Could I have pulled my core muscles?

  • Ok, I need more help. I think I either overworked my core (???), or I have some kind of infection all through my chest and back from this cold cough virus.

    I've had this cold/cough for about 10 days, and it seems to slowly be getting better. but it had me feeling like crap 7 and 4 days ago.

    3 weeks ago I pulled my chest muscle from kneeboarding/tubing on teh lake. So I've been giving upper body a rest at teh gym. My chest feels much better, I don't even notice it hurting. Yesterday, I decided to try upper body work at teh gym. When I did an assisted chin up, i could feel the weak spot.. didn't hurt, but felt sore, so I stopped. Tried tricep dips, that felt sore too, so I stopped, I was able to get bicep curls in and back pull downs no prob.

    Today I wore a new nike top... it's a tight tank with a racerback with a built in bra. You gals know, *everybody* wears them at the gym. Honestly, I'm too big to wear it, but when I sucked in my abs, I looked okay in it, so I decided to wear it. I was very conscious to keep my shoulders tall/back, and to keep my stomach engaged all morning.

    I took a kickbox today. i try to take kickbox once a week, but this was my 1st time taking a dance like coreographed kickbox class. Similar to teh class I am used to, but less athletic and more steps. it was fun, I felt great, and I kept my HR 130's -150's.

    Afterwards, I did the elliptical, and my upperbody felt tight, liek I needed to stretch. So I stretched on the precor stretch machine (upper back, lower back and shoulders) Then I got a blance ball and wrapped myself over that, whcih felt good.

    All day I have fet progressivly more sore/painful. It hurts and I can not take a deep breath. I'm also unable to cough, I can do little shallow coughs, but it hurts. I've had a few hiccups, and they are so painful that I yell out (thankfully they were short and infrequent)

    I tried to lay down with dd, adn I could not lay on my stomach or side. It just hurts.

    I checked web MD, and it says that I could be having a heart attack and go to teh ER ASAP. I don;t think that is it. I've been working my core for 8 months, including trying to draw navel to spine and have good posture. Is it possible that I just overdid it today. Also, usually after I work out, I feel soreness the next day, not right after. COuld I have pulled my core muscles? Or could this virus have settled into my core????

  • You probably just need to get "used" to the exercise.

    A few weeks ago, I decided to start doing crunches on the stability ball. I did 100, no problem! In fact, I figured I had done them wrong because I was able to knock out 100 and didn't feel a thing.

    Two days later, I was so sore in my core that I couldn't laugh, cough, hiccup, nothing without it hurting. I stuck with it though, and the soreness passed.

    You might want to see a doctor (i'm sure you're not having a heart attack) -- but once they give you the "all clear" stick with it. The benefits are so worth it.

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  • Since you have had a chest cold, you could have pleurisy, an infection of the lining around the lungs. It hurts like heck--even just to breathe.
    If it's that bad, I'd say go to the doctor. Hmmmm, could be pneumonia too.
    If you're not better in a couple of days, visit your doctor.

    Best wishes
  • Thanks for teh replies. I feel much better thsi am, sore but I can breathe and cough with only tiny discomfort. I think it may have been a combo of sore/pulled muscles. I'm going to look up that lung infection to learn about it. Thanks again