My KNEES! I feel so old....

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  • Quote: I have a knee related question too. I hope you don't mind me putting it in here.

    I have a funny little injury from a goofy fall 8 years ago (whoops is there a step here). It is almost all gone and I have been running with no ill effects (knocks wood).

    However when I try to do squats the knee kind of starts to get nervous. It doesn't want to do full range of motion. I am trying something to stabilize it and maybe improve range of motion so I can squat through the full range of motion without this one side hurting. It only hurts when I try to squat low. Slight adjustments with the angle of my feet help alot.

    Thanks to the OP for starting the old knee thread!

    Since both of you appear to have no prior serious knee injuries--(your's sounds like you may have strained it playing ball)--it's possible that your knee may be affected much like runners experience. BTW--I would give up the squats for awhile--if you're feeling a strain with it. Foot striking the ground and over pronation on one foot or the other can give one or both knees some problems. It might be worth checking on--again proper footwear can correct the problem if that is what is going on. Running store salesmen will have you take your shoes off so they can watch when you walk to see what is going on with your foot and give you recommendations of what type of shoe you should be wearing for either walking or running. Also there are specialty stores with people who need special shoes--of course inserts to correct, etc. etc.

    Also the knee has a lot to do with your thighs--as it's really your thighs (quads) that keep the knee together. If you're stronger in the back of your thighs than your quads-and visa versa-your knee can get a little off center. An exercise you can do to correct the knee problems due to impact exercises--is with weights. In a sitting position (if you belong to a gym or have home exercise equipment--or ankle weight wraps) is the weights on the ankles and lift straight up. This will strengthen those muscles that keep your knee working properly, so you can get back to your normal routines.

    To get a little more information on this just GOOGLE runners knee and you will find all kinds of articles and information and how to fix knee problems.
  • Knee/hip/leg issues? Try rebounding!
    Just a suggestion, but one I use myself! Rebounding is GREAT if you don't have any aches, pains, or mild injuries. But especially if you DO happen to have lower body pains, problems, or issues, first, see your medical care provider, and ask whether you can do some form, or forms, of low-impact rebounding (bouncing). Particularly, this would include either, or both, jumping on a trampoline or mini-trampoline (aka "rebounder") AND/OR using rebound boots, such as Kangoo Jumps or a similar brand. Kangoo Jumps (rebound boots or shoes) started as physical therapy, people, in Switzerland. REMEMBER: with rebounding/bouncing, you can bounce soft, or you can bounce more aggressively/harder. YOU tailor your workout fun to your own abilities and physical condition (including rehabbing!). So many types of workouts can be done while standing, walking, jogging/running, marching, bouncing, or jumping on a mini-trampoline or in a pair of rebound boots! GO FOR IT! Hang in there, and let's make our workouts FUN!!
  • Dear Ms. bootcamp,

    I am glad rebounding had worked for you so well- you sound like a paid spokesperson.

    I would urge caution though as can be problems if someone has less than perfect balance , gets dizzy or has
    knee issues where the knees may give out.

    It is a fun workout but one in which there can be serious injuries .

    I have never heard of those boots but to me they sound like an accident waiting to happen. Maybe a really exciting option for the young but not a Good option for anyone with knee issues as they would be hard to remove quickly if necessary.

  • Glad rebounding worked for you, Ms Bootcamp. My experience was different: it niggled my knee and made my SI (sacro-iliac) joint hurt. So I gave it away!
  • After about a month of working with a trainer and doing way more exercise than I had been in years, my knees started to hurt. When I told my trainer, she had me start using foam rollers in specific areas after workouts and that did the trick. It wasn't my knees that hurt, it was tight muscles responsible for supporting the knees. Now I roll out the backs of my thighs, calves, side thighs and hips before and after workouts, and I don't have the knee pain any more.

    I know a lot of folks deal with arthritis issues and other medical things, but using those foam rollers and stick rolling has helped me so much I thought I'd mention it.
  • Hi,

    Those foam rollers sound interesting and I can see how they would loosen muscles.

    How exactly do you roll them? Where did you get them?

    Once I was told by my doc to roll around on tennis balls to help back pain. It was too hard to keep control of them so it was not a practical solution.

    Please tell me /all of us more about the foam rollers.

    No more knee pain -great it helped you.

    Thanks ,
  • I use the rollers at the club - but they do sell them so I can at least give you the information to look into them. This is the long roller I use for my back and outer thigh/hip: There's a smaller roller for other parts that you'd put on an elevated surface like a table or stool.

    I'm sure you can get something similar locally or online. I've heard of the ball thing for feet and hands - same idea. A few folks at the club I'm with also use golf balls to massage the soles of their feet to work out any stiffness/tightness.

    How I use them is put the roller on the floor and I sit in front of it, then lean back on it with the curved surface in the small of my back, then roll it up and down my back from small to shoulders using my feet to sort of lift my bum up to make the motion possible. For my outer hip, I flip over and hover over the roller and set my upper thigh on it. Then, with my hands on the floor in front of the roller and using my feet similarly as when rolling my back for balance, I just rock back and forth on the roller to massage that muscle. If I rotate slightly more onto my butt cheek/hip, I can massage that out too. For inner thighs and back of the thigh, I use a shorter roller placed on a stool. I lay the roller on its side and lift my leg on top of it, putting either my inner thigh or back of thigh on the rolling surface and just rock it back and forth.

    The more pressure you apply, the more intense the massage and if you have a knot, it can be a little tender, but because you control the pressure, you just apply as much as you can comfortably tolerate.

    For me the 'before' rolling gets blood moving into the muscle to prepare it for exercise, and the 'after' rolling works out any stiffness or kinks that might be there post-exercise.

    Another thing I like to do if the rollers are being used are the rolling sticks. I actually bought one of them to keep at my house. You use it like you'd use a rolling pin LOL It's really called "The Stick" too - here's info on it if you're interested:

    Hope that's the info you were looking for
  • I had knee surgery on Feb. 13th now 4 months after surgery physical therapy is finished and I am on my own for home exercises. Need support to follow through. I still have a little bit of a limp but am doing straight leg raises with 3 pound weights now and bridges with my feet on an exercise ball.
  • Hi
    Quote: Okay, I know I am a big dummy,, but what are the muscles that support my knees and what are the exercises or weight lifting can I do to strengthen them? I used to have such strong legs back in the day...woe is me....

    Hikerchic, I don't mind your question gf! This is an old Knee thread for all.
    I've had trouble with my knee lately from excessive walking and read a few articles about this. I'll try and find a link to post for you but I do remember that wall sits were included in the list. Also rest, cold packs, heat, and elevation.
  • Hi,

    What are wall sits?
    My knees are a problem also and after about 15 minutes of exercises, I feel them hurting. Without my former walking of 4 miles a day, I find weight control impossible. Any ideas are welcome.
  • I have had knee issues too, and I tried a pair of knee compression sleeves from a company called Grip Power Pads on Amazon. They have helped a lot. My knee problems were so bad, I would miss several weeks of working out/running. Hope this helps.
  • My knees are not the best since..always. I have taken up cycling and loving it.
  • wow all this information is awesome. I never even thought that potatoes or any other food can cause knee pain or glucosomine products can reduce the pain. I thought my wrong posture while doing squats is the main reason behind my knee pain. Now, I'll pay more attention to what I eat.
  • My left knee has been feeling a bit tender. I try to take it easy and do lower impact exercises but I know I need to do a better job of exercising my quads, hamstrings and calves. I just donít love leg exercises. Iíve been focusing a lot more attention on my flabby arms.