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ras8779 10-10-2001 03:21 PM

All Air Walkers / Regular Walkers etc - New beginnings! #36
Wow these threads are rolling now:D! This is so great to see.

Taz-Thanks for the tip about your attachments. I'll have to check them out. The carpool one is so cute:)! Good job with the walking. I think a treadmill would be great for those days when the weather just isn't cooperating. I really enjoy my elliptical:). Of course it works better when you actually use it;). I really do need to get back on the exercise wagon. I've fallen off for too long. Last night the TV sucked me in with too many season premiers. I should have been doing some exercise while I watched but that didn't happen. Well there is always tonight!
Keep up the great walking Taz. I'm getting motivated!

I'll try to check in later to see how everyone is doing. Hopefully I'll have some exercise to report tomorrow.:)

Shasta27 10-10-2001 03:44 PM

Hi Rose, Taz, Lynne:
Woops, I posted half the message at the other one.
I'll get this straight you'll see!
I have been excercising...Monday was denise for 20 minutes..her kickboxing cardio workout and tuesday was 20 minutes of the rower and 20 minutes of weightraining. Today was taebo day. I'm feeling good this week! Been busy running my mom all over, she just got back from Alaska. I am thinking of ya though!
I'm so glad you guzs are doing so good!!!!

Welcome TAZ so happy to have you, good job on walking 3 miles, that is so fantastic!!!! Woohoo!

Rose-You will get back into this groove in no time at all. TAEBO POWER...hehe. I know what you mean about these tv premiers...I am an addict. I hurryup and get my excercise and errands done for the day before my shows...hehe. I'm terrible. One night I was doing my weightraining while I was watching crossing Jordan...hehe.

Lynne-I hear wedding bells pretty soon! Keep up the good work lynne...You will look so superb in your wedding dress!!! It will be here before youknow it!!!! I know you can do it!!!!!! Keep burning that butter!!!!

STAY strong ladies....Keep burning that fat...


Tazmani77 10-10-2001 07:12 PM

Okay I hope I'm in the right place. Following instructions isn't one of my strong suits :lol: Just wanted to check in and wish evreryone a good night and an early start on a good walking day for tomorrow. See you guys in the morning.

Tazmani77 10-11-2001 08:42 AM

Hello everybody!
Well it is raining here today so my daily walk outside is off. I feel like I should be doing something. I still have H20 aerobics today so that will give me some form of exercise although walking seems to be the only thing that really helps take the pounds off.

Just for today everyone get up and get out on the track and walk your little tushies off. You can do it!!!!!!

I'll check in a little later, Have a wonderful day

Oh by the way Rose: You must get back on the old exercise wagon. We're all here, just grab one of our hands and we'll help you up on this good old wagon:)

Shasta: I do the exercise tapes too sometimes. I don't like them as much as I do walking but on a day like today I guess I'll have to make it work.

Lynne: Congrads on your up and coming Wedding. I'm sure you will make a stunning bride. You'll have to post pics. I do so enjoy a wedding. It is okay if you don't save me any cake,I'll understand why:)

LoseForLife 10-11-2001 08:55 PM

Good morning everyone!

All I can say is what would I do without my Marc? I have been so down over the last few days and ended up crying on his shoulder on Wed night. He helped remind me that Iím a beautiful person no matter what, and that I shouldnít think that people wonít like me because Iím bigger than the ďnormĒ. Iíve been worried about how Iíll look in my wedding dress, how I look every day, and how Iíll look when I meet all his family and friends. Itís so hard to accept how you look when youíve had your mum hassling you all your adult life to the point that it becomes your thinking too. My rational compassionate accepting person says that I am beautiful in all shapes and sizes, but my inner ďbadĒ voice always says that Iím fat and should do something about it. But thatís not really me, but my mum and judgemental society. And Iíve been struggling with that inner voice for 10 years! I said to Marc that he needs to keep reminding me that what I want to believe is true, and hopefully within time the inner voice will be changed.

