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LoopyLou 03-01-2014 03:30 PM

Has anyone got a Vitamix blender? If so how would you rate it?
I bought one years ago but didn't like the one soup I made - tasted like grass, so instead of trying other stuff I sent it back.
Now I want to get one again and was wondering what the smoothies are like - are they really thick? And are they frothy? I hate froth!!
I need to convince OH that 400 quid is a good price for this blender :^:

Rated 03-01-2014 03:57 PM

I bought my Vitamix 6 months ago and I have no regrets. The smoothies can be as thick or a thin as you want depending on the ratio of liquid to solid you use. I notice that the smoothies have froth on top when I use protein powder but that isn't the case when I use just fruit, veggies and water.

I have made the potato soup which came out hot and creamy. I haven't ventured into other soups but I would assume that the soup you made tasted like grass due to the ingredients you used. I use my Vitamix to chop up cabbage, carrots, and zuchinnis and other veggies into pasta sauce.

I love my Vitamix since it makes it easy for my to get my servings of fruit and vegetables. I don't like a lot of vegetables so the Vitamix makes it easy for me to sneak them into my diet without tasting them.

Bellamack 03-01-2014 08:02 PM

I recently sent my 17 yr old Vitamix to my daughter, as I bought a "new" turqoise one. I love it and they last for ever. I use it everyday

lucindaarrowspark 03-02-2014 04:40 PM

I use my vitamix to make my morning breakfast of one scoop of spirutein (vanilla or cappuccino flavor), 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, one tablespoon of instant coffee crystals and one package of sweet n low and ice cubes. 140 calories, 100% of multiple vitamins and it is filling.
I also use my vitamix to make cashew cream as a creammy addition to roasted veggie soups. I also use my vitamix to process ginger ahead of time for recipes. But when I juice, I use my Jack la Lane.

fadedbluejeans 03-02-2014 09:09 PM

I love mine. I make hummus, nut butters, soups and smoothies. I like to put chia seeds in my smoothies and they get completely pulverized.

yoyoma 03-03-2014 08:47 AM

Consumer Reports in March compared a Vitamix against two significantly cheaper juicing alternatives. The big difference was that the Vitamix produced more of a smoothie than a (fiber-free) juice. So, if you want the fiber it seems like the Vitamix is the way to go, even though it is much more expensive.

XtiniMartini 03-04-2014 08:59 PM

We have a vitamix at work, but I still prefer my (much cheaper) Ninja. I can get away with making much thicker smoothies with the ninja. The vitamix tends to have an issue when I use frozen bananas and things, and I have to add more liquid than I'd like.

Girl4him 03-06-2014 12:55 AM

I bought a Vitamix a few months ago. I really like it. Does the job fast. Down size is the expense, but still think it;s worth it.

Coachadaml 03-14-2014 11:01 AM

The only issue I've ever read about Vitamix is the cost. I have a nutribullet which I use for smoothies and it works just fine. Much easier to clean too.

HulaChic 03-24-2014 05:47 PM

Bought our Vitamix last year. My husband really wanted it and I finally gave in. At first I didn't know what to do, but just experimented with everything. We use it for veggie smoothies. We also have another very expensive Brevel blender...doesn't work as well as our Vitamix.

If you're going to get one, just be sure to commit to learning what to put in it and how it best serves you. I had buyer's remorse for the first month, but now use it daily.

waterdreamer 04-01-2014 03:01 PM

Magic bullet works well for small batches of smoothies. I like how quick it blends food and it is an easy cleanup.

Shannonsnail 04-12-2014 10:46 PM

I just got a Vitamix today! I'm very excited to see what it can do to help with my food prep. I chop lots of veggies with eating low carb.

Chubbie Chick 04-12-2014 11:02 PM

Just put a drop of liquid dish detergent and fill about 1/3 full and blend. Easy Peasy - like AutoClean!

Chubbie Chick 04-12-2014 11:10 PM

It makes the best soups - the manual has alot of soup recipes. Summer's coming - makes great Gazpacho. I am on DIY Weight Watchers and the Vitamix has been really handy making various vegetable soups and since vegetables are zero points, the soups really keep me filled up and within my points.

Lexxiss 04-13-2014 12:15 PM

My health-conscious sister talked me into buying a vita mix more than a few years ago. After juicing for years I was wanting to transition to an every day veggie and fruit-based smoothie which would include all the fiber which my juicer did not.

We don't have an over abundance of money and so my Vitamin express was well thought out. It has absolutely done everything I wanted to and I've used it every single day since I bought it.

We have two homes and for years I hold it back-and-forth and back-and-forth back-and-forth. The first time I forgot it and was going to have to do 10 days without it I decided that it was worthwhile for me to have one for each home so that I didn't have to ever worry about the transportation again.

So now I own two and I'm doubly happy about that. When I have an issue with the older one last year I called the company and all nice woman helped me troubleshoot on the phone. She decided that something had happened to the bearings in the container and informed me that they would send me another one at no cost because one replacement container was included with every warranty. That was sure a nice bonus for me.

I'm certain that my two purchases will last me for many many years. That said when we look into getting our daughter something for Christmas we purchased her a Ninja. Consumer reports had rated it a Best Buy because it was both functional and much lower-priced. Our daughter is very happy with hers and I'm still happy with mine because I tend to be a person who likes to buy a really quality piece of equipment and use it forever.

I am visiting friends in California this week and I brought my vita mix with me. I packet in my carry-on bag . My smoothies are so nutritional and such a big part of my food plan that I'm not willing to go without them for five days at a time.

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