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  • I am so glad to see other people like Curves so much. I joined in November but then broke my tailbone and now after 3 months can finally sit down again without severe pain. A Curves opened up 3 miles from my house so 4 of us girls go every other night as our time away from our kids and husbands. It is so much fun. As far as the music goes ours plays a variety of everything. If you don't like what is playing she will change the tape. I am going to try to go 5 times a week now that my butt is better. Happy Curving!
  • good comments
    I am going to check Curves out on Monday. It is a new one that just opened in my town. It is great to see all the positive comments.

    Have any of you followed their eating plan?

  • I'm contemplating joining one near me...also thinking about checking out franchise info...It sounds great and right up my alley! Keep those comments coming!
  • Hi all:

    I joined Curves yesterday and went back today. I love it! I find it very non-threatening and non-intimidating. I am about 80-90 lbs overweight so if I can do this, anyone can! I can go at my own pace. I can feel muscles that I didn't even know I had!

  • I'm a Curves junkie too. I had my 2nd "weigh-in" last night.

    The first month I lost a total of 7 3/4 inches & 0.5% body fat.

    This month I lost an additional 3 inches & 1.5% body fat.

    I really enjoy this work out. It is so fast & easy.
  • re-joining curves!
    I am starting a new job in the village where the Curves is, and I think it will work better for me this time. I enjoyed the workouts a lot, but the timing was off for sure. I got off work at 1 and arrived at 1:15, with the place closing from 1:30 til 2:30 daily to clean. I had to either run errands daily, or go home and then return, which didn't work for me. Once I got home, I wanted to stay there. I will work til 2:30 daily with this new job, so I think the timing will be ok. I enjoyed the atmosphere, too. I have a friend that has gone faithfully for the year and has lost about 3 sizes. She hasn't lost all that much weight considering her size reduction, but she is definitely in good shape compared to where she was. I envy her determinationt to stick it out. I am just as fat and sassy as I was when I started, due to quitting. NOT A GOOD THING, huh? anyway, I am going to ask them if I can re-join without paying the $75 I had to pay to join in the first place. WOW, That is alot, huh? Well, I work out at home, too. I use a glider mostly, with a air walker and a exercise bike, (moveable handlebars). SO with the 3 things here, and the workouts there, I should do ok. I just got a clean bill of health from the Mayo clinic and I don't have any brain anuerysm as I feared I might have. My sister just died Valentine's Day with multiple rutures and bleeds! 3rd family member with this, so I was afraid myself. LOSING weight is a priority for me. I hope to find support here on the 3 fat chicks. I see you all are in several threads listed, so I will probably get to know you all soon. kurly
  • kurly:

    Sounds like it will work better for you with the new job. I am really enjoying Curves and hoping that I can stick with it. I am giving myself until Monday to get used to the exercise part of life and then I am starting a new way of eating. For this week, I am just trying to watch portion sizes, stay away from junk food etc. I haven't decided what kind of eating plan I will follow, but I definetely need something in addition to exercise. We are adopting a baby, hopefully by Sept and I want to be as fit and healthy as I can be.

    I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your sister. My Mom passed away last April and I am still grieving her. Loss is never easy to deal with.

  • 6th death in my family in a year and a half;
    My F-i-l and Mom died one week apart from each other in 2000, then my uncle died two weeks later, then hubby's uncle died after that, then his mother one month later! Toni is #6 in the family. I am real tired of this death thing! Really, I am ready to live and enjoy life. I pray there won't be anything traumatic for the rest of this year. I am focusing on me losing weight once again. I let stress and emotional upheaval take its toll on my dieting and learning how to eat healthy. I have relied on comfort foods for too long. IT is terrible how I let myself gain so much weight back. I had worked so hard even during 5 years of critical care for hubby's folks. I did 45 min on my glider after lunch today. I was real happy. SO, until I can get to Curves to talk to them about my re-joining, ( have to wait til the new job starts mid April ) I am doing my best to work out here at home. I had a good eating day, and am pleased with my water in take as well. GOOD day here...... kurly
  • Wow, kurly...I'm so sorry for your losses. I admire your determination to "live and enjoy life." You have seen a lot of death, so you must realize that each day is a gift that we must make the most of!

    I would say call the Curves place that you plan to re-join and explain your situation...I would imagine they would be reasonable and welcome you back!

    I called my place today, not sure when they closed on was 11:15 when I called, I was told they close around 11:30, but she told me to come on down, she'd keep the place open for me! I politely protested, saying that it would take me at least 15 min to get there, and she told me that's OK, I don't want you to miss your workout! Her kindness AND the fact that I could work out really made my day!

    This was my fourth workout since joining on Tuesday...I love it and I feel great! I'm hoping they will open one nearer to my home and the owner is actually scouting places around my area...yay!

    So count me in as a BIG Curves fan...
  • You all this is totally making me cry!

    The closest Curves to me is in Annapolis (about 45 minutes away)! One of these days, maybe someone will get their head straight and open one up in D.C.
  • kurly,

    My heart goes out to you with all that you have experienced lately. Hopefully things will take a turn for the better soon.

    My Curves has a new piece of equipment. We have a new ab machine. I've gotten instructions on how to use it, but today will be the first workout with it. I'm excited about being able to do more to tone this area.

    Keep up the good work ladies !
  • How do you count activity points for your Curves workout? I just got my activity slide yesterday and counted 3 points for my workout. What do you think?

    Thanks, Jane
  • Hi Jenny_devil

    I don't know where you live in MD but there is a Curves in College Park and one in Bowie (off Annapolis Road). I went to the one in College Park (a bit out of my way) and they have a $75 initial fee with $39.00 monthly if you sign up for a year. It's $49 a month if you go month to month.

  • Activity points for Curves
    I work REALLY HARD, and count 4 activity points ...and I'm sure that I earn every single one!


  • Hello.. no ones posted on this thread for a while. i was wondering if anyone has tried curves lately. I get bored so quickly with different exercise programs but i thought i could do this. Only 30 mins a day at least 3 days a week. what i liked was she measured my whole body and i go back in 30 days and she'll remeasure me. I've been on a diet forever and no ones ever measured me (scary to see those numbers in black & white) I've gone about 5 times and so far i love it.

    Well thanks for listening good luck in ur curving