In doing so, he has motivated me and made me believe in what I am doing again. Last night he took me shopping to buy some new shoes and pants for work so I donít feel so frumpy. And he then ďencouragedĒ me to do my aerobics (saying ďpushedĒ would indicate bullying, but maybe true! :lol: ), and has constantly encouraged and complimented me. I feel half human again! I felt so much better for doing the aerobics and today feel a bit better physically. I was getting so bloated and lethargic, which doesnít help your desire to exercise! Iíve also decided to have a couple of days ďcleansingĒ my body, by exercising a lot and eating heaps of fruit and vegís, and staying away from anything heavy. Iíve got the weekend coming up, so I want to take full advantage of the chance to get back on track. Itís one week until I get my dress, and just over 2 months till the wedding and holiday, and Iíd like to know that Iíve made a concerted effort to feel healthy again. Iíve got to set a precedent to carry me through the holidays and beyond, so that this time next year I will have made a significant difference in my body and life.

I also donít want to waste my gym membership! So today Iím going and then Marc and Josh will join me tomorrow for a swim. Itís nice to feel motivated again. Thereís nothing more frustrating than watching the kilos slowly pile back on as you sit and feel more miserable by the minute. Yesterday and the day before, I went through a whole big block of chocolate! Ewwww!

Taz, I know what you mean about wanting to be back to a healthy life ďyesterdayĒ - Iím an impatient person, and itís hard to watch it slowly go down as weeks go by. Water aerobics is good fun - Iím hoping to join a class if I can find one that has a time that suits me - possibly the weekend. Love those pics too - gonna have to find me some of those! :lol: I love walkind outside too, best way to get REALLY moving!

Rose, sorry to hear your machine wasnít exactly what you were after - what is it by the way???? :?: - is there any way you could exchange it?

Shasta, I canít believe how well youíre going with your exercise! :eek: Youíll be skinny minnie in no time!! :D

Iím heading off now, so have a great day and weekend. I just have to say at this point THANKYOU for being here for me - I donít know what I would do if I couldnít come in here every day and boost myself up on your enthusiasm and support. I just hope that I can give as much back as I receive! :D

Here's to lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of exercise!!!

Lynne :wave:

Tazmani77 10-11-2001 10:26 PM

Good night ladies. I do hope you all had a wonderful day. I had a small incident that I can't correct untill tomorrow. I left my bank book in my sisters car. the police impounded her car and now I need to cancell my account and reopen it with a new account number. So first thing in the morning to the bank I go.

Other than that, My day was all that, and a bag of low fat, low carb, no salt, baked chips:lol:

See you guys in the morning. Sleep well!

Tazmani77 10-12-2001 07:58 AM

Good morning Ladies. WHERE IS EVERYBODY AT!!!!!!
It is still raining here and I'm sick of it now. It is going to go on all weekend too. YUK!:p
Well it is exercise tapes for me today. I wish I had gotten my treadmill like I said I would do yeterday. I just hated getting out in the rain so I kept putting it off untill it got too late to go. I'm going out today but no promise on shopping for the treadmill. Winter blues is kind of setting in and I'm not a happy camper.:(

I hope everyone has a smashing day. I'll check in a little later

ras8779 10-12-2001 06:50 PM

Hi everyone:wave:!

Of course what you don't want to happen always happens. When I came to work today my computer wouldn't turn on so I had to borrow someone else's and couldn't post until now:(! Sorry about that.

Taz-I hear you about the rain! I hate too much rain too:(. A treadmill would be great for days like those. I know I sure like my Orbitrek because I wouldn't exercise at all if it wasn't staring straight at me. I'm sorry about your bank situation. I just had my checks stollen so I had to do the same thing. Good luck:). It will all work out.

Lynne-It was great to see your post:). I bought my Pilates from EBay so the only options I have are to resell it or to use it. Oh well live and learn. You must be getting excited about your wedding:)! I'm getting excited for you.

Shasta-Well those darn premiers got me again;)! I have to say I did manage to do a little Tae Bo and I feel better for it too. You are doing great by the way. So motivating:)!

Okay I have to go. Work calls. Have a good weekend.

Tazmani77 10-13-2001 09:17 AM

Hello everybody,
Just checking in to say Hi and have a wonderful day. I'm on my way out to walk since it is dry here for a change. I'm hoping to do 4 miles. I'll let you know how that comes out. I lost 2 pounds over the past week. YAAAAHOOOO!!!! I got all my bank stuff fixed and there was no harm done. I'm going out today and buy that treadmill for sure. Nothing is going to stop me today, not even the rain.


