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lookergirl76 09-16-2006 04:56 AM

I looked up a 2 year old post about sunslim and it was closed so I couldnt reply but I want people to know about it cause it does work. Its a very boring diet so I cant do 5 weeks straight like it says but one week a month is great for me. I lost 8lbs my first week and kept it off its not all water weight. It is a 5-6 meal a day plan using alot of egg whites, tuna, rice cakes, chicken, veggies, rice etc. Very bland but its worth the quick results. Its a great kick start to a lifestyle change. I did a week and now have taken 2 weeks off and I just count calories and will do it again next week just to get the scale moving a bit quicker. I was only hungry the first 2 days, after that I was stuffed it was hard for me to eat all those meals. They add more carbs after the first 2 days. Its a ebook you download for $25 I got it a couple years ago and did a week and lost alot but I didnt have the mindset to continue on. Luckily its in my computer forever so I read it again and got started. I will update next week after my 2nd week of sunslim and let you know if its as rapid as it was my first week.

I just watched a prgram on fit tv and this sunslim diet seems almost the same as the perricone diet.

lookergirl76 09-23-2006 03:39 AM

I just wanted to update on my 2nd week of sunslim I just finished day 5 and am down 5 more lbs. Im so craving junk right now its almost my TOM so this has been more difficult then before. Im ready to go back to my calorie counting but I have 2 days to go and have to finish this. Anyways I have now lost 15lbs in 29 days which is right where I wanted to be Im turning 30 beginning of November, and really want to reach my target on or before that date. :carrot:

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