Calories burned on Gazelle

  • I know this is one of those questions that is really tough to answer with all the factors that affect it...but... I'm going to ask anyway!

    I have a "Gazelle" type piece of equipment. I don't think it is a real Gazelle - it was in my BF's basement. It looks like there may have been a computer on it at one point but it is now missing. There's no tension adjustment on it so it is what it is - nothing fancy or extra. But for 30 minutes every day I hop on and get some added movement.

    I really don't know how many calories I'm burning and I never figured it into my daily total. I just figure anything I do on it is "extra" for the day.

    I got curious though, and started to look online for an approximate amount I might be burning. I've found a couple of sites that list the Gazelle and different tensions or speeds. I picked no tension and light activity - the lowest level I could find just to err on the side of caution. My results state that I am burning anywhere from 400-500 calories for 30 minutes. That seems really high to me! I know I weigh more and that is a factor too...but still, it seems like a lot. I'm eating roughly 1500 calories per day but if I'm really burning 400 then that brings me down to about 1100 which I think is too low for me right now and would explain a lot. My losses have slowed and I'm hungrier than I had been before starting this.

    Anyone else have a Gazelle or experience with one and how many calories you are burning? Thanks in advance!
  • Mmmm I donīt think itīs that many calories.
    For example I use my polar and with Jillian Michaelīs 30 day shread which is pretty intense I burn 250- 280 calories in 30 minutes aprox (I add a few minutes of jogging as a warm up)..
    Maybe you can borrow a Polar or other HR monitor, that way you can know the calories you burn!