LoseForLife 10-14-2001 08:53 PM

Helloooooo all!

Well, I finally got my butt into gear and did some exercise! Yay!
On Friday I got out the aerobics video and worked that for Ĺ hour. Then on Saturday I went swimming and did laps for Ĺ hour - I lost count, but it would have been well over 20!!! I loved it too, so hope to get back there soon! And yesterday I went for a walk. Iíve also been up on my feet quite a bit. Unfortunately the eating hasnít been as good, especially with pizza last night, but overall it was quite controlled and a lot healthier than last week! Iím even cutting my portions down when I do have something unhealthy, so Iím adjusting my habits slowly! :D

I missed my weigh in last week, so I have to go this week, but with TOM coming up, I donít like my chances of seeing a loss. However, the scales at home are telling me that I havenít done too much damage. *phew!*

So this week has been a lot better, and I feel that will only increase with time as my patience and hard work start to pay off. I just HAVE TO STICK WITH THIS!!!! :smug:

Taz, what a hassle about the bank account! What happened with your sisters car? We don't get a lot of that here thank god! Ah, the rain, how I miss it - NOT! Good luck on getting your treadmill and WELL DONE on the loss!!! :D

Rose, what a hassle about the machine! Can't believe you can't return it, what a bummer! As you say, just have to make the most of it! You still haven't told me what it is though! :lol:

Shasta, how was your weekend?

Have a great day everyone!
Lynne :wave:

Tazmani77 10-15-2001 08:27 AM

Good morning everyone,

It is warm here today and dry, Thank God, so I'll walk outside this morning. I'm glad to see people posting again. For a while I thoguht I was going to be left here alone. (and I'm afraid of the dark :lol: )

Yes Lynne, I did get that bank situation fixed the very next day, and there was no harm done. My sisters car was parked in a tow away zone. So the police had it towed. She had to pay $150.00 to get her car out of the pound. Here in the city you can't just park where ever you choose. I'm sure after this she has learned her lesson. She has been getting away with this kind of thing for some time now. She just got caught this time. I'm sure she won't repeat this costly infraction. :)

HEY!!, Congrads on your productive weekend. Sounds great. Don't worry about the slight diet stray because the increased exercise has burned that right off.

Rose: You'll get back into the swing of things. It will only take one time and you'll be hooked again. When I do finally get this treadmill, we can watch TV together and exercise away :lol:

Well I'm out of here, I need to walk and lose some of this excess me. Talk to you guys later.

Have a wonderful day!!!

ras8779 10-15-2001 02:58 PM

Hi everybody:wave:!

Well I'm happy to report that I finally did some exercise:)! And I feel much better for it too! You're right Taz, now I'm motivated to do more.

Lynne-Doesn't it feel good to get moving again? Good job on the awesome workout:)! I got tired just reading about it:dizzy:! If you keep that up you're going to be a skinny minnie! The Pilates machine is like a total gym except it lies flat on the ground and you do more yoga/stretching type exercises on it. The one I wanted was the one with the built in stand. It gives you more exercise options and that's what was advertised but not what was sent to me so I'm currently trying to sell if for what I paid for it and then get the one I wanted. Until then I've been using it but it really isn't working out that well for me:(. Of course I have many other options to strength training such as tapes and free weights so I guess I'll be using those for a while. Sometimes those work out even better:)!

Taz-How did the treadmill shopping go? I love to shop for exercise equipement. I think I'm addicted to it. I fall for almost all the infomercials but recently I've controlled myself and stopped buying everything I see. That and the purse was getting empty:^:. Congrats on the weight loss:)! That's great. I'm really motivated to exercise more so that's what I plan on doing now that I've started. You're right about once you start again you want to keep doing it. I saw by your signature that you are on the Atkins program. I did that one for a while too and it really does work. The weight loss is quick! I'm such a carbo queen though I just couldn't stand it so I gave in. It sounds like you are doing great:)!

Hey do you think we should tell a little about ourselves like where we live and what we do and hobbies, etc etc? Let me know. I think that would be fun.

LoseForLife 10-15-2001 09:14 PM

Hi all!

