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CreativeDame 10-02-2002 10:51 PM

CardioQueens Come Introduce Yourself!
Hello. I'm CD. I'm a newbie. I'm 23 and live in Illinois.

Anyone interested in posting in a weekly thread for CardioQueens? Just to talk about your exercise regimens and daily things. I'm anxious to get to know some folks who are into cardio (walking, jogging, ellipticals, bikes, stairsteppers, etc.) and your routines that are working for you.

I started Weight Watchers on 9-15-02. Now that I'm in week three of WW, I'm feeling pretty good and I'm going to the gym everyday (except Saturdays, weigh in day) and using the elliptical trainer. So far I'm up to 45-50 minutes of that. I decided to just work on cardio for now and after I get to Onederland I'm going to start working with weights/resistance. It's a great workout. If I wake up one day and feel kind of miserable or blah or don't have much time, I'll take a nice refreshing walk.

So anyway, what's your story? I'd love to meet you.


M611 10-02-2002 11:51 PM


about 4 yrs ago I weighed 180lb (I'm 5 ft) 3 yrs ago I was down to 121 and maintained my weight for about 2 and 1/2 yrs

BUT, I'm back up to 152... I've gained 30lbs in about 9 months... I feel it's due to a lack of exercise, eating out too much and snacking on junk at work. Which are all the things that got me up to 180 in the 1st place...

well, I'm determined to get back on track... in the beginning I did use this forum as motivation and as a way of keeping track of my exercise. and since Cardio is my thing... I decided to join you...

Today was only day 2 for me- I spent 40 minutes on the treadmill. I like walking at an incline and hope to get fast and go longer as the days go by... I know I am capable. But, I'm easing back into it...

weight 152
goal 125

CreativeDame 10-03-2002 12:57 AM

Hi there! Welcome! One of my big things is starting slow...I tend to get burned out easily on exercise. That's why I'm not pushing myself to go to the gym...if I REALLY don't feel like it, I tell myself to walk at least 20 minutes. And usually by 20 minutes I feel good and do another 20 minutes. It's not 40 minutes on the elliptical, but calories burned is calories burned ya know?!

You can do it, M...we both can. We ALL can!


2cutekids 10-03-2002 06:11 PM

Hi everyone I love to work out in the morning before my son gets up. I have been doing thefirm tapes or treadmillfor an hour.I know that may seem like alotbut my weight has not move in months!!!!
goal 150
height 175

CreativeDame 10-03-2002 10:09 PM

Hi, 2CuteKids:

In about a month I'll be working first shift again, and I'm looking forward to exercising in the evenings..I think. Now I work at 2.30pm-11pm and I exercise around 10am. I used to workout super early, but I find that I'm so tired and groggy that I don't work hard enough that early.

That's cool that you wake up early and make time for the cardio! Today I let myself off since I worked so hard this week...I did only 35 minutes on the elliptical. Tomorrow, Friday, I will do at least 40 minutes and work up a good sweat since Saturday is my WI day.


M611 10-03-2002 10:53 PM

Hi all...

I work full time a 9 to 6-ish schedule- and have a teen-ager that needs more supervision at this age than she did at 7... so, I have to work out in the early am. so far so good though...

I am not a morning person- but I feel so good the rest of the day after a workout... so I go anyway.

I did 40 min on the treadmill at an incline from 1 to 6% and used the cross-trainer for 10 minutes. I am still working out a routine. I am showering and goin to work from the gym, and I hope to spend at least 60 min working out soon...

CD, do you walk around your neighborhood, a track or park? I like walking outside too. The mosquitos are bad here and all the good trails or tracks are too close to water...


2cutekids 10-04-2002 12:46 AM

I have been trying to walk in the evening with my kids but the weather is getting colder now.Do you have any ideas for when it gets cold. I am trying to include my kids as well.
The morning work out do not seem to be enouf anymore?????
cd I know how you feel with the weight gain.I first started 7 years ago at 210. ThenI was down to 152 when I got pregant with my first kid.Never got the weight off before my second kid.So nowI am retrying again.
Hope to hear from you soon

CreativeDame 10-04-2002 07:35 PM

Hello, Tanya and M! I'm glad to see that you guys are around and getting in the exercise.

