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jacksonmom 10-16-2002 09:53 AM

Another 4 week challenge please join!
Hi! This will be our 5th challenge. God time goes by fast! THis challenge will be different in that everyone will keep their own totals and you can update it as often as you like. The challenge will run from 10/14/02 - 11/11/02. My goal will be to do 60 miles. Hope everyone joins!

jacksonmom 10-16-2002 09:55 AM

Well so far off to a go start already done 6 miles. At the gym I've started to lift weights 3x week as well. Hope everyone has a good week. Here in TX it actually feels like fall so I've been walking outside with the baby.

2BSkinny 10-16-2002 11:14 AM

I want to join this challenge. I am going to be riding a stationary bike. My goal will be 80 miles. I am hoping to do some walking as well, I am from TX too...just haven't gotten my big butt outside!! I am one of those moms who feels like she has to volunteer for everything....don't get me wrong...I love it...I'm just so darn busy all the time!! But I need to make time for me too. So her goes!!

Bike: 80 miles
Walking: 20 miles
Total:100 miles

lodyangel 10-16-2002 03:57 PM

Okay! I am in! My goal will be 40 miles... I will be doing the elliptical, running, and walking.

I will keep up my weeks total here.

Monday: Day off
Tuesday: 2 miles in the rain!!!

I hope everyone has a good week!

cac 10-16-2002 04:37 PM

I would like to join too. I will go to the gym at least 3 times each week and will track my sesions.


madtypist 10-16-2002 05:28 PM

I am in for 50 miles this round. I will be walking and riding my bike, last night I walked 2.5 miles. I hope to be able to walk at least that each day. Jacksonmom you are really off to a great start.

I bought a new pair of jeans last week, I mean real jeans, LOL not the stretch ones, they are deadly, it is easy to grow with those on.. LOL... and with all my exercising and watching my food intake I have gone from size 14 to size 12, but at the same time the scale has only moved down about 2 pounds or so, so for sure all this exercising is well worth it, even tho the scales are not going down... so keep on moving....:)

Have a great week ladies.....:)


happy2bme 10-16-2002 07:27 PM

Count me back in again. This time I want to count minutes of exercise so I can incorporate some of the various things I do that can't be measured in miles.

My goal is to do 1250 minutes of exercise by 11/11/02. Already have 120 minutes so far.

Thanks again Jacksonmom for the kick off! Weights now too? You seem to be trying all sorts of new things! Yay for you and everyone else that sticks with the challenge :strong: :cp:

Daretobeu 10-16-2002 07:31 PM

I'l be doing my 40 miles again. Maybe I'll do more as the stress of the Holidays are upon us!!!! Good Luck everyone!! Janel

Kina 10-16-2002 08:16 PM

Okay I am going to challenge myself to do 50 miles in 4 weeks. So did the mileage start counting as of Monday? I think so right? correct me otherwise. Okay talk again to you all. bye.

chrim32 10-16-2002 11:54 PM

I'd like to join this challenge. I use the elliptical, stationary bike and treadmill as well as work with weights and join in on the occasional fitness class. I will do 40 miles in the 4 weeks.

2BSkinny 10-17-2002 07:37 AM

How often are we suppose to post? I don't know if I will be able to post this weekend so here are my totals as of today.
Bike: 7miles

Walking: 19 to go
Bike: 73 to go
Total: 92 to go

I wonder how much dancing would count for....going Texas Two Stepping Sat nite!! I'm sure it would be alot...but I won't count it as I will probably be drinking too.

Good luck to all!!

jacksonmom 10-17-2002 04:57 PM

WOW this board is getting alot of action!

lodyangel-congrats on the 25 lbs. lost!!!!!!!!!!! I just noticed it on your post

madtypist- congrats on dropping a pant size!!!!!!!!!!!!

2bskinny post your totlas as often as you like.

So far I've done 12 mi. this week. With the weather nice I love to be outside so the exercising is easier to do right now. TTYL

RaceWalker 10-18-2002 05:43 PM

Wow, look at all the great goals!:)

My goal is very simple: to get started by walking every other day to the end of my street and back (1/2 mile round trip) at least. By Thanksgiving I want to be earning my name again! :lol:

Manatees 10-18-2002 05:56 PM

Hi everyone

I'd like to join this challenge. I try to get to the gym 3 days a week to bike. I usually bike 10 miles each time, which equal 120 miles in in 4 weeks. So I'm going to try for 150 miles in 4 weeks so I have to push myself a little. I was at the gym already today and biked 11 miles so I'm off to a good start. I have to work at the gym tomorrow morning so I'm going to try and get 15 miles in (the gym is slow on Sat). I haven't been able to get to the gym all week except to work and I'm starting to miss exercise. I never thought I would say that...lol

2BSkinny 10-19-2002 09:30 AM

Got on the bike today!! I did 6miles so that is:
Bike 13 with 67 to go
walking 1 - 19 to go
Total 14- 86 to go
Keep it up everyone!!

:p I just figured out how to put an image by my name!!

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