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happy dance 07-19-2013 12:51 PM

Suspension trainers (like TRX)- Anyone?
I just bought a suspension trainer set (ya know - the strap thingies) so that I can begin some strength training. I tried it out in a small way at a WW 5k event and I swear I could feel every fiber of my triceps working.

Has anyone else used these before? What did you think? Any tips or tricks?

I know I will be beginning at the most "beginner" of beginner levels, but in using my own body weight as resistance, I hope that this will be a more functional form of strength training than weights.

Riddy 08-02-2013 10:31 PM

I've been going to a trainer for a few months that uses TRX. I love it! I think the best part is how I can make it harder or easier just by shifting my feet an inch or 2.

I'm intrigued by the home set, but I have hardwood floors, and I've fallen a couple times with the trainer. I don't think my floors would be nearly as forgiving as the studio's 3 inch padding. :o

AwShucks 08-02-2013 11:57 PM

I do TRX! They only let you do it if you're with a trainer or attending a class, so I only make it twice a week. Oh my gosh, it works! My arms have toned up so much. I can wear shirts that I couldn't hardly get on 3 months ago, and I can hold planks and side planks. WOW

Yes, I know what you mean -*feeling* your muscles working. I don't get that from any other workout. My tip is to keep your movements slow and determined. Don't speed up or you risk using momentum, which defeats the purpose. If you do squats, do one legged ones also -- I'm amazed at how different the strength is in each of my legs. And, although I hate it, cardio on the TRX is beneficial, too. We usually do something where you squat down, then jump up as high as you can - maybe 8 times, then drop the straps and do kicks or jumping jacks, and then repeat, repeat, repeat. And, I thought I was good with cardio - I walk an hour several times a week on incline at 3.5mph, but this kicks my butt! In a good way.

I don't have the room to do things at home, but for now TRX is one of my favorite things at the gym. Have fun!

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