M611- You are right - exercising makes the rest of the day go better! Especially for a second shifter like me - sometimes, I'd be groggy just coming into work! Now, even a simple 20 minute walk helps. I walk a course around my neighborhood. Lately though I've been hitting the gym. I really don't like going there, but when it gets cold, I'll have no choice. Plus, I have to learn to exercise around people and feel comfortable to be me. I am always comparing myself to what other women are doing there and I have to stop! It may not seem like much to do 45 minutes of elliptical when other women are running on treadmills for 60 minutes THEN doing weights THEN doing something else, etc...but you know what? They were just like me once before, they may even have been overweight. Eventually, I'll work in more than cardio and add weights, etc. I just want to get a routine going on.

Besides, cardio is great for you!

Tanya - Yep...it's getting colder here in Illinois also. They say that 30 minutes of good cardio at least 3-4 times a week is good enough to maintain health and lose weight, so I say if your morning workouts are equivalent to that, then you're fine. Sometimes I feel weird because I exercise first thing in the morning and I eat right after, then have dinner later at work and a snack when I get home at 11pm and I feel like I should be doing SOMEthing else...but I know that I'm doing well and I should just stick with my current routine. When it gets colder, Tanya, maybe a local grade school or middle school opens their gym at night? My local grade school is open for activities and women play volleyball or walk around the gym.

Do you guys intentionally exercise on certain days? So far I'm doing Sunday-Friday and taking Saturdays off. Eventually I might take Sunday off too. My big thing is that I don't want to get burned out and feel overwhelmed.

I normally am not online over the weekends at home because I'm so busy, but I'll be back on Monday! have a great weekend! I'll start a new thread for Cardio Queens on Monday...hope to see you there!


2cutekids 10-04-2002 11:37 PM

Hi cd and M
I try to work our a little everyday. If on a short stroll with the kids and my husband who is now home from being gone all week. I should go.
Talk to you on Monday.

M611 10-05-2002 01:34 PM

Hi... I did make it to the gym on Friday am... woo- hoo and I did manage to take minutes off my routine in the locker room, which will eventually allow me more workout time.

Tanya- depending on how old your kids are- how 'bout puttin them in a double stroller and walking the mall in cold weather? If you have a mall, that's what I did w/ my daughter til she was about 4.

Good luck cd at weigh in... and I totally relate to your gym feelings- they were my same feelings in the beginning. Now, I prefer the gym despite my weight or who else is there. And it didn't take too long to feel that way.

Right now I am going at it and plan on a gym workout 7 days a week. I am a creature of habit and if I include it daily for a while- long enough to make it a habit, I will "need" a workout and do a better job of working into a do-able work out routine from now on... cuz like it or not I know that working out has to be part of my life from now on...

which brings me to having had gained weight back- Tanya you have a TWO great reasons for weight gain! Me, I just let life and stress take over- since I know I can feel better and look better, I am not too bummed 'bout my set back- AT this point... Let's see how long it takes for me to take it off?

How you enjoyed your weekends!
I'll check in again before Mon.- my husband is gone for the weekend :-(

autumn609 10-05-2002 07:40 PM

Can I join in?
Hi! I am back into a weight loss/exercise program after being lazy for way too long. This is week 3 and I have been doing pretty well with eating and exercise.

Since I have no time at night, or I make excuses not to exercise (too tired) I decided that I needed to build exercise into my morning routine. Unfortunately, that means getting up pretty early, but I have gotten up everyday but one in the past 3 weeks. I am so proud of that, but also AMAZED because I love to sleep.

Anyway, I am only doing the treadmill right now, but will be adding step and stationary bike as I get more comfortable. I am doing 45 mins at 3.5 mph and feel really good with that. I want to build up to 60 mins as well increase the speed. :strong:

I have also order the Leslie Sanson walking tapes, for variety. I have heard pretty good things about them.

One of my exercise goals is to keep realistic about how much exercise I can do on a regular basis. In the past, when I've lost weight, I would become a fanatic and exercise many hrs each day. But most people's lives don't allow for that much - with a job, house, family, etc, who has 2, 3 or 4 extra hrs each day to exercise? So I am trying to stick to 1 - 1.5 hrs per day so that I lose the weight, but also be able to keep up the exercise as part of my life.

I love the idea of sharing each others exercise plans and experiences - it helps me to stay motivated! :cp:

Keep up the good work!

