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  • So, I thought it'd fun to have some daily exercise challenge! Anyone up for it? We can do challenges that are easy to do at home and at different levels of fitness. So for today, anyone think they can fit in a hundred crunches before going to sleep?
  • I did my crunches before I saw the challenge. I got in 124...doing the ab routine my trainer has me working on.
  • I'm totally up for a daily exercise challenge, what a great idea! I've managed 50 crunches today. I don't know if I can make 100 since my abs are still so sore from the exercise ball yesterday...but I hope to be editing this post with an update!
  • I love the daily challenge idea! Unfortunately I can't do this one as I recently strained my rectus abdominis muscle, but I'll be looking forward to the next challenges.
  • I would to join this challenge. I did 75 crunches yesterday during my workout but didnt see this thread unitl now!!

    Ill be waiting to see what the challenge is tonight though!!
  • So, I forgot to check in yesterday, but if anyone's still game, 40 push ups however you can do them!

    Mine are going to be against a wall and probably no more than 20 at a time...
  • I can't believe it, but I did it! 40 somewhat half-hearted pushups. I started doing the regular kind, but ended up doing a combo of knee and wall ones. I can barely get halfway down with the regular ones...do sad haha.

    Viatre- did you want to stay making all the challenges yourself, or would it be easier on you if others jumped in as well? We could perhaps have the first person of the day present the challenge. Totally up to you, just tossing it out there!
  • Congrats Mandos!

    I would love it if others would jump in with ideas. I don't have very many without getting repetitive. You got one for today?
  • I would love to join in...this is a great idea! I just came across this post tonight so I have already done my exercise for today. Since there hasn't been a challenge for today...how about 50 lunges/squats?
  • wow that challenge has perfect timing for me to do tommorrow cause it will be my lower body day i already do lunges and squats but not that many but i will tomm.
  • Just got done with 50 squats!
  • I'll do mine in just a little bit! Thanks for jumping in!
  • 50 lunges! That brought back some awful memories of middle school volleyball, haha. All I remember is 18 girls rolling around the gym floor because we couldn't pull ourselves off the ground anymore...
  • How about a challenge today of 30 minutes of cardio? Go as light or heavy as you want...planned cardio, a run, a walk, whatever! Let's get the heart rate up!
  • Sounds good! I got my squats yesterday, and hopefully later I'll be able to check in at the gym!