Stuffed Peppers?

  • I have 4 green bell peppers in my fridge and some ground beef would having stuffed peppers for dinner be ok for phase 1? If not does anyone know any recipes with ground beef?
  • Seems like a perfectly fine thing to eat - ground beef should have no more than 10% fat (according to the new revised Phase I list - Ground beef:
    - Extra Lean (96/4)
    - Lean (92/8 )
    - Sirloin (90/10)

    If it were me and I were adapting a stuffed pepper recipe, I'd bulk up the beef mixture with finely chopped mushrooms and/or zucchini or other veggies, saute with some onions, add a bit of parmesean cheese, maybe some low-fat feta/herbs and top with my favorite SBD friendly tomato sauce. I may make those tonight :-)

    Hope that helps!
  • Mmmmm ... maybe put some water chestnuts in the beef mixture? Sounds so good. But I've never made stuffed peppers. How long do you bake them, and at what temperature?
  • I usually cut the stem off in a circle, cut them in half lengthwise, scoop out the middle, stuff 'em and bake at 375 for about half an hour. Most recipes have you cut the tops off, scoop out the middle and bake them lower, in a baking dish with some water in the bottom, but it takes longer -(about an hour at 350). I've also seen recipes where you steam the peppers first, but the fewer steps the better i say!
  • Hi all. I have made stuffed peppers with ground beef(lean), and instead of the rice used canned kidney beans and tomato soup. They turned out great, top them with lowfat cheese. Just thought I would add!! J
  • Or similar to my recipe add chili powder if you like to give it a kick and it would be like chili in its own little bowl. Either way they are great.
  • My favorite stuffed peppers are stuffed and then baked so you end up with a large meatball, I thinks some mushrooms and onions added to the beef would be heavenly, we always top ours with plain tomatoe sauce so they're kind of like meatloaf in a pepper.

  • My mom used to make stuffed green bell peppers with eggs, cheese, and tomato sauce. First, she would blacken the peppers in a pan and scrape off the burnt part. (really brings out the pepper flavor). Then she would scramble the eggs and pour it in the bell, adding 2 slices of american cheese folded into the egg. Cover the pepper with the top and add tomato sauce, enough to semi - cover the peppers. It would be finished when the egg was cooked and the cheese was melted. When served, you top it off with the tomato sauce. It is one of my favorite Lenten recipes. If you don't want to use tomato sauce, you could always use spaghetti sauce since it has all the spices and everything you would want inside. I like to make my own sauce, but that is a fast alternative.