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slimcharm 04-30-2005 10:56 AM

Wand...we have an account with fidelitymagellen so we buy stocks there. Its gone up $5 per share since we bought it. I had this feeling about RetinA years ago but never bought it and it went nuts..hope this product prooves to be a safe and effective method for weight loss.

MrsJim 06-10-2005 03:35 PM

Here's an article from the LA Times that was published June 1st...

Still no "Magic Bullet" weight loss drug

Snippets from the above article pertaining to Acomplia:


A drug that would make weight loss easier is one of the most prized, but elusive, goals in medicine. And numerous pharmaceutical companies are working on diet drugs that could reach the market during the next decade. One company, Sanofi-Aventis, recently applied to the Food and Drug Administration for approval of a drug called Acomplia, which, if approved, would become the first new prescription obesity drug in six years.

But one thing is becoming painfully clear to researchers and drug companies: Previous efforts to produce a blockbuster diet drug have fizzled, and there is still no miracle remedy in sight. Recent studies of Acomplia (also known as rimonabant, its generic name) show that the drug, while potentially helpful, will not benefit everyone, and it will not produce substantial weight loss in most people.

Instead, Acomplia's role more likely would be as one of a number of diet drugs that not only aid weight loss but also address the medical consequences of obesity, such as diabetes and heart disease, say researchers. It's likely that a combination, or cocktail, of obesity drugs will ultimately prove most beneficial.


As an obesity treatment, Acomplia may be best suited for people who are not only overweight but also have metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a collection of symptoms, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, large waist circumference, obesity and insulin resistance, that can lead to diabetes and heart disease without treatment.

A study published in April in the Lancet, a medical journal, showed that 67 percent of people taking 20 milligrams of Acomplia achieved an overall weight loss of 5 percent after one year, and 39 percent of the participants achieved a 10 percent weight loss.

Acomplia also produced an average reduction of 1.6 inches in waist circumference and led to improvements in cholesterol levels (including HDL, or "good" cholesterol) and insulin resistance...

Overall, half of the patients with metabolic syndrome no longer had the condition after taking Acomplia for two years...

But the drug has been found to have some significant side effects that could lower the odds of FDA approval. About 19 percent of the patients dropped out of the study due to depression, vomiting and nausea. Because of the possibility of a psychiatric side effect -- and because Acomplia is the first medication to act on the cannabinoid system in the brain -- the FDA may proceed with extra caution.
(this is a really interesting article BTW!)

Juche 10-01-2005 07:25 PM


Originally Posted by ali_cat
Well, think logically about that, if you are taking the pill to help lose weight, odds are your subconcious is going to kick in and you are going to be doing things you wouldn't normally do to:

A: Make the process go even faster


B: Keep the weight off.

Kind of like when you get something new and kind of expensive, you coddle it for a while so it won't get broken without even realizing it. Many people do this, it's normal. Odds are while you're taking the drug, you're lifestyle would change to the point that if you went off the pill and gained a few pounds, it wouldn't matter, because with your new lifestyle you'd lose them again anyway. The reason they gained weight after going off the pill was probably because this was a controlled study, and they told the participants not to do anything out of the ordinary (AKA: eat differently or exercise more than they were doing).

Fair enough. But that is why they compare it to a placebo, to factor out the effects of the subconscious mind on weight loss. Those who got accomplia got the results of placebo plus a chemical, those on placebo just got the results of their subconscious.

I think this drug is overhyped. 5% of bodyweight in a year is not a major change, for a 200 pound man that is one pound a month of weight loss. The anti-smoking effects and the fact that this will help smokers quit (since weight gain is one of the reasons given as to why people don't want to quit smoking) are far more important in my view.

MrsJim 01-16-2006 01:18 PM

Looks like FDA approval is coming closer...

Drug firms eye fat profits from new obesity pills

Plus two more down the pipeline. Interesting!

pumpingiron 01-23-2006 10:07 PM


Originally Posted by MrsJim
Looks like FDA approval is coming closer...

Drug firms eye fat profits from new obesity pills

Plus two more down the pipeline. Interesting!

Great....something to come on the market, everyone will sing the praises of the "wonderdrug", after a while, some will start to have problems, lawsuits will fly around, people will point the finger and lay blame, and then it will be pulled off the market. Blah blah blah....same old story over and over again and people don't learn. It's sad. There will never be a "safe" drug to treat obesity. It's just not worth the risk.

Nirvanagurl 01-28-2006 07:46 PM

i am curious
I wonder if this is wellbutrin/zyban remarketed?

I say that because, last time I was on wellbutrin I heard it was going to be remarkted as a weight loss drug and a stop smoking pill, mainly because they realized it was one of the very few anti depressants that didnt seem to cause weight gain..

If it is wellbutrin remarketed I wont be able to take it, I had a horrible..and I do mean HORRIBLE reaction to wellbutrin..but that is just my total personal body chemistry thing..

but I was just curious if this was wellbutrin remarketed..

Amarantha2 01-28-2006 08:06 PM

I think it'd be great if a safe drug came out that really, really helped in the fight against obesity and focused on the whole impact of obesity and metabolic syndrome on the patients, as well as addressing the depression factor.

