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Default Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds

I bought these tapes from QVC a few months ago and want to start using them. Would love to hear from anyone who has used them, how do you like them, etc.

Thanks so much!
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Default Walk Away the Lbs

I have not tried these myself but have heard from others that they are really good and they enjoy doing them. Hae only heard good things about them.
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Funny you should ask!
I just got mine today and did the one-mile tape. I loved it. I'm actually looking forward to doing the two-mile tape tomorrow. The only thing I didn't like was the weights. I thought the balls were hard to hold onto. I may use my regular light dumbells tomorrow instead of the balls.


here's the edit part - Now I've done the tapes everyday for the last week and really like them. The one mile is pretty easy though. I'm also getting used to the weights. Anything that can keep me exercising everyday is a good thing, as Martha would say!

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Do you have to be coordinated to use these tapes?

I generally have a hard time with exercise videos, as I always seem to go the wrong way and be a step behind!

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I think these are some of the easiest tapes to follow I've ever tried. Leslie shows you the moves at the beginning of each tape and everything that follows is based on those basic steps. I was doing a Richard Simmons tape today (just for some variety) and found myself getting annoyed that it wasn't as clear and easy to follow as the Walk Away the Pounds tapes. I'm starting to sound like a walking ad for these!
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I just got the 3 mile tape (a store here in town sells them separately or the whole set) and I love it! It was so easy to do, I could follow with no problems! I had so much fun and the time went so fast! I was so proud of myself in the end for walking three miles! I think I finally found a tape I can do more then once a week...usually I get so discusted with myself for not being able to keep up that I just give up! But there isn't anything I can't follow with this tape! I just love it! I have been telling everyone I know about it! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

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I'm not familiar with these tapes, but I'd love to know if they're something you could do on the treadmill since you all sound so enthused. I gat a treadmill for Xmas and have done it 30 minutes everyday since. It has some pre-programmed workouts. I've also bought 1 CD and ordered 2 videos that work with the treadmill. I'd like to keep up the variety to keep up the interest.
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Default Hi

I have had my tapes for about 2 weeks. I have osteoarthitis in my lower back, and Fibromyalgia. I love these tapes. Everything is easy to do, and I love the weights (balls).

As for doing them on a treadmill - no, that wouldn't work. I think you can adapt the tape for any medical problem. Leslie does a wonderful job of leading. I also tried Richard Simmons and couldn't make head or tails out of what he was doing!

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I have the set and I love them! They are great for when you are in a time crunch
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Angry Walk away the pounds

I have been following WW for about 6 weeks. Started doing the 1 mile tape and quickly moved to the the 2 mile tape, working out 3x a week for the past month. The tape is so easy to do and I can already see the results; down 12 pounds and 7 inches. I walked outside all summer long and didn't lose an inch. These tapes are great.
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I agree with everyone here! These tapes are great, and allow you to work up from 1 mile to the longer 3 mile workout. The only complaints I've ever heard was about the weighted balls, but you don't even need those: you can use regular hand weights or nothing at all if you're starting out. There is one thing though: because these tapes are so easy to do and follow because they're just walking, they get boring pretty fast, so be sure to mix it up a bit with another workout video or a walk outside once in a while. But other than that, they're great!
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I am interested in this too. I guess I don't understand, are they Videos or audios? I also was wondering about walking on the treadmill and watching the tape -- it would make time go faster!
I wouldn't do the weights on the treadmill but is there a cardio part for the treadmill?
Thanks in advance,
Jilly's Mom
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Hi Mom! LOL

They are videos and available from about a zillion vendors online. If you do a yahoo search you can find a site called walk-away-the-pounds.net and there is some info there about Leslie and the program.

I've had the three tapes and balls since 11_25 and I've done 24 miles. Yippee.

Leslie does very basic stuff- but speeds it up and adds more upper body movements as you progress from 1 mile to 3 miles. BoxerBob and I (former couch potatoes) are doing well wil the 1 and 2 mile and expect to move up to the three within a month or so. We rotate the 1 and 2 mile depending on time and energy. When I'm tired I use a couple soup cans and BB uses the weights. Both work fine.

You march in place, do leg lifts, side steps, kicks and back kicks. That is it for lower body. Then you add arm raises, some punching type moves and some curls with and without the weights. I really don't see how these would translate to the treadmill.

The music is dull, disco beat stuff but it moves you along at the right pace. We break a sweat even on the 1 mile! The walking group is varied and look like normal people.

We highly recommend these tapes.
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Hi all. Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I too love the tapes. If you have a Target in your area, you may be able to find a variety of her tapes there, including her 4 mile workout, kick boxing, walk hard and her Christian workouts. They were pretty cheap there.

Now if I can only get motivated to do them faithfully!
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Hi everyone

I've belonged to this forum for a while but I've been so busy I haven't checked on here much. I saw this thread and had to pop in to say how much I love Leslie's workouts! In fact I have almost all of her videos! They are super. The older ones are more challenging then her WATP series. But I love them all. She is coming out with a new video series called WATP Express on Jan 15, 2003. I'm not sure if I can tell you where to buy them but it's a website that just sells exercise videos and is very popular. I would love to join you all. I usually do a 1 mile in the AM and a 1 or 2 mile in the PM. I did the Muscle Mile today and plan on doing the WATP abs 2 mile tonight. I hope you all enjoy your videos. Did any of you watch QVC yesterday. Leslie was on for a whole hour. I didn't buy anything though seeing I had most of what she was selling. I am a Leslie junky!

Okay gotta run I'm at work and don't want to get caught.

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