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Default Fast Heart-rate?

Hi all! I just started on my diet/exercise plan on december 29th, 07. I have been going to my YMCA for my exercise. On the treadmill I choose the 'fat burn' program. It likes to keep my max. heart rate at 127 or around there. My heart seems to keep going in the 140's and upper 140's so the machine has to keep slowing down. I can put the machine on speed 2.0 and keep a heart rate around 130. Any higher speed or incline my heart goes too fast. Is this because I am out of shape?

I also tryed to get on this other machine. Not sure what it is called. Your legs go up and down, back and forth while your hands do also. It's like a total body work-out. Well I tryed to get on that one today. It said for my height/age/weight my max. heart rate should be 127. After about 50 seconds my heart rate was 170!!! I see other ladies heart rates are only like 130-145 when they are on the same machine. However, they are much smaller then I and seem to be in much better shape.

I am 24 years old, soon to be 25 in March. Weigh 218 and am 5 foot 7. I had an EKG done on my heart not too long ago and it came back fine. They actually did the EKG because I had a fast heart rate when visiting the doctor for a cold. I take Albuterol for asthma everyday which can increase your heart rate, I also wear a patch to help quit smoking that increases the rate. I also have panic disorder that makes it get high sometimes too.

Could all of those things plus being out of shape be the reason? What is teh highest your heart rate gets while walking at a very fast pace or using a total body workout machine.

Thanks you!
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Please ask your doctor if you should limit your heart rate during exercise. It sounds like there are a lot of factors involved that could determine the answer to your question. She may want you to start out slowly and gradually build up your endurance. Not everyone should try to push it at the beginning. I have a heart condition (since age 26) and cannot attempt maximum heart rate. I go at slower speeds on the treadmill, but can go for longer sessions. Your doctor can advise you, so please take it easy in the meantime
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Hi Dawn! Of course, check with your doctor.

However, I can share my experience, which is the same as yours. When I was pregnant with my oldest I was told not to do any exercise that would get my heart rate over 125 or something like that. I couldn't do ANYTHING! The treadmill, elliptical (which is that up-and-down-back-and-forth machine you're talking about), stationary bike...nothing! My heart rate was in the 140s right away. I can be breathing fine, enough to have a conversation with someone, and still my heart rate is really high. My resting heart rate is pretty slow, though, so I don't know the deal here. When I got pregnant for the second time, I decided to ignore the doctor's advice because I feel so much better about myself when I'm exercising and I knew I wouldn't push too hard. I had no problems with the pregnancy and was on the elliptical up to two days before my daughter was born. With the third pregnancy I also exercised to my little heart's content.

Not that I advocate ignoring doctors' advice, but I knew what my limits were and I didn't feel that heart rate was an accurate indicator of my exersion level.

I'm in pretty good health - 30 years old, normal BMI, can run thirteen miles at a pop, exercise every day - and still today I got on the elliptical and it "kicked me off" of the fat burn program because my heart rate was too high. It just automatically switched to manual on me. Oh well.

Hope you find a good alternative for you!

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i'm with susan...you really need to give you dr a call since you already have two compounding factors...asthma and a fast hr. Your dr may tell you its ok to go to a certain hr...but i really think you should consult with him/her...remember, we aren't dr here (i'm a vet...but don't count LOL). things like you are describing..could be just out of shape...but it could be other things related to your underlying conditions. Just give your dr a ring or set up an apt. Good luck and let us know what you find out.
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Barring any medical condition, higher is better for your heart rate during exercise. The myth of the "fat burning zone" really is a myth: you burn MORE fat calories overall if you work out at a higher level of intensity. If there's no medical reason not to limit your heart rate and if you can maintain a heart rate of 140 or higher, you should work at the higher rate.

FWIW, when I hit the "Fat Burn" button on the machines (treadmill or elliptical--that's what you're referring to), it wants my heart rate to be around 122. When I'm doing intensive cardio, I keep it between 155-165. When I want to do a more moderate, longer cardio session, I keep it between 140-145.

Also, it is possible to change the Max Heart Rate settings on those machines if you're using some kind of heart rate control program. Play around with the buttons until you can find one that will let your max heart rate go higher.
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Thank you all for your advice. I may make an appointment with a clinic. I don't have a family doctor now, But may check out the clinic. I didn't wear the nicoteine patch today and my heart rate wasn't as fast. But still pretty fast.

Thanks again!
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I usually workout 140-150 for endurance, 160-170 for normal length workouts and 175-185 for intervals.
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