Somehow I just doubt it and think educating people on ways to reduce all the negative consequences and risk factors of obesity is where the research dollars should be going.

In the time it's taken for a number of obesity pills to go through all this development rigmarole, only to be found as less exciting than promised, many overweight people have dieted and exercised their way out of the category of needing medication for the purpose.

Sorry, but as someone said up thread, it is sad that people are going to get their hopes up again when the answer is, in many cases of obesity, so simple.

tobetheman 02-06-2006 06:06 PM

It would be nice but I thought I finally read some bad stuff on it only a few weeks ago. I think people had gotten of it for whatever reason or something of that nature.

cindy63 03-11-2006 07:15 PM

I have been waiting for this pill to become available for over 2 years now so it would help me stop smoking, 8 months ago I gave up waiting and quit all by myself. Now I have 20 lbs. to lose because I quit, but I figure if I quit smoking by myself, I can lose this weight by myself.

The upside to doing it alone, all that money you can save to buy new clothes when you do lose the weight. Do we really need to make these people richer off us?

Misti in Seattle 04-22-2006 10:46 PM

And it says they lost 5 to 10 percent of their body weight... Let's face it; for those with serious weight problems that is a drop in the bucket!

IrishCowgirl0917 04-28-2006 02:08 PM

Hi all! There is actually an article on the new diet drugs coming on the market in the May/June WW magazine. W/ Accomplia it says that it does work by reducing cravings but the side effects could be nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, and depression. It goes on later to say that in addition to aiding weight loss this drug also can improve some of the risk factors w/ cronary heart disease! I am a pharmacy tech so I know that all drugs have side effects but that heart disease thing scares me!

They are also coming out w/ an OTC form of Xenical called Alli. This one has side effects like gastrointestinal distress like gas, fecal incontinence and oily discharge...ew! Just thought that I'd share since I saw this article!

Misti in Seattle 04-29-2006 04:58 AM

Sounds lovely LOL. Thanks for the educational message!

HealthierMe 06-15-2006 10:43 PM

So I had not yet heard of Accomplia until my doctor mentioned it the other day. In spite of my best efforts, exercising regularly and following South Beach Diet, I am not losing weight. The good news is that I feel better, my blood pressure was 114/58 (the best it's ever been) and the doctor said my blood work was excellent, so it is working, even if the stupid scale isn't reflecting it yet.

My doctor encouraged me to keep doing what I am doing, and also mentioned that Accomplia is expected to be avaialablee here in the US in the next 3 months. He explained how it works and encouraged me to do my own research, but thinks it is very promising. He is not the type of doctor to just "put you on a pill", and the practice in general intergrates eastern and western medicine, so I put a lot of stock in his opinion. So I am off to do more research.

IrishCowGirl, I am confused, isn't improving coronary risk factors a "good" thing. Did I misread that?

BTW- I have to agree with some of the other members, there are a lot of people on really high horses. What's right for one person is not right for another. Plus not everyone is looking for a magic pill, a lot of people are working very hard doing the "right" things and want to consider a possible option to add on to the diet and exercise. Personally I am not big on medication in general, but they do have their place, and this one I might consider.

rebeleagle1965 06-23-2006 02:20 PM

I was very surprised to read some of the posts here-everything I've read on this forum before has been extremely anti diet pill. I'm not-I have taken pills in the past that did work for me, and have been shushed and scolded for posts expressing that opinion. The mere mention of a pill has seemed to bring down nothing short of hellfire and damnation from some of the long-timers here!
I am open minded to anything that would help in the quest to lose weight, and I'm well aware of the fact that snake-oil abounds on the market, and that prescriptions can carry with them some severe side effects. This new stuff, Accomplia, doesn't seem worth the while, though. The amount of weight loss it proclaims isn't really even a drop in the bucket-nothing you couldn't do fairly easily on your own, especially considering that you have to keep taking it indefinitely. You can lose a pound a month by parking further from the store when you shop, taking some stairs occasionally, etc, without changing your eating habits at all. If I'm going to go through the expense and risk of a diet pill, it has to be one with more potential or a better track record. If I can take a pill that lets me lose 40 or 50 pounds in a few months, then even with possible side effects, the health benefits of not being overweight may outweigh the risks of the meds. I can't, however, see myself taking that risk or expense for the 19 pounds lost and maintained in 2 years that was quoted by the study.

nelie 06-23-2006 02:37 PM

I believe the reason probably seems anti diet pill is because, as far as I know, there is no diet pill that is proven to help someone lose weight and sustain that weight loss without the continued use of that diet pill. Diet pills are also notorious for bad side effects. If you ask someone who has lost 20, 30, 40 or more lbs and maintained it for over a year, how many of them will attribute diet pills to their loss? I think that is one reason that the national weigh control registry is interesting because it documents people who have lost weight, sustained that weight loss and how they did it. Although everyone is different, the basics are the same, increase exercise, decrease portions as well as fat and sugar. The maintainers forum on this site is also useful for the same reason because you can see how people have lost weight and maintained that weight loss.

Accomplia does seem to be different in that I believe the studies suggest that weight loss may be maintained even a year after the pill has been stopped. Do the benefits outweigh the risks? That is something that an individual would have to decide.

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