• I'm a newbie here, starting Saxenda. Anyone here who has used it and can tell me your results and side effects?
  • I started taking Saxenda April 5, 2017. The first week i lost 8 lbs and this past week i lost another 2.8 lbs. Besides the nausea all has been good. My doctor suggested that i take it as i have gained nearly 40 lbs in the last 2 yrs and obesity and diabetes runs in the family. I started at 0.6 mg and as of Wednesday moved to 1.2 mg. Once i started the the nausea was really bad but after a couple of days its calms down, but always have a twinge. Since i changed my dosage on Wednesday its been rough the last 2 days. Since starting Saxenda my appetite is non existent and before i could eat a big meal and within an hour would be hungry again.
  • I just started it yesterday, Feb.21, 2018. Started at 0.6 and already feeling the nausea many experience. I have great hopes for it though as I've read so many positive reviews. How are you doing on it? Thanks.