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How much longer?
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Default Heart Rate Monitor (I'm sure a repost)

I would like to first say sorry for this repost topic. I did a search but could not find my answer.

When I first started working out this time and on previous diets I used heart rate monitor. I have had past success. A few months ago I had a trainer and we both noticed with working hard and eating right I was not loosing any weight. We narrowed it down to the heart rate monitor. My trainer stated that my resting heart rate should be about 70-75. (I am 1 month shy of age 30 )
So I went home and tested the monitor by sitting on the couch and it read that my heart rate was 85. If I walked around the house it would shoot to 115. We both thought this was not right. So I stopped using it. I just gaged my workout by how I felt and sweat. Guess what I lost weight. WOO HOO!

Well lately I have been DRAGGING myself to the gym! I know I have not been working out hard enough. i am tired of this diet routine. So after reading around here a lot, I thought hey lets try the monitor again. BUT I did not want to go back to old one.....so I got a nice new shiny one...and its pink too! It is the polar F6.

So it again is saying that my heart rate for just sitting down is 80-85. When walking it spikes to 115. Is this acurate?? Also, it says that my 80% is 170. I think that is right but if I get to 120 just walking around then getting to 170 is not too hard. Don't get me wrong it is a work out getting there.

I like to think my cardo level is very good. I can spinn like its nothing. A few months ago I ran a 5k. I am not new to cardio. I know it is the key to weight loss. I just don't think my resting level should be that high. What does your monitor say? Is my resting heart rate for when I am sitting or sleeping?

I want to trust it! I really do! I just don't want to trust it and have it lie to me and I get no weight loss. My patience can not deal with anymore let down on this loooonnnnnggggg journey!

Maybe I'm just really confused and I have over thought it all and I need someone to put my head on straight.

Thank you for your help 3FC.

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My monitor records a resting heart rate (sitting down at the computer) of 49-52 and when I walk it goes to about 80.

When I run my average heart rate is about 170 with spikes up to 188 - when I do a spin class I average about 165 and spike up to about 185 at most.

A friend I used to go to the gym with before she moved interstate also had a heart rate monitor and her resting rate was always a lot higher than mine (about 75 or so) and we're the same age - 25.
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I've read on the Polar site that your resting heart rate should be taken in the morning, before rising from bed. So try falling asleep with the strap on and see where that gets you.

Mine also reacts like yours later in the day. There are a lot of variables that can play into your measurements. Have you had caffeine? Already exercised? Is it hot? Are you stressed? For these reasons I do think it'd be best to measure it the way Polar suggests.
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getting back to 140
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When I first put mine on before I start my workout, I'm always in the 100 range. Everyone's heart rate is different, that's the beauty of having a HRM, so that you know exactly what yours is. Too bad your trainer didn't trust it and it cost you more money to buy another monitor. Polar is a good brand. I would trust it.

Best wishes
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What is your pulse rate? If you take your pulse when you have the HR monitor on, does it give about the same reading, allowing for slight variations due to averaging? If so, it's not the HRM.

I have a Polar monitor, and it's very accurate. Except when I stand beside the crossing lights and there's a train coming - it must be at the same frequency as the buzzer or something, because it says my HR shoots up to 300.

Actually there's another thought - are you checking it while you are standing in the same location each time? Maybe there's something causing interference. Maybe try going to a different place (even away from your home) and checking to see if it's accurate.

Ultimately the best way to check it though is to count your pulse rate while you are wearing the HRM and correlating the two numbers. Don't go by what your trainer says, unless he performed this test. There are many reasons for a fast heart rate, and it doesn't necessarily mean the monitor is wrong.
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How much longer?
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Thank you everyone for your help. Now that I have given it a few days, I can see that I guess it is working. I have done some internet research and the average women HR is 70-80. That is about where mine is at. I have started working out with it again and I get quite a workout trying to get it up to the 166-170 mark, my 80%. so I know it is a good gauge. I need to stop relying on it 100%. I just want things to be black and white and so gray!
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