainer, sometimes its good to push through and other times it's good to take a break.
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