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Default Bicycling Questions...

I was wondering if anyone has lost weight using bicycling has their main source of exercise? I'm thinking about picking up my bike from my boyfriends parents house this weekend and using it as my main exercise, since I can't go for walks without my back killing me after 5-10 minutes (almost 300lbs and 42H bra size will do that I suppose ) I'm hoping biking will be less strain on my back and I used to bike alot, I hate doing exercise videos, so this was all I could think of, I don't really have money to buy any indoor exercise equipment either.

Also I have a Jack Russell pup who is about 8 months old now and FULL of energy and I'm wondering if it will be safe to bike with her and how to do that? I've seen people bike with their dogs but usually big dogs.. I'm a little scared about her going under the tire or running away from me and pulling me off the bike, she goes nuts when she sees other people but I can avoid other people for the most part. I'd just really like to get her some exercise as well.

Also, I saw a few people talking about this a while back, and it was something you could use inside and hook your bike up to it somehow to bike inside, so that your bike is like an upright exercise bike but inside... don't know how else to explain it lol I was wondering what this is called, and where to buy it, and how much they usually run for so that when snow comes I can continue to use my bike inside.

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Hi, Trixie..

The bike can be a good way to get exercise without the impact of some of the other sports. The intensity of the workout depends on you and how and where you ride. If you are starting out, it is just like anything else, you build up endurance, add intervals for cardio, etc.

As far as your dog... usually dogs that are going along with bikes are very well trained and it takes a while to get dogs trained to just run beside the bike and not run off, stop to smell the flowers, etc.. I am not sure I would recommend it for a young dog, and a relatively new rider.. for both your sakes.

The "inside riding" is putting your bike on a trainer. These hold your rear wheel hub elevating it off the ground so the tire spins, but doesn't go anywhere. There is usually either magnetic or wind resistance the trainer uses to increase the intensity of the workout. There is a wedge I recommend putting under your front wheel (some people use thick books) to even out the bike, otherwise it can put too much pressure on your arms and shoulders because of the inverted angle. You can buy these at bike shops, sporting good shops or even on ebay or amazon. The prices vary (as with everything) from $40 or so and up. I have not bought on in a long time, so I cannot remember the exact range.

Hope this helps.. have fun!!
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I always credit cycling with being a huge component in losing weight.

I started in January of this year, added a stationary bike into my routine in February and as soon as there wasn't a risk of frostbite started using a real bike. Cycling has been my primary form of cardio, although for other less intense exercise I also walk/jog the dog and started weight lifting in May.

An invaluable tool in addition to the actual bike was a heart rate monitor. While mine is a fancy GPS one to track things like speed, distance, elevation, cadence and heart rate there are inexpensive ones available. I started with a basic one and it truly helped. This helped me to make sure I was giving my best. Cycling can be a crazy intense calorie burner or a coasting delight. I've always opted for intense when exercising and wanted a way to track my progress.

I have taken my Jack Russell with me on the bike. It wasn't a great idea. He hurt his foot. If you really want to do it there are attachments sold to do this. I personally think it can be too hard on both the dog and the rider. In addition, you will need to go somewhat slowly for your pup, but the dog will still get worn out rather quickly. I don't think it replaces quality time like a walk.

You'll be surprised how quickly your body changes once you start exercising, it probably won't be long until you're able to walk the dog without any major discomfort.

I walk my Jack Russell, the hyper dude, and it was never pleasant until I bought an anti-pull harness, now it's a walk in the park

I never had a trainer for my bike, like I said just used the stationary bike in the colder months. I bought it used for a good price and it was invaluable to me. It got me losing and moving!

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Thanks for the great tips, I was thinking of just getting a stationary bike for inside once winter comes. My boyfriend said he didn't think it would be a good idea to take our dog with me either, just because she is so hyper and it would probabaly just frustrate me. I had no problem walking until a few months after we got her and the pulling is too much for my back now, I was thinking of getting an anti-pull harness but I wasn't sure it would work, the sales lady in the pet store didn't do a good job of explaining exactly how it would stop her from pulling me either but maybe I should try it out and I can add walks into my routine as well.

Thanks again, I'm picking up my bike monday from my boyfriends parents' house!
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I think biking is good. I start off in the gym by biking. I love to just sit back and bike and read a good book. I get so relaxing time while also working out. I also really like sping class. My boss is an instructor and she went from a size 18 to a 2 by spin class.
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