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Default Crack! Pop! Griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind!

So, my joints crack. like, ALOT. They always have. one time i tried to count how many times a day my back cracked, i got to 200 and then gave up. lol. The good news is that it generaly doesnt hurt when i crack. But today I did Tae Bo live for the first time (and LOVED it!) and the cracking was out of controle. My ankles, knees, and hips popped, my sholders back and neck cracked like crazy. I'm under the impression (or disalusion) that it's because i dont have enough muscle mass stabilising the joints, so theoreticaly it will get better as i continue exorcising. But i cracked so much today i even freaked myself out. Do you think this is something i should take up with a Doc? again there wasnt any pain with it, just a tremendous amount of noise I take omega 3 and a generic multivitamen every day. Thanks!
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Tae Bo makes me crack and pop a lot, too, especially in my hips.

I have a lot of cartiledge damage from my gymnastics days and that's where my problems come from. I was told that it isn't going to repair itself and that I'm stuck with joints that are "cushioned" with the equivalent of the smoothness of concrete. You learn to live with it.

Couldn't hurt asking your doc about it, though, if it's worrying you.

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Definitely ask your doctor or a chiropractor about it... The general rule of thumb is that if it doesn't hurt, it's nothing to worry about...
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