Does anyone know anything about quercetin?

  • Hi, I am new to this forum and looking for some information on quercetin. I have been trying to lose weight with the time tested approach of diet and exercise. On the exercise side, my trainer offered me a sports /hydration drink called Q Energy. It is from Canada and I like it because it tastes great and only has 15 calories (no artificial sweeteners) in a full bottle. The q stands for quercetin and when I looked into that I found some information on livestrong

    Has anyone else tried quercetin or used Q Energy? I find it gives me a lift at the gym and I think it will be a bonus if it actually helps with weight loss.
  • The "research" was commissioned by a supplements manufacturer, so it's far from unbiased, and the claims are very vague. Quercetin is used for a few things, allergies for instance. I've never heard that it provides energy, and it certainly didn't when I was on it. There aren't any magic pills for weight loss, I'm afraid. I doubt the amount of the herbal extracts is significant either.

    As for electrolyte drinks, personally I think they're nifty things. They make a nice pick-me-up and can be good when you're craving something sweet. This one has a little sugar in it, which you may or may not want, and ditto on the caffeine. I use Nuun tablets, which have sweetener but don't seem to taste bitter or cause any bad reactions, neither to me (and I am ill and sensitive to such things) nor to anyone I know. It's a popular brand and has a good range of flavours. Most of them are caffeine free, but the cola and the green tea flavours have some caffeine, about half the amount of a cup of tea.

    So electrolyte drinks are worth playing with, and you can have fun seeing which you like best of the different brands available. I doubt this one has any significant benefits over the others, they are just using the herbs as buzzwods, but if you like it, go for it!
  • Wow. Thanks for the super quick reply, esofia! Is there a way to know that the research was done by the supplement manufacturer? That's really good information, but I would like to be able to figure that out so when I am reading scientific studies I know whether or not to be skeptical.

    I tried nuun once but I didn't like the taste and I don't like sorbitol. I'd rather have a little bit of natural sugar.
  • I suppose it's not certain, but the Livestrong article says "According to the Life Extension Foundation", and LEF is a supplements manufacturer. A reputable one, but still, why else mention them?

    Fair enough about the Nuun. If you've found one you like, enjoy!
  • Thanks again for the quick reply! I see exactly what you mean about the Life Enhancement Foundation. There are also some other studies mentioned in the article without reference to LEF, maybe those are more reliable. Anyway thanks!