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Diva 03-29-2007 08:24 AM

My KNEES! I feel so old....
Yanno, I never had troubles with my dagum knees back in my 20's or early 30's...or late 30's for that matter, but now @ 39 almost 40 :sssh: , just about everytime I aerobosize, I hurt my knees and have to ice them and walk around limping! I am TRYING to lose weight here and I really need some cooperation from the knees!!!:dizzy:

Meg 03-29-2007 08:32 AM

Welcome to the Sore Knees Club - we have lots of members! :lol:

First of all, do you know why your knees are sore? Is it arthritis or have you injured them? Have you seen a doctor or been through physical therapy for them?

What kind of exercise are you doing now that makes them hurt?

There are lots of ways to exercise that will protect your knees and actually help them by strengthening the muscles that support the joints. If you can fill me in a bit on what the knee issue is, what you're currently doing, and what your goals are, we can put our heads together and come up with a plan. :)

Ruthxxx 03-29-2007 08:35 AM

Meg, I am looking for knee strengthening exercises too so will be keeping an eye on this thread. (Why the heck didn't I think to ask before now?)

Diva, you are wise to tackle the problem now instead of waiting until you are an antique like me waiting for a knee transplant!

Diva 03-29-2007 08:41 AM

I've never hurt my knees before so I am not sure. I don't know if it's arthritis or not. I supose I should go see my doc though. Usually it's during high impact step aerobics that I hurt my left knee and I have found that if I wrap it beforehand, it does help. Yesterday, I did upper body work(weight's) with Cathe on FitTV for an hour, and there was a lot of up and down action going on and that's when I twisted my right knee. It swells a lil', feels bruised even though I don't see anything and feels like there's fluid or something in them.

I guess it's hard for my knees to support this much weight. I am a shorty....

Also, when I lift weights with the dumbells, my right wrist and forearm hurt too. Could all this be signs of arthritis? I know I had to quit being a hair stylist because of the right hand. It would swell and burn and I could barely use it for a while, and it the same with the dumbells.

almostheaven 03-29-2007 09:08 AM

I had the same first thoughts here as Meg. Sounds like carpal tunnel in the wrist, especially if you're a right-hander and use the computer a lot. I sometimes get trouble in my right wrist too (usually when at the computer for long periods) and wear a wrist brace when I feel it start to act up.

And I had the same problem with just one knee when running (high impact). I found that using a knee support or wrap also helped. It takes some of the impact. And mine IS arthritis due to my weight. The doctor couldn't figure out why I had arthritis since I told her I had only been exercising a few years. Then I told her what I used to weigh and the light went on. LOL

Diva 03-29-2007 09:15 AM

There's no decent GYM's around. The closest ones are 25 to 30 miles away. Besides Curves, and I didn't care for Curves. We do have a community center with a weight room and other machine's. I have never in my life seen or used an Elliptical trainer, so I'd have to ask if there's one in there, LOL! They do have aswimming Pool and have the lap swimming 3 day's a week and the Water aerobics twice a week, so that's something to look into as well. I didn't care much for the water aerobics. I REALLY love the step aerobics. That's my fav and I don't really wanna give it up. :(. I like to sweat and FEEL it yanno? I am hoping that by this time next year, I have met goal, and will be leading aerobic's classes myself. I hope after all this weight is gone the knees will come back around, LOL! I'll def go see a doc though...

Oh, I am going to buy an exercise ball soon too.

srmb60 03-29-2007 09:18 AM

When I first started playing with weights I did some forearm things. I had quite annoying discomfort about 2/3's of the way from my wrist to my elbow. You can feel a mound of muscle there if you make a fist.
I asked my physiotherpist friend who said that forearm exercises weren't necessary. They get worked out any way (and I needed to watch my form).

Do you trainers folks agree with that?

Diva 03-29-2007 09:42 AM

okay, I was looking online @ theElliptical Trainers, anywho, I found these on this site:
How do these look? I really couldn't afford to spend anymore than this. I'm like working out at home best right now, but I supose if the Comm center has these, I could go there too... Everyone here seems to really enjoy these do-dads... :D

2frustrated 03-29-2007 09:57 AM

OMG I didn't know the 4x the amount of stress on the knees! That's really interesting and scary and makes me want to stop eating right now! :lol:

I've got Patella Tendonitis at the moment :p :rolleyes: So I'm another one in the sore knee club :wave: Would be interested in any knee-strengthening exercises too! I've been doing partial one legged squats on a step and step downs, which I read about on a PT site.

hikerchick 03-29-2007 06:40 PM

I have a knee related question too. I hope you don't mind me putting it in here.

I have a funny little injury from a goofy fall 8 years ago (whoops is there a step here). It is almost all gone and I have been running with no ill effects (knocks wood).

However when I try to do squats the knee kind of starts to get nervous. It doesn't want to do full range of motion. I am trying something to stabilize it and maybe improve range of motion so I can squat through the full range of motion without this one side hurting. It only hurts when I try to squat low. Slight adjustments with the angle of my feet help alot.

Thanks to the OP for starting the old knee thread!

Diva 03-29-2007 06:52 PM


Originally Posted by Meg (Post 1631112)

And the more you strengthen the muscles that support your knees, the less pressure there is on the joint itself. The muscle acts as an internal knee brace. Do you belong to a gym? Do you have any exercise equipment at home, like an exercise ball or dumbbells?

Okay, I know I am a big dummy,, but what are the muscles that support my knees and what are the exercises or weight lifting can I do to strengthen them? I used to have such strong legs back in the day...woe is me....

Hikerchic, I don't mind your question gf! This is an old Knee thread for all. :)

Meg 03-29-2007 07:01 PM

Diva, I have three exercises for you but I gotta make dinner for the hungry hordes. I promise I'll get back to you tonight or tomorrow morning. :)

hikerchick 03-29-2007 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by Diva0302 (Post 1632081)
Hikerchic, I don't mind your question gf! This is an old Knee thread for all. :)

Old knees unite! May we all get strong and pain free.

Diva 03-29-2007 07:10 PM

Okie dokie Meg! Thank you...no rush. :hug:

Diva 03-30-2007 09:59 AM

Thank you Meg!
I'm gonna print these up and hang'em on the wall! I'm prolly going to buy a exercise ball like the one pictured this weekend!
You're a sweetie!

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