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Default Should I be concerned, building safety wise, about putting an elliptical on 2nd floor

I am going to be having a 172lb elliptical delivered.

We want to put it on the second floor. Our house is new, built in 2005, and we trust the builder. I just wanted to know if the weight of the elliptical plus my weight at around 265lbs right now should concern us?

I know the weight will be spread out. Should I have any concerns? Friends say no.
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Ilene the Bean
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I definitely think there is no problem....
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I also think there is no problem.
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SWEETIE ~ houses are built so that they can stand to hold thousands of pounds ... you definitely have nothing to be worried about!!!
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Think of how much weight is in a bathtub. If you put 30 gallons in it at 8 lbs per gallon, that's 240 right there. No person. Your refrigerator is much heavier with all that food in it, plus it has a smaller "footprint" than the elliptical, so the weight isn't distributed over that far of a space.

The ellipticals are designed to spread the force of the weight evenly over the space it occupies, which means that each board that is under you only gets a portion (probably 3 boards). You might not like it because of the noise below, but I doubt you'd have a problem with the structure of your house.
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