CreativeDame 10-06-2002 04:04 AM

Weekend Check-in!
Helllooooooo Ladies! Hope you are having great weekends! I lost close to 2 pounds this week at my WW weigh in. Yay. :) Last weekend was the icky week of the month and I gained .6 and it made me feel bad since it was just my second week of WW, so I knew this week should be a loss and it made me feel good. Sometimes though I don't say, great, I lost 1.8lbs, I think, oooohhh boy I have a LONG way to go. But I'm trying to stay positive and just stick to the 10% at a time goal for WW. Now I can say I'm about 1/3 of the way to my first goal instead of WAAAAAY away from my final goal. Little baby steps, right?

Tanya - good for you for getting in the workouts. Just remember that every step counts! Every minute whether 10 or 50 counts! So if all you can do is walk around the block, then so be it! I feel so much better just getting outside and getting some air.

Nancy - I admit I'm starting to enjoy the gym more...I'm feeling stronger and better about myself. And as I get more into exercising, I'll start adding more to the routine like many of the other people at the gym.

Autumn - welcome! I hope you stick around with our Cardio Queens thread. I admit that I'm not one for a stationery bike, but I'm glad you've found something that you can stick with. I know what you mean about getting into a routine...I've been the same way since I started WW 3 weeks ago and when I don't wake up and follow the routine, I don't feel as good all day. When you work second shift, the night can become very loooooong when I don't exercise in the morning like usual.

Let me know how you are doing! Since I work second shift and am not up as early as you ladies probably are, maybe one of you can start a Cardio Queens thread on Monday for the week so we don't have to scroll around so much. ) Take care, and think happy Cardio Thoughts Ha ha!


2cutekids 10-06-2002 04:03 PM

Hi everyone had a tough weekend.My husband and I went out for the first time in 10 months.It was to a lobster supper (yum)but they were late in serving the supper. So by the time we ate I was starving and over ate.:mad: Then my grandparents asked us to go to their communite pancake breakfast. :p I am going to get back to normal Monday.:nose:

doinmybest 10-07-2002 01:34 PM

HI everybody!
CreativeDame, This is a great thread. I am brand new here, this is my first post.

I want to become more motivated to exercise. I actually enjoy exercising, but my weight has gotten out of hand, and I seem to have less energy than I used to.

I just moved, into a new apartment in a new area. I was thrilled to discover that we have a darn good gym in the complex.

It wasn't until after I moved in that I found out they don't open until 7 in the morning
What good is that? It's harder to work out at night, because I'm already tired.

ANd I don't feel like I have the whole HOUR that most exercise videos take.

I have a pilates video, and I LOVE it.
But...THe first 15 minutes are all stretching. By the time I've done that, I have barely worked out, and I have to hit the road to get to work.

Maybe I should find a hard-hitting 30 minute workout...Any suggestions?

Oh yeah, CD, I'm on WW too...THis is my 3rd week. It's slow, but it's moving down...That's a good thing.

I would love to hear from you all, and encourage each other. It's so nice to have a way to talk to people in the same situation.

Power to the posters!

LindaT 10-07-2002 02:11 PM

Morning ladies

I guess I could qualify as a Cardio Queen.:queen: Hope you don't mind if I join you? I am always looking for new routines and exercise suggestions.

Currently, I do step aerobics 3 X a week ~45mins, a latin dance low impact routine 2X a week ~40 mins.. I do my aerobics at 5am... :yawn: I also do 15 minutes a day in weight work/toning. I find the aerobics tapes have really helped the lower body, but seem to have done little for my big ol gut. So that is why I added the toning/weight routine in the evenings after work. I find that if I don't get the cardio done first thing in the morning, I have a myriad of excuses later in the day... too tired, bad day at work, commute was :censored: The new exercise recommendations have really annoyed me though.. an hour each day of exercises to maintain.. grrrrrr. :mad:

When I first started on this journey in Janaury, I tell ya, I had to struggle every morning to get the exercises in. Now, it is such a routine.. like brushing my teeth every morning... it's not a negotiable part of my day. I have tons more energy, have lost a couple of pant sizes, 35 pounds and it has helped with my clinical depression tremendously.

You ladies are sooo right about exercise in the AM getting the day going right.. It is like an instant lift. I do want to add a 6th day of a one hour workout, but am taking it slow... 5 hours a week is just fine for the next couple of months.

Doin.. isn't that the pits that some gyms don't open up early? I wish I had one that opened early, but since none near me are open at 5 I do my routine at home. ( Also I am rather scary looking first thing in the morning.. so maybe it is for the best)


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