I went for my walk yesterday afternoon. :D I also did my stretches and situps last night (well, I've got one of those things that you put between your legs sitting down, and push down with your hands to crunch your tummy). I ate reasonably well, but again exceeded points. Not by much, but enough to have to compensate today. Feeling good considering TOM is due, and can't wait for my weigh in.... well maybe NOT just a little! :lol:

Taz, glad you could get out for your walk. I won't be able to today, so I'm hoping to get to the gym tonight for a swim. We don't have tow zones here specifically, but most parking is metered, so you have to buy a ticket, and will be for a maximum amount of time, so you can't park there all day. If you exceed your time you get fined. But at least we don't have to actually go and retrieve the car as well! Or pay that much!

Rose, good luck on selling the machine. Hey, I can't understand. If they advertised a certain machine, and you got something different, surely they are obligated to refund your money? Sounds dodgy to me! Glad you've gotten back into your exercise - we'll all keep each other going! :D

Well, you know that I live in Adelaide, South Australia. We live in a 3 bedroom house south-east of the city in a suburb called Lower Mitcham. We rent and pay a ghastly $250 a week! We want to move next year, to save money. But the house is really nice, and we have an ensuite bathroom, which I'm going to miss!
I work for my dad, as an office administrator for his computer company, and am as bored as heck, so that's another thing that will be changing next year. As you can see, everything's on hold until we get back from our honeymoon! I love painting, and have a diploma in fine art. I don't get into it much at the moment, and miss it! I also love reading - thrillers, murder mysteries, and historical romance, and love going to the movies. At the moment, we don't have as much time to do stuff, but want to start doing some small courses next year, such as astronomy, piano, horseriding, coin collecting, and other things that I've never had time to really work on.

Enough for now, back to the grindstone, so talk to you all tomorrow!

Lynne :wave:

Tazmani77 10-16-2001 09:43 AM

Hello Rose,Lynne and Shasta
I hope you all have a wonderful day. It is raining here again today and I just hate that.

I BOUGHT THE TREADMILL!!!! I got it at sears, it has all the bells and whistles and I can't wait to get it delivered. It will be here on Sat. I really wanted it to be dilivered friday on my birthday but no such luck. I will get my money's worth out of this piece of equipment and thats for sure.

Lynne: I used to like to swim when I was a teenager but for some reason Im scared to do it now. I don't understand it either but thats how I feel now. It seems you have a full life and still adding on. WOW!! You make me want to do more. I'm not nearly as active in enjoyable activities as I should be. You have given me some idaes.

Shasta: I do my exercise tapes too but perfer walking to anyother type of exercise. I have all types of tapes but I didn't know that Denise Austin had a kick boxing tape. I'll look for it at Boarders or Media Play when I go next

Rose: Starting over is tough but when you got your own cheering section that should help a lot. We are all behind you here. Let me know what your routine is going to be and I'll do it with you. Together we'll do it for sure.

I'm going to let you guys go for now, it is raining here AGAIN, so It is exercise tapes for me today.

LoseForLife 10-16-2001 09:11 PM

Good morning!

I didn't get my swim in last night but played with Marc - I'm sure that counts! hee hee :devil:
Food's been ok apart from those spring rolls I indulged in at 10 pin bowling yesterday afternoon. I've learnt that Chuppa Chups are only worth 1/2 point, so I bought a few to cover my pre-period munchies. It worked! Yesterday I felt like something, and this chuppa chup kept me entertained for ages! :lol: Darn site better than chips etc! :D

I've got weigh in today. I hope to see at least a maintain, if not a loss, and I've GOT to hang in there until next week after TOM, instead of ruining all my hard work! :mad:

Taz, yayayyayay!! Finally you get what you wanted! Happy birthday for Friday by the way - mine's next Thursday!! Are you a scorpio too then? :D It's interesting what you said about the swimming - I had a really bad experience at the beach when I was in my early teens, and have been scared of deep water since - but pools are ok, just can't go deep sea swimming! I love swimming though - I used to be a real water baby, and love just cruising up and down the pool by myself. I've got a really bad back, and this was one of the things recommended to help loosen up the muscles. It's really nice to stretch and stuff and feel my back relaxing. Pity I can't do that all day!
I'm glad I can inspire you - cos you guys do the same for me! :D

Shasta, hope things are well, drop in soon!

Bye bye for now!
Lynne :wave:

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