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Default Walk Away The Pounds tapes

Are these pretty simple to do exercises? I just order the dvd and now I am wondering did I get one I can do. I have a Denise Austin DVD but I have a hard time keeping on with it because I am not very coordinated and I don't have a lot of room. So was this dvd a good choice? Is it kinda easy and not requiring a lot of room? Oh I bought a one mile one to start with.
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I started off using WATP, and enjoyed them quite a bit. You don't need much room, the time goes by quickly, and you get a decent workout. So, WATP gets a thumbs up from me!
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I'm doing the WATP Express 1 mile right now and I love it. The time does go quickly and the steps are incredibly easy. If you don't excersize much this is the perfect DVD to start with. I'd also recommend her book by the same name. It's got a lot of helpful stuff in it, plus gives you a program to go by. I just formally started it this week, so I can't really notice a diffence yet, except that I'm not as out of breath as I was when I started and I look forward to doing it every night.

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I used to do those. I had the tapes and then my VCR broke, so I sold them at a garage sale. I just haven't bought them on DVD yet. I think you will like them.
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Yes, the WATP are very simple movements. She basically works from 3-4 very simple, very easy to follow movements (walking in place, alternating knee lifts, kicks, and one more I can't remember right now). Not only that, but she doesn't switch between those movements too quickly...you'll do an 8 count of kicking, for example, then return to walking in place for a few counts before moving to the next movement. I am the master of uncoordinated, and I didn't miss a beat the first time I did one.
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Those tapes or DVDs are wonderful. I started my diet off with them and still do them when I can get away with 30 minutes of light cardio. Even if you are not up to speed with the kicks, kickbacks, knee lifts and side-ta-gathers you can always just walk in place until you do get the hang of things.
I would consider Leslie Sansone just the opposite of Denise Austin. I did The Power Mile until the doctor told me to stop when I was pregnant. I now have two three mile tapes and an advanced 5 mile tape.
I might loan them out- but never in a garage sale !
There is a great thread of WATP walkers who are great ladies ! They change it at the first of the month but here is the link for June.
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I have The Firm and a Dance Crunch. I get flustered after 10 minutes of either. I have about 8 WATP videos and do all of them all the way through. Nuff said. LOL

I'm a klutz. I trip over my own feet. I went to an aerobics class for awhile, and while the instructor made it a BIT easier to follow, I still ended up going right when everyone else was going left. I got so tired of running head on into the gal next to me though. LOL I just CANNOT figure out the moves they're doing. They go entirely too fast and my brain is still stuck on the last move and can't shift gears that quickly.

But with WATP, all you're doing is walking, kicking, knee lifts and side steps. Four steps, and you start slow and build the pace. You WILL work up a sweat if you put your all into it. They do this by making the movements more pronounced, kicking higher, squatting lower on side steps, lifting the knees higher. But its still the same steps. Its steps just about anyone could do in their sleep even. And at first, so simple, you may not think its hard. But I would do the 4 mile walk and was staying with my parents a few days and took my videos with me. Mom thought it looked very simple and was interested and decided to do it with me. She was worn out after a mile. She wasn't used to it. It DOES look simple, but it also uses musles and works up a sweat after you do it a bit. So looks can be deceiving. The moves are easy, but the workout isn't easy on your body.
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I have about 4 DVDs that I used to do a couple of years ago and loved them. Ironically, I just dusted one off tonight and did it for the first time in 2 years! 2-mile Walkaerobics. It was great

I definitely recommend it
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I have the 2 mile and it's too easy and I have it memorized so I got the 3 mile abs. I LOVE it. I want 5 miles I think now though.

I have a couple others but absolutely LOVE Leslie Sansone.
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I have several of her dvds and highly suggest them! In fact I just did one of the 2 mile walks today. I am so uncoordinated but these are something I can do yet I still feel like I am getting a great workout!
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Yes! They are wonderful! I did the 2 mile express today, and man did I feel it in my behind! And my legs, and I was sweating! I love them though, and highly recommend them to anyone, especially like me, where I can't walk outside or go to a gym.
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They're really nice for beginners, yes--and even after that, at higher cardio levels, if for instance you want to run but it's raining cats and dogs outside, at least you can still do 2 of the workouts or such, or adapt and go a little faster on your own (sometimes I'd jog instead of walking). I can't do them anymore now, because my DVD player is broken , but as soon as I can replace it, they'll fly off the shelves and into it again, for sure.
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You know I saw this thread, (and responded last week) it got me thinking. I don't have these on DVD (I used to have them on VHS) So what I started doing, after I get my 2 year old to bed and start watching TV, I do the same exercises for 30-45 mins a night. I use wieghts in my hands like on the DVD's too. It goes really fast, probably because I am watching TV at the same time.
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I LOVE my WATP's Video's and DVD's. I think I have like 5 or 6 different variations of them. I do them now when I want a workout but I don't feel like killing myself, LOL! They are excellent workouts IMO.
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