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Default Bad Knees

Can someone suggest a cardio program that is easy on the knees? I lifted weights for years (I'm 54) and I think jogging and leg presses finally took it toll on my knees. My BF% is way up around 42% now and I need the cardio to lose it. Sometimes it hurts just to go steps. I thought of walking and spin class. Also,does spin burn fat or is it more cardiovascular? Thanks.

Mary Ann
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i just found a wonderful web site to order specific needs exercise videos i just ordered one myself.. its called Moving-Forward.biz Exercises.
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First and foremost, I would recommend good shoes

Secondly, I do the elliptical and it doesn't bother my knees at all.
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I have bad knees and I do fine with a brisk walk or using my Nordic Track. Bicycling really hurts. I've never tried an elliptical machine.

I've seen some exercises using one of those big balls and dumbells that are supposed to work like squats, but that are easy on the knees (not that that is cardio--I just need something to tone my rear end! LOL).
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I have bad knees and an ankle with spare parts so I have been banned from high impact exercises by my doctor. I do low impact aerobics as well as step aerobics. Now step aerobics might be tough on your knees, or it might not be. Really depends. I started out with the platform on the floor and then worked up to adding one set of risers. I may try adding a second set once I get to goal, but not right now.

Good Luck.
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I have arthritis in my knees, yet I took up running. I learned to use general knee support bands while doing anything high impact. It helped when my knees "used" to hurt and I wouldn't even go up stairs because they hurt so much. And now, it simply keeps them from hurting. Sometimes I can feel a twinge after several days of running if I don't use them, so I continue using them and have never experienced anymore knee pain since I've lost weight.
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I would recommend going to a workout store and seeing what works for you knees. I would also visit an orthopedic to see what your issues are. Therapist can help a lot.

I have patella tracking issues and arthritis, degeneration of cartilage. The elliptical kills my knees. The bike, treadmill on an incline an bikes are the only things I can do. My friend that has bone on bone knees loves the elliptical. I think you have to find out what works for your body.

I have been to three PTherapist over the years and all have recommeded bikes for my knee issues, non weight bearing is preferred. According to my orthopedic. Bike and swimming are great, elliptical if it doesn't hurt, treadmill and walking ok, not at the top of his list, and running a no-no.

Of course if you love something and it does't cause pain you have to weight the risk. I am trying to put of knee replacement.
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I've been to a physical therapist as well and it is amazing how quickly painful knees can turn into nonpainful knees. You might want to look into that. Strength exercises will help a lot. Physical therapist and doc said absolutely no running but running never looked appealing to me anyway so it wasn't even a consideration.
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