• I joined kickboxing way back in march, but was on and off just like my eating habits. This time I plan on going everyday. It's so much fun and gets a lot of stress and frustration out.

    Anyone else do kickboxing?
  • I really want to!
  • I have done Tae bo in the past. Does it count? If so, I enjoyed it, but after watching the dvd so many times I got tired of it.
  • I used to do tae bo as well, but got sooo tired of looking at and listening to Billy Blanks lol. with a kickboxing class you can hit and kick the bag as hard as u can and man do u sweat. i have a different instructor each day so its a different routine so it doesnt get boring. My class also does toning. Different body area each day.
  • My mom does it, and it kinda inspired me to get more active. She's a 41 year old diabetic and a size 6. Granted, she's not diabetic from gaining weight, but from her pacreas shutting down.

    She's amazingly fit and does so much, I took a class with her once and it killed me! But I'm stronger now that I lift weights so maybe I'd do better
  • I used to do it. I took a one month course in Thailand learning how to do Muay Thai boxing. It is even more intense than Kickboxing as it uses shoulders, elbows, and knees. I am starting to do kickboxing again after a very long hiatus. It is an amazing workout. I took the one month course to lose weight, and I really did, but I was boxing twice a day and doing weights three times a week. I am now only starting again at once a week, but kickboxing/MT a full body workout, and tones you all over. I really miss it.

    Good luck, Jenniegirl and others. Perhaps you can let me know how it is going for you.