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Question Low Impact?

Okay, the last time I lost weight, every exercise I did was HIGH Impact. Major intensity and the like. I LOVED it at first, but got obsessed and it was not a good thing. Then I began to HATE the workouts because they exhausted me, even when I was in shape. I sold all of my Tae Bo DVD's just because I HATED to even LOOK at them.
I messed up my neck majorly and got a diagnosis of Sciatica because of the damn Tae Bo and kick boxing.
So, what I want to do this time is low impact stuff. Mostly walking.
Can one take off a significant amount of weight by just doing low impact exercises and not the ones that leave you gasping for breath and sweating like a maniac?
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I lost the biggest chunk of my weight walking. I also did aerobics (some of it was high impact, most of it was low) when I bored of walking or the weather wasn't favorable. I used Sharon Mann and the Caribbean Workout off of Fittv. They are good workouts, and I can do two episodes without breathing too heavily or sweating a lot. I tried Leslie Sansone WATP, but since I was already a seasoned walker and could do advanced aerobics, I found even the most advanced DVD too easy.
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Cemetary, are you talking about low-impact or low-intensity exercise -- or maybe both? Low impact = less stress on joints and feet. Low intensity = lower heart rate and less gasping for breath etc. You can do low-impact, high-intensity exercise (like spinning) or low-impact, low-intensity exercise (like walking). I'm not quite clear on which one you're wanting to do -- sorry!

If your concern is the impact on your joints like your feet and knees, good exercises would be a bike, elliptical, or swimming. You can get a terrific workout without impact! I know, because it's the only way I can work out due to bad knees (I'm an elliptical queen).

If you're looking for an easier, lower heart rate kind of exercise, you can do any of the low-impact ones that I listed above at a lower intensity (lower heart rate) by easing up and not pushing as hard. Or you can try walking, which is higher impact than biking, swimming, or elliptical but generally keeps your heart rate lower.

Many people here at 3FC have been successful with walking as their main exercise! A lot of members love the Walk Away The Pounds tapes (WATP) and there are whole threads devoted to them. If you walk outside or on a treadmill and ever want to increase the intensity, it's easy to throw in a few intervals of easy jogging and then go back to walking. It's such a versatile exercise and you can do it anywhere.

The most important thing is for you to find an exercise that you enjoy and will stick with over the years. Give walking a try ... you may fall in love with it.
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I have three favourite low impact exercise regimes. Swimming, bellydancing, and hulahooping.

I have terrible knees, but find the pain is reduced when I do these compared to other forms of exercise such as walking or using a rowing/recumbent bike machine.

My favourite Bellydance dvd's come from Neena and Veena Bashida ( I think that's how their last name is spelled) aka, the BellyTwins.

My favourite hula hoop dvd's come from Hoopnotica.

BTW, I do the dance and hoop sessions in the privacy of my own home, I wont even let my Fiance see me doing them until I get really good!
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