Do weight loss pills work to lose weight?

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  • almost, all of them only work for a short time, if they wor at all. Even with the most powerful drugs like phentermine, this is the case. So, you end up gaining all the weight, when you're off the drug. Stick to long term healthy diets that create sustainable weight loss. And yes there are many scams abound in the weight loss industry, and lawsuits
  • No they dont
    Those stupid pills do not work and we dont even know what the **** is inside them. Its also so unhealthy why dont you try the right way to lose weight instead of spending money on pills that dont work. Exercise is the way to go my friends!
  • I just want to add that if you have a hormonal imbalance like hypothyroidism or PCOS, there ARE medications that can help balance those things out, which can have the added benefit of making it MUCH easier to lose weight. So if you've tried the standard weight loss techniques and they didn't work for you, go to your doctor and get your blood work checked out.
  • Hello,
    I believe that even if those pills work for some people, they're absolutely not the best choice due to some reasons like long-term side effects and your body getting used to such pills. For me, just like you, the old fashioned way is much better and safer. Nevertheless, there are other alternative methods that I believe are effective and safe which are natural foods and drinks that help in weight loss. An example of this is green juices, like Organifi. This green juice is 100% natural and consists of a lot of healthy nutrients. Lately, it's been very known for its efficiency when it comes to weight loss. Here's a review for this juice that will wrap up the whole thing for you
    Good luck.