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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Especially you Rose! I really didn't get anything either and I don't care. I sent my daughter in college a package with food. I got my sons and husband those Hershey Kisses - the big ones. I told my husband no candy this year. Roses make me sneeze. But we're hoping to go out and do something special this weekend.

Amy - 50 pounds! That's wonderful. You must feel so good.

I went to the Y on Monday - used the Nautilus and 30 min/Cardiac on the Elliptical. HOpe to get there tomorrow and then to Weight Watchers on Friday. I haven't been writing down what I eat. Probably not a great idea. I'll let you all know on Friday.

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Good Morning Everyone !

Pogo-I'm so glad to see your post ! You sound like you've been doing great in the exercise department. Oh and I'm sorry I make you sneeze ! I don't feel so bad now about not getting any Valentines. I did get a great workout in on my Orbitrek though. I've been increasing the resistence and using the arms on it so I'm really working out much harder now ! I'm hoping this will bring some great results. My clothes feel looser so maybe it is working! I can only hope. Thanks for posting and post when you can it's always great to hear about your progress.

Amy-How's it going? Check in when you can !

Nona-Where are you? Check in we miss you !

Meme-How's the knee? I hope you are recovered fully by now . Stop in to let us know.

Okay I have to get to work now. I'll check back later.

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven't checked in the past few days. My birthday was the 13th and I had too much cake On a low note, I was in a car accident on my birthday (some present, huh?). I'm fine except for a few nagging headaches and such - not doing much in the way of exercise yesterday/today either.

On a happy note, Yeah AMY!! Keep up the great work

Rose, glad to hear your enjoying your new program so much!!

I will check-in in a few more days - I'm off to take a nap before the kiddo's get home from school

Lighter ~~ Nona
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Hey everyone!

Have y'all missed me? I've really missed posting. Several things have happened to me. First of all, I went to Physicians weight loss and got really depressed. I weighed more than I thought and they wanted me to do this drastic diet that puts you into ketosis. I told them I had been in ketosis before and it made me sick. Anyway, I didn't join and really felt horrible for about a week after going there. Then, I got really sick--some kind of weird allergy that made my eyes swell. My little girl said I looked like a hound dog!! Dr. gave me some medicine that makes me feel woozy!!!

I am somewhat better now and have still been trying to exercise. Today I walked a mile with my dog and did a mile on the crosstrainer.

Congratulations on all of your good workouts and weight loss!!!

I am really looking for some inspiration. Help!!!!

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Hello everyone I don't know if you remember me or not but I was getting nostelgic and I figured I would say hello.

I know Rose is a familiar face. I use to post here fairly regularly but then I got pregnant and I had to stop dieting. I am now in my seventh month and all is well. I don't think I have gained much weight other than the baby. I think this is mostly due to my appetite going down when I am pregnant -wish I had this all the time! So I can still wear the same clothes but now I have to allow for the waistline that is ever expanding.

I don't check these forums much right now, but occasionally stop by if I have the time. I plan to get back onto watching what I am eating and moving as soon as the baby is born. So I will see you more regularly in a few months.

Looks like you are all doing well. Rose I like the idea of a sparks workouts, anyone can slip those in.

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Any recommendations for shin splints?
What causes them and what can you do about them?
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Hey guys,
Well, I went on a spur of the moment trip, so I am in Florida. I went on a good 15 minute walk today and I will try to keep that up the next three days I am here!

Hi Ras! Youre doing great-keep it up!!

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My name is Christy, and I just bought an Elliptical trainer. I was wondering if you all would mind if I joined the group here? I have hard time motivating myself for The cardio workouts, which I do 3x per week. I do 20 min HIIT. For those of you who are not familiar with Bill Philips (body-for-life), HIIT is abbrev. for High Intensity Interval Training. You can use it on virtually any machine (even stairs), and you start out with a 2-3 minute warm up. You then do 30 seconds (I like 60 secs.) each of medium intensity and HIGH Intensity until the 20 minutes are up. This spikes your metabolism, and has you burning fat several hours into the day. For an even stronger effect, I do it first thing in the morning before I eat. If you have any more ?'s you can go to
Anyway, it seems like everyone is doing great. Any suggestions on how to get more motivated for these cardio sessions?
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Hi, I've had the flu...was really bad there for a few days. I went to the Dr. three times before he finally gave me something that actually worked. I spent 8 days in bed...ate very little but still managed to gain back 2 pounds...go figure! I still can't breathe real good...Dr. said Friday that if my breathing wasn't better by Monday I would have to have my lungs x rayed...said I could have pneumonia...he put me on an inhaler and it seems to have least I'm sleeping a little now!

Hope you are all ok and haven't had this stuff!

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Hi Everyone!

Sorry I've been MIA but life has kept me so busy plus I was off of work yesterday and don't have a computer at home. I've done well all weekend with my program and I'm really feeling good.

Nona-I'm so sorry to hear about your car accident ! I hope you are alright. Take care of yourself and don't do too much until you feel better.

Barb-Hi stranger ! I was so happy to see your post! It sounds like you are doing great. I know you must be busy but it was so nice of you to drop in to say hi and get us up to speed on what's been going on in your life. I really do love the Sparks program. So far so good. The ten minute thing is really working for me. I'll let you know what results I get from it. I know I feel pretty good. Check in whenever you can. We miss you!

Kim-Don't feel bad about that diet program! I can't do the Ketosis thing either. It really makes me ill. Just stick with what you know is right with you and what will make you feel better. Remember we're all here for you !

Christy-Welcome to our little group ! I have the Body for Life book and I think it's an amazing program. I'm currently doing the Sparks program though. The ten minute exercise thing is what really got me hooked. Are you doing the BFL challenge? Did you do the photos and everything? I just think it's amazing the transformations that the participants have gone through. I'm glad you're here so you can report your success story to us ! Post as often as you can.

MEME-I'm so sorry you are sick ! I'm going to send you some get well wishes and hopefully you will recover quickly. Thankfully I got over the cold I had without allot of complications. I'm feeling pretty good now. I hope you get your health back soon and thanks for posting even when you are sick.

Amy-You sure are spontaneous ! It sounds like you are having a great time! Thanks for checking in.

Too Sexy for This Body-I have never had shin splints but I'm sure someone on here will answer your questions soon. It sounds painful!

Okay I'm going to start another thread because this is on two pages so you will see this post again.

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