Chicken Divan

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  • This dish is WONDERFUL when it's cold outside! The broccoli is my favorite part and I usually add more to the recipe just to have extra!

    Chicken Divan

    4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
    1 C. mayonaise
    8 oz. l/f or f/f sour cream
    1 t. curry powder (I like to add more to taste)
    1/4 C. chicken broth
    1 large package of frozen broccoli cuts
    1 C. l/f shredded cheddar cheese

    Preheat oven to 350.

    In a large pot, boil the chicken until mostly cooked (approximately 15-20 minutes). While the chicken is boiling, boil the broccoli in water for approximately 10 minutes (this will make the broccoli more mushy in the casserole dish which makes it taste better to me). Drain the broccoli in a strainer. Mix the mayo, sour cream, curry powder, chicken broth and cheese in a medium size bowl. In a 9x13 inch glass casserole dish, layer the broccoli, then the chicken on top. Pour the cheese mixture over the top of the chicken. You can add a little more cheese to the top if desired. Bake for 30 minutes.

    4 servings

    Nutrition per single serving:
    Calories: 378
    Fat: 16 - 4 grams saturated
    Carbs: 20 (Fiber:5)
    Protein: 40
  • Lottie and Misti, please do check with your mayonnaise or miracle whip to see what the SUGAR content is. Carbs don't matter at all. As I'm so fond of saying, you can have 1,000,000 grams of carbs every day on SBD as long as they are GOOD carbs. (I'm exaggerating, of course, but you get the point... I know it can be hard to accept that idea!) Mayo is made of good fat, so you don't necessarily need to use a light just don't want too eat too much of it.

    In almost all foods, when you take away fat, you add sugar and vice versa. So fat free ice cream has more sugar. Sugar free ice cream has more fat. Etc. Same thing applies with mayo. The 'lighter' it gets, the more sugar they add, especially with things like Miracle Whip, which has sugar in it to begin with. So be careful about what you use. You might be better off with the sour cream, which won't have added sugar. I'd use half the mayo and use the full fat variety, then make up the rest of the mayo portion of the recipe with light sour cream. Should work fine.

    With the fresh broccoli, Misti, I cut it up in small chunks, toss it in a microwave dish with a steam vent (we use Pyrex and Corningware dishes like this, but Tupperware would work too) and microwave it until it's bright green...usually like 4-5 minutes. I let it sit while I finish other things and right before I use it, I tilt the cover over the top and drain any excess water out. Works great and you lose the least nutrients that way.

    I tried this recipe with asparagus last week and it was a huge hit. Thanks, Barb!
  • This was really yummy! I didn't have curry (boo!) but made a concoction of other spices (paprika, chili powder, mrs dash) instead. I sauteed the chicken and when a bit brown on both sides, I added chopped mushrooms to the chicken and cooked those down. Laid down the broccoli, then chicken/shrooms and then the sauce. DW loved it and I am looking forward to leftovers!

    Oh I also used the thin cutlets so I had 2 and only used 3/4 cup of mayo.
  • I make this dish every so often and have used Campbell's Fat-Free Cream of Mushroom soup instead of the mayo. For phase 2, I added toasted whole wheat bread crumbs mixed with a little Smart Balance for a topping. I take my leftover whole wheat bread and put it in the food processor to make bread crumbs...then I spread them out on a cookie sheet and toast them off at 350 degrees. They store nicely in a zip lock bag in the fridge. Great for adding a 'binder' to meatloaf and meatballs. Mix some herbs and canola oil/butter with them and use as a topping for baked fish or scallops. (Just remember that it makes the dish phase 2 )
  • Kate53- I was wondering if FF cream of mushroom is okay for P2. The only thing that was questionable in it for me was the MSG... do you use it often? I have so much in my cupboards, I'd love to put it to good use!
  • No I don't use it often but based on the ingredients listed on the label, I found it to be a good substitute for the mayo. I also added some sauteed mushrooms with the onions to the recipe. I use a bit of canola oil in a non-stick pan for all my sauteeing. A good non-stick pan will allow you to use very little oil, just enough to brown the food. Perhaps one of the other South Beach dieters could offer some pros and cons on the matter of fat free cream soups. I didn't see sugar on the label...I would only question the "wheat starch" if anything.
  • This sounds really delish! I'm thinking of doing it without shredded cheese as I'm out and don't plan to go to the supermarket today. Do you guys think it will still be just as tasty?
  • If this is 4 servings, each serving would be 4 TBS of mayo and 4 TBS of sour cream, which exceeds the SB limits of 2 TBS of mayo daily(unless you use the light version) & 2 TBS of sour cream. Could you cut down these ingredients?
  • Personally, I would miss the cheese on this, but you may like it just fine without, SunshineCA. I really do think it adds to the dish, though.

    I think the fat-free soups are OK to use occasionally for Phase 2, but I wouldn't use them often, as they have a lot of unneccessary ingredients in them.

    When I make this, I use 2/3 cup of mayonnaise and substitute 8oz. of nonfat Greek yogurt for the sour cream. It turns out wonderful, and with less calories and fat.
  • Quote: When I make this, I use 2/3 cup of mayonnaise and substitute 8oz. of nonfat Greek yogurt for the sour cream. It turns out wonderful, and with less calories and fat.
    That sound much better for me!
  • Hmmmmm...okay, thanks guys!

    I don't think I'm going to make this.
  • Yummy, thanks! I used Omega 3 mayo which seems to be lower in calories and fat than regular mayo and pretty comparable on carbs/sugar. Has anyone used this before?
  • I don't think this recipe is SBD friendly. The amount of sour cream and mayo is way more then the 2 tbls. allowed of condiment a day per person.
    One way to, maybe make it more friendly is substitute the mayo/sour cream ratio by 1/4 cup of mayo ( because of fat ) and 1/2 to 3/4 cup of sour cream and the rest which is 1 cup of FF yogurt. That could work.
  • marina, you have a good point. However, if you are carefuly with the amount of fat you consume during the rest of the day (and increase the amount of broccoli so each portion has less fat), I think it could still be considered SBD safe. If you ate it every night, it could impact your health and weightloss, but having it every once in a while hasn't had any negative effects on either for me.
  • My husband loves chicken divan, I can't wait to try this one!!