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Question Exercise with Sinus Infection? What do you think?

I started feeling pretty crappy last night and even more so this morning. I am almost certain it's a sinus infection. I have had enough of them to know at this point and I'm pretty sure it was triggered by allergies.

However, I'm not sure if it's a bacterial or viral infection (and I probably won't because I'm not planning on going to the Dr.). I'm fairly achy and congested, but a good sweat may be good for me.

I really hate to break my workout streak, I've been doing so good! But, I don't want this to get any worse either. I have heard that if you're sick with anything above the neck, it's OK to go ahead and workout. But, if it's below the neck, to hold off until you feel better.

What do you guys think? Does anyone else fight with sinus infections? Do you stick to your schedule while you're down?
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My sinus infections always grow to become ear infections as well. I usually feel so crappy and head- inflated that I don't do much of anything!
If you feel up to your routine I don't see why you should stop. Maybe work at a lower intensity and don't push yourself as hard as you usually would.
Just drink lots of fluids! I hope you feel better soon!
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If you have the energy, I'd work out, but maybe a little lighter than normal. I'd also consider getting a netti pot!! They are awesome and clear up my sinus infections pretty fast.
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I agree with pinkflower and Number8 - try, but reduce the intensity. Don't forget that some of your energy must go to fighting the infection. Also be careful of dizziness, as sinus infections often affect the inner ear. If you do get dizzy, there are also some sitting exercises with dumbells and other accessories that are pretty good and don't involve bending and shaking Good luck!
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Default congestion

Whenever I'm congested, sinus or standard, I always feel worse when I sit around or lie down. I actually prefer to do cardio (at a lighter intensity) when I'm sick because it makes me feel better. If it's a full on head cold though, sometimes I just can't muster the energy -
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That's funny, I have one of those right now. Triggered by allergies I'm pretty sure.

I'm taking a break from exercise today because I went home sick from work. My reasoning is if I'm too sick to work, I'm too sick to exercise. And I feel any energy my body has should go to healing me instead of healing muscles I've exercised.
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