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Default Curves for Women

I am thinking of joining this womens club. Has anyone else and is it worth the money?
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I did do it for a month and a half or so. I thought it was an unthreatening environment, and quick enough that I wouldn't get discouraged. But, the hours weren't good for me (only open 8 - 6 M - F, and I worked 9 - 6!), so I stopped going. Then I broke my leg and had no chance of going! Now that I have been approaching weight loss seriously for the past three months, I wouldn't rejoin. I guess my reasons are that I prefer to exercise at home and that I like the flexibility to exercise at 11 pm or to do different types of exercise, depending on what strikes my fancy. I suggest trying out the free week option before you decide anything.

- Kim
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Smile I Hear It's Great....


I have a friend that has gone to Curves for months. She has lost many inches and enjoys the atmosphere.

I, personally, haven't tried it, simply because the nearest location is about 20 minutes each way. So, with work and the classes I take, I'd rather wait until there is a closer location.

My mother's best friend has just opened a new location in New York and absolutely adores the system, as well as company in general.

I think they have a situation where you are able to try it out, without having to pay for the year. So, you might want to try it for a week to see if it is something that you would like to continue.

Good Luck,

April Marie
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Hi, Karia.

I joined my local Curves the day she opened for business - one year ago this coming Tuesday.

The girls there have become a big family - and we're all getting together for a big anniversary celebration - work the circuit, then go eat cake!!!

Anyway... As far as "my" gym goes, you can commit to a 1-year contract for a lesser monthly fee, or pay $10 more and "pay as you go," to give you a chance to try it out.

I was doing WW for 6 months before joining Curves. I found that my $$ was better spent on the gym than on the weekly meetings - but that's just me. I've stuck with WW all this time, and am very satisfied with the results. And, with Curves, I've been able to really "tone up" in areas that haven't been that way in a LONG time - if ever!!

Your local center will probably allow you to try it out with a free workout, before you commit. Right now - new members are getting the first month's memberships free, but not sure how long that's lasting.

Hope this helps!
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Default Curves for Woman

Didn't see this post before, but we just got a Curves open here in Clinton,Missouri. I joined last night. Hope it does as good for me as it has for some of you. have a feeling it will just getting out for 45 min, a night that would be great, being here at home all day watching kids talking to kids and getting out and being able to talk to a person a female!!!! And exercise at the same time.
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What is curves guys? I have never heard of it before.
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never used curves. but i just have to say that the name makes me think of some brand of maxi pad or a bra or something.

the only ladies only gyms i've seen here are the linda evans ones.

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Smile Curves

I did join Curves. It is a womans only sort of health club. There are nautilus machines that are hydraulic (no switching weights). I think there are 10 machines that work different muscles in your body. You do a machine for 30 seconds to some cool music and then you are on a station where you can jog in place or dance to the music for 30 seconds and then switch to the next machine. It is a 30 minutes work out and then you do stretches after you are done. I really sweat and like it a lot. I love getting out of the house for 1 hour for this. My girlfound joined and the first month she lost 10 pounds and 8 inches and didn't really change her eating habits.

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Default cost

Could someone give me an approximate cost of this? I found out there is one about 10 minutes away from me!
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I just joined Curves last night & had my workout. Have you checked it out ? I think it is great. You change activities every 35 seconds, so you don't have time to get bored.

Anyway, I am located in SC. I paid a $49 one time membership fee, then it's $29 a month by bank draft, or you can pay $39 a month on a pay as you go.

I hope this helps.
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Talking Its Gr8 to Be At Curves

Good Day Y'all. I was happy to see that there are others on these boards using Curves as your form of exercise. I joined 3 weeks ago when the curves in my town first opened. I'm really enjoying it ALOT. I go every day in the morning except Sat, and Sun. I haven't had my first monthly weigh in and measurements done......but I know that theres been a gr8 difference in the way I feel as well as the way I look. I can hardly wait to see what I've actually lost. Is everyone out there still enjoying curves????? I'll update y'all after I get my weigh in done. talk to you soon!!!
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Unhappy I tried it

I gave Curves a try. Parts of it were nice. Non-threatening environment and stuff. But, it was really expensive. And frankly, the tapes they play are mostly remixed motown, and they play it over and over until it's ingrained in your very soul. Terrible music. In the end I quit because of the money and because no one at my branch seemed interesting in making friends. Ah well. Tis not the falling down we call failing, but the staying down.
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I joined to help a friend of mine who has almost 150 lbs to lose stay motivated and to GO there 3-5 times a week.

First of all, I must say that this club and the women there are very very supportive of my friend and I like that a lot. Second, even though I have been doing INTENSE weight training and cardio, I think that Curves gives you a good workout especially if you pump it up on the "recovery" stations. I go around about a circuit and a half and can't believe how much I'm sweating. I feel it later too. I think it's a neat place. I am sure that sometimes this club will get crowded but right now it's a very intimate supportive little place where you can get a good workout in about a half hour. Curves is cool beans.

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I agree ~~~ Curves is cool beans!

Therese ~ I just wanted to comment on the music... our Curves plays a selection of remixed music... oldies, motown, country, top 40... it is all up to the owners what music they buy. Same with the friendliness of the people there... varies quite a bit from place to place!

As for the expense, it's well worth it to me, as it's the only workout I've ever done faithfully! I've been going for about 15 months now!
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Hi! I joined Curves a month ago. I LOVE it! This is the first exercise program I can actually stick with!
Joni G.

PS I'm NEW here - happy to find others that go to Curves!
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