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Gettin Closer!!
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OK I really went nuts yesterday. I did 45 minutes in the gym in the morning before work, then I did 60 minutes after work. Then last night I walked about 4 miles with my daughter! So I really had a lot of exercise yesterday! WOOHOOO.
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Been trying to get more into spin classes, I like them & they're a good workout, but the only morning one at my gym is before 7am on Wed, which involves me getting up at 5am to get there. Managed to do it today. Commuting & traffic gods were cooperative (no show buses & traffic have sabotaged my efforts previously). So I get there, with enough time to spare to get my stop & adjust my bike. But the instructor didn't show. Aaargh!!!

But the important thing is I still got a workout in 45 mins on Arc Climber, and a bunch of situps/crunches in the stretching area.

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Yesterday, Tues. 4/15: 30 minutes on treadmill, 30 minutes strength training.
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The Dyslexic Typo Queen
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Red face

Another 5k on the treadmill. Got it done in 55 minutes so I am getting faster, but I stayed on another 5 to cool down.
Came home and did some squats, lunges, sit-ups, leg lifts & stretches.

Have a great day everyone.

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Hi I am new here,
I did a 1hr Tae Bo DVD yesterday, I loved it since I was in a bad mood anyway!
today is Weights with Jari Love, about 1 hour and I love this too.
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back to balance
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5 min. arc trainer (warmup)
60 min. strength class
5 min. stretching
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Walk Away The Pounds ( Toning ) With Leslie Sansone For The Abs 10 Minutes Ab Buster ( 40 Min )

Walk Away The Pounds With Leslie Sansone 3 Mile Super Fat Burning ( 48 Min )

Walk Away the Pounds Express With Leslie Sansone 3 Mile Advanced Walk ( 50 Min )

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Moderating Mama
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50 min elliptical
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Sippin' the Kool-Aid
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Parveen, welcome to 3FC!

Nothing for me today yet. I'll report in later. Supposed to skate tonight, but my sister wants me to go look at a house with her, and she scheduled it right over my skating time. She tends to be late, though, so maybe I'll get a little skating in before she shows up, and if I don't get enough, I figure I can jog when I get home, to make up for it.
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60 mins on the elliptical last nite.
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30m walk 30mrun(hiit) 30myoga
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S/C/G: 235/201/175

Height: 5'7"


2 hrs skating.
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last night i did 60 min turbo kickboxing class and 15 min ab class
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60 mins elliptical last nite and 60 mins today.
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4/1...60 min cardio/sculpt
4/2...30 min cardio
4/3...week1/day1 C25K
4/6...60 min TBL cardio, C25K..30 min
4/7...30 min cardio
4/8...30 min sculpt
4/9...60 min cardio/sculpt
4/11..50 min cardio/sculpt
4/12..W1D3 C25k...30 min
4/13...30 min walk
4/14...W2D1 C25k
4/15...60 min cardio/sculpt
4/16...30 min bike ride with the kids...finally wrestled them (the bikes ) out of the shed..now every day after work, the first question will be..."When can we go for a bike ride???"

Everyone's really doing alot of moving...